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Time to stop the corporate welfare

The Government says it doesn’t know if the millions it pours into corporate welfare via the Callaghan Innovation fund is helping or benefitting New Zealand.

Sounds like a bloody good reason to end it.

The benefit from millions of dollars of taxpayer-funded research subsidies may be heading straight offshore.

A boat building firm owned by Team Oracle’s founder, American billionaire Larry Ellison, drug giant Bayer, Nasdaq-listed Fiserv and global software firm SAP are all recent recipients of research and development grants from Callaghan Innovation, the government agency charged with administering the money.

But the Government says it has no idea whether any of its investment is actually benefiting New Zealand.? Read more »

Steve Joyce just loves giving money to rich people

No sooner have the public scuttled Grant Dalton’s bid for our tax dollars, and Steve Joyce gives a stack load to a company that almost exclusively contracts for Oracle’s America’s Cup racing program.

They say in comedy timing is everything, and after the revelation Oracle Team USA’s Warkworth based boat builders are receiving a government hand out all you can do is laugh.

The punch line is that it comes just days after John Key reiterated that he isn’t prepared to continue his government’s investment in Emirates Team New Zealand, leaving their future in doubt.

The headlines for the original story may have been a little misleading ? the funding is not directly for Oracle ? but it’s definitely not a good look to be aiding the opposition when the home team is struggling.

Core Builders Composites have built Oracle’s America’s Cup boats since their 2003 challenge and has received the grant for research and development.

That R&D will either be to create a better boat for Oracle to defend the America’s Cup in 2017, or maybe one of Core Builders other big projects like disco balls.

It might not be the only work Core Builders does, but some say 80 percent of the work done in Warkworth is for Oracle.

The company has been described as Larry Ellison’s plaything. Read more »

It isn’t worth worth it

Finally some politicians call the fat Kraut and his supposed gift to Team New Zealand for what he is...a shameless PR stunt to retain residence in New Zealand.

The Government has snubbed internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom’s offer to help fund Team New Zealand’s next America’s Cup challenge, describing the million-dollar offer as “a PR campaign to stay in New Zealand“.

But Team NZ appears to be taking Dotcom’s offer seriously. It even sought approval from Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce to meet Dotcom after his offers of seven-figure donations and technological backing for another America’s Cup campaign – to take on American software billionaire Larry Ellison and his reigning Oracle team.

Krim DotCon has no ability to “innovate” in Americas Cup…he talks shit. His puppets run a company that is as far from innovation as you can get.? Read more »

Wednesday General Debate PLUS – EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Larry Ellison punk’d by Kiwi Ninjas

?EXCLUSIVE:?Larry Ellison was punk’d this morning by the Kiwi Ninjas. One of the Ninjas is a regular correspondent.

[Youtube link]

Kiwi Ninjas Spread the Love from Andrew Somervell on Vimeo.

UPDATE: The Herald has jumped on board and as usual got several facts wrong.

Oracle owner Larry Ellison’s “party house” was apparently given a Kiwi makeover this morning.

A home was decorated with New Zealand flags in a dawn “ninja” attack, filmed and posted online by keen Team New Zealand fans in San Francisco.

Titled “Kiwi ninjas spread the love”, the video shows three men jogging up to the property on a quiet suburban street – listed as the tech mogul’s “party house”.

Three men? Was Heather McCracken looking through beer goggles when she wrote that…there is clearly a woman in one of the suits…and that is just from watching the video…I happen to know ?that there was a woman involved…the middle one in this image.


The builder, the lawyer and someone from Hawkes Bay

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Face of the Day



Larry Ellison – Team Oracle boss. ?Proving that you can’t throw money at everything and expect to come out on top.

The way others see us

Check out how other people see Kiwis.

Quite a bit different from how the Labour party would like people to see us.

?[T]he Kiwis will keep the party going in San Francisco. And local sailing fans will enjoy the Cup while they?can.

“I love that the America’s Cup is here and I wish it would stay here,” said?Michael Stoner, 47, of Menlo Park. “But going to Auckland also sounds good. I just wish it were more?competitive.”

Others will simply enjoy the?party.

“I have Kiwi fever,” said?Lisa Gordon, also of Menlo Park. “I love ’em. Their spirit. Their sense of adventure. Their friendliness. And they like to?party.”? Read more »