I wonder if Labour will take note of this

Labour launched their free…oh wait no they aren’t free, they are loans…for ipads or laptops in schools.

They would have you believe that this is a world first and they are so cool with the kids and innovative.

Unfortunately other countries got their first and now they are back peddling at 100 miles an hour because the policies?are stupid, and don’t work.

One school district in Hoboken, New Jersey has?decided?to abandon its one-to-one laptop program for 7th, 8th, and 9th graders. Ultimately, the Hoboken School District decided the scheme was more trouble than it was worth?even when supported by federal grants.

?We had the money to buy them, but maybe not the best implementation,? said Mark Toback, the current superintendent of the Hoboken School District, told?The Hechinger Report. ?It became unsustainable.?

The?district?is now going through the process of identifying the remaining laptops and seeking a bid for their destruction. District officials did not immediately respond to an Ars request for comment (Ars has filed a public records request to learn more). ? Read more »

Did you forget this tweet Martyn?

Martyn Bradbury was busted yesterday…in the documents I released he asked for $5000 for a new laptop, phone and tablet…becuase if he was going to represent the Internet Party he’d ned cool toys.


Bradbury claims he isn’t on the payroll…yet…but strangely re-tweets every tweet of Kim Dotcom’s…he’s worse than the Gurnard.

But did he forget this tweet on January 7?? Read more »

I lost it miss, honest

Once again Labour Policy not properly costed ?

Labour yet another poorly thought out or costed policy. This time it was to 30 bored kids on a field in Hamilton, forced to sit their by their union hack teachers all getting the news about laptops for kids.

Nice sounding policy but I have a few questions. The answers will probably need Labour to form an expert panel since they don’t seem to have them.

I have worked in IT for many years. The hardware (laptop is this case) is often the cheapest part, but what about?software?

Is Labour committing to pour taxpayer dollars into Microsoft or Apple’s prodigious cash coffers?

What about open source?

Maintenance is always a huge cost, and average life of any laptop is?three years tops, is this a commitment long term?

Who funds upgrades?

What about middle class ? Miss out again ?

Up to what decile school would be supplied?

What about hidden costs,?would kids be allowed to take these laptops home ?

If so there are obvious problems with that plan. After their flat screen TV and Sky decoder the laptop will be the most valuable item in the house.

Are we going to see a massive glut of state funded laptops appearing on Trademe? Imagine the chaos in class…”I lost it miss, honest”

If they are not allowed to go home then Labour has made schools more attractive for burglars with 30+ laptops per?classroom.

Who will fund the necessary increase in security?

Will they still end up on Trademe after the thieves have been?

Lots of questions, not many answers.