Lance Armstrong

Does anyone else think Chris Cairns has become the Lance Armstrong of NZ?

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Seriously, I watched Chris Cairns arrival at the airport and his sanctimonious pontification and trite speechifying…and I immediately thought of Lance Armstrong, denying the obvious despite whistleblowers and fellow cheats telling all.

Chris Cairns has returned to New Zealand full of defiance, but might have another fight on his hands with the England and Wales Cricket Board investigating whether they can lay charges against him.

The former New Zealand all-rounder held a press conference at Auckland Airport upon his return from London. He read from a prepared statement and did not take questions as he left to spend “time with my family”.

He said he had been interviewed by the Metropolitan Police, the ICC’s anti-corruption and security unit (ACSU) and the ECB.

“At my own request, I was interviewed by representatives of Metropolitan Police, the ECB and the ICC anti-corruption unit,” Cairns said yesterday. “This is in relation to an allegation I perjured myself at the trial Cairns v Modi in 2012, and separate allegations by the ICC’s anti-corruption unit that I am a match-fixer. I was not arrested or otherwise detained in London and I have not been charged with any offence, criminal or otherwise.”

More shameless Len Brown corruption discovered

This is how Len Brown is allowed to believe people still want him: ?grassroots corruption.

A Whaleoil reader writes:

I went to Pasifika today with my wife of 27 years, who is a Pacific island immigrant.

What a wonderful day amongst wonderful people in a wonderful setting. We walked through the Tahiti village and into the Fiji village where we caught up with family.

After this we went to the Samoa village where upon reaching the second Fale on the right, we were approached to come and have our say on Auckland. It was an Auckland City council display collecting public feedback. I asked what the terms of reference were for comment and was told that anything I wished to pass on was welcome. I expressed my desire to comment on his worship the mayor.

Immediately I had a “minder” stand beside me and upon completion of my form he reached for it and told me “I’ll take that”. I pulled it away and stated that I was capable of placing it in the box myself, (ballot type post box, although open at the back) which I did. I turned to my wife who was still filling in her form and she asked me for a spelling check, upon which this minder came over and snatched the form from her and said “I’ll take that for you”.

We moved on several paces to see this young fellow take the form up to a plump lady and begin to scrutinise it with her. My wife returned to them and explained that it was her personal submission and she wished it to be placed in the box. My wife was told that it was not her place to tell them what to do. She then reached for her submission and removed it from the two “scrutinisers ” and placed it in the box whereupon they called her a rude “b”. (The form required name, address, age and other personal information)

So your worship, you appear to have your mafia out there hiding the reality for you while your PR department only give sunlight to the selected good news. I don’t recall such a well oiled regime since the Goebbels/Hitler alliance of Nazi Germany.

We were unable to give you our genuine feedback today, so here it is for all to see. ? Read more »

The psychology of narcissism and why all bullies are narcissists

Len Brown won’t quit, neither will Rob Ford. In both case both men have acted in an appalling fashion.

In Brown’s case he is getting off scot-free with a weak and compliant media. Rob Ford is more dogged in the face of an incredulous and questioning media. The two examples are similar and yet contrasting.

Both cases though highlight extreme narcissism and bullying behaviour.

In?an earlier article for?The Atlantic, I discussed the psychology of narcissism through a profile of Lance Armstrong, highlighting a similar winner-loser dynamic inherent in narcissistic relations. ?The narcissist lives in a world populated by two classes of people, the winners and the losers. His constant aim in life is to prove he’s a winner and to triumph over the losers.? I described?narcissistic winning as a psychological strategy?for off-loading unconscious shame, a heavily repressed sense of internal inferiority:?You?re the loser, not me. The narcissist therefore needs and depends upon identified losers in order to carry his shame, thereby shoring up his defensive sense of self.? Read more »

Busted Drug Cheat having a Sook

via The Guardian

Photograph: Michael Paulsen/AP via The Guardian

Lance Armstrong complains of ‘massive personal loss’ in doping fall-out…

The United States Anti-Doping Agency had accused Armstrong of conducting?”the most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping programme sport has ever seen”?and Armstrong said he would be prepared to take any punishment as long as it was on a level playing field: “If everyone gets the death penalty, then I’ll take the death penalty. ? Read more »


How your computer and Lance Armstrong are related

A collection of Oscar Pistorius jokes

via the tipline

This Oscar Pistorius story is all a bit strange, isn’t it?? There must definitely be more to it.? He seemed so happy just the other day, he had such a spring in his step?

Yes, it was only minutes after Oscar Pistorius?s arrest that the jokes began ? all taking the Pistorius.

His lawyer’s got a hard job ahead of him. Realistically, it looks like Pistorius hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

Oscar clearly misunderstood when his girlfriend told him that on Valentine’s Day he had to take her out.

Oscar Pistorius is pleading not guilty due to temporary diminished responsibility.? He claims he was legless at the time of the incident.

Whatever happens in court, he still has a career. The IOC say he?s a front runner? at the next Olympics for pistol shooting.

Police reconstruction indicates that Pistorius lost it when, for his Valentine’s Day gift, his girlfriend gave him a pair of socks.

New Valentine?s Day card: ?Roses are red, violets are glorious.? Never creep up On Oscar Pistorius.?

Too many Oscar Pistorius jokes already. Trying to come up with a new one is like taking a shot in the dark.

Looks like he has an expensive lawyer. I hope he can foot the bill.

Otherwise, the Oscar goes to……………………Jail !!

New evidence has been found outside the Pistorius home that completely acquits him of his girlfriend’s murder……………. Footprints!

She didn’t notice Oscar sneaking up behind her. It was the silence of the limbs.? Read more »

The Huddle at 1740


I am on The Huddle this afternoon at 1740 with Larry Williams and Bill Ralston

You can listen online or through usual methods.

I will put up the audio tomorrow morning for those who miss it.

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I figured out what’s wrong with the NZ Herald

They are morons.

No, hear me out. ?I have a case to make.

The NZ Herald is a news organisation. ?With me so far? ? Right.

What should they be doing, when at work? ?Reporting on news? ?Right.

What is news?

No, bare with me. ?What is news? ? Read more »

I’m sure he did, liars usually do

Lance Armstrong has finally, sort of admitted to be a lying, cheating scum bag. And some of former team mates think he sounded sorry…of course he can easily sound sorry sitting on the millions he won by being a lying, cheating, doping scumbag…but hey…at least he sounded sorry.

Some of Lance Armstrong’s former teammates view his doping confession as an important step in helping cycling restore its damaged credibility, while his former rivals are largely indifferent to his admission of cheating.

After long refuting allegations of drug cheating, Armstrong admitted in an interview with Oprah Winfrey to using the blood-booster EPO, testosterone, and to having blood doped during his seven straight Tour wins from 1999-2005.

He has since been stripped of all those titles and banned from competing for life following a US Anti-Doping Agency report exposing the extent of his doping.? Read more »