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Whaleoil included in the 14 best Conservative sites on the web

The Connor Post in America has written an article about the 14 best Conservative sites on the?Web and they included Whaleoil at number 13. We were in very good company too with Breitbart at number two, Stefen Molyneux?s Freedomain Radio at number four, Infowars at number 8, The Pickering Post by Australian cartoonist and blogger Larry Pickering at number 11 ?the Gatestone Institute at number 12 and Pat Condell at number 14.

There are a lot of conservative sites and conservative news aggregators out there, but not all are remotely equal. Open borders and crony capitalism aren?t conservative, nor is Trump bashing or going after any other Western leaders that want to put their countries and the West first.

The truth is, there are fewer great sites out there than you think. Here?s the best conservative sites in fairly loose order:

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What is the harm in polygamy?




Polygamy existed in traditional M?ori society to a limited extent, mostly practiced by rangatira (tribal chiefs).When New Zealand was annexed into the British Empire in 1840, British law took effect that prohibited polygamous marriage. Colonial law permitted M?ori to marry under their own marriage customs, which continued until 1888 (although polygamy was practiced in M?ori society ? legally or otherwise ? well into the 20th century).But in general, polygamy has remained prohibited in New Zealand law.

Polygamy New Zealand law:

Polygamous marriages may not be performed in New Zealand. A married person who enters into another marriage in New Zealand is guilty of the crime of bigamy. Similar rules apply for civil unions, which have been legal in New Zealand since 2005. However, polygamous marriages legally performed in another country have limited recognition in New Zealand law, provided that no person involved was living in New Zealand at the time of the union.

Advocacy for full legalisation of polygamy in New Zealand has come from some libertarian individuals and from individual members of non-Christian religious groups. However, polygamy has little public support among New Zealanders, and no major political party has endorsed its legalisation.


Larry Pickering, an Australian political cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator of books and calendars at? has an answer to ex-JAFA’s question and it has nothing to do with morals and everything to do with money. He uses as an example what is happening in Australia. His post was written in 2014 but is still relevant two years later. His example shows us what happens when a Muslim man who has multiple wives and children arrives in Australia and applies for welfare support.

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Only a fool believes you could legislate to determine a degree of personal offence

Larry Pickering comments on the offended nature of the left wing.

Change the names and terms into a New Zealand context…it is the same here as it is in NZ. Swap out Aborigine for Maori…

Greens and Labor?s Left dream of the perfect egalitarian PC world where no-one is offended by anything and everyone sleeps in the same conjugal bed. Well, that?s not the way it works, fellas, and it?s you lot?that have made an art form of offending people.

No-one can agree with racial vilification, although we all come across it, but this debate is inane and widens, rather than closes, “the gap”.

Only a fool believes you could legislate to determine a degree of personal offence. Is ?whitie c…? less racially offensive than, ?boong?? Is ?gwailo? (white ghost) more racially offensive than ?chink?? Is ?wog? racially offensive to a southern European when he refers to himself as a wog?

The terms, ?Pom?, ?Kiwi?, ?Newfie?, ?Yank?, ?Jap?, ?Coon?, ?Abo?, ?Chink?, ?Wetback?, ?Fuzzy Wuzzy?, ?Raghead? are all racially based, but which is legally racial bigotry? All, none or some?

What about “Shortarse” ,”Fatso” and “Freckles”? Are they less or more offensive?

Those terms, and hundreds of others, will always be used, sometimes affectionately and sometimes not. It depends on how they are used, how well you know the person and in what context.

There is no law that can decide “offence”! And there is no law that can determine one?s legitimate or feigned degree of offence.

In the 1970s Labor tried to outlaw the term ?Wog?, but unfortunately ?Pom? and ?Kiwi? were caught in the same legislative net, it was duly ignored.

Let?s not kid ourselves, existing law is all about Aborigines. But Aborigines are as guilty as we are of racially discriminatory remarks, at least in my experience. Reverse racism is rampant wherever Aborigines reside in numbers.

There is a massive battle going on in Australia right now. Tony Abbott is seeking to remove the hate speech provisions and the left is fighting hard.

PM Abbott?s proposed changes to current legislation will place “free speech” above what an individual might perceive as ?offensive?. And “free speech” should win that battle every time.

Andrew Bolt was legally vilified for discussing ?white Aborigines? and how they use a nominated ethnicity for financial advantage.

Okay, Bolt got a few facts wrong but he was right to say this is happening and right to ask is it fair.

Legally you are not required to prove you are of Aboriginal descent, that’s “offensive”, you need only to declare you are, and you can then join an entitlement queue that heavily favours Aborigines.

Is that fair to those who legitimately depend on social services?

This racial anomaly is what Andrew Bolt was debating, yet it was deemed illegal for him to do so, much to “white Aborigines'” delight.

Free speech was what our forefathers fought for, it?s a jewel in our Aussie ethic. No Labor/Green Lefty or Aboriginal activist should be allowed to take it from us and we want it back!

Larry Pickering on Kevin Rudd

Larry Pickering writes of the end of the career of Kevin Rudd.

It is a superb sledge-fest from beginning ?to end.

It?s difficult to find words that aptly describe your momentous contribution to Australia?s political scene. But I will try.

We will miss your quaint dysfunctional disasters, your megalomania, your narcissistic self absorption.

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An Aussie perspective on NZ

The left wing here likes to bag New Zealand, but how do the Aussies see us…well, a little differently than you would imagine.

Larry Pickering makes some astute observations as Australia heads into election season.

New Zealand was on the brink of recession prior to the Conservative government of John Key taking the reins in 2008. This small economy of 4.4 million people is now preparing for a series of record surpluses… and without the help of a mining industry.

Helen Clarke?s [sic] Labour Government left the country facing severe recession with a bloated Public Service sector and disastrous losses due to her takeover of the NZ rail system.

Abbott could do worse than take a look across the Tasman when attempting to repair the damage left by the union government of Julia Gillard and the incompetency of Kevin Rudd.

Are unions really the problem? They seem to be in Australia, having never really really dealt with them like we did in the 90s.? Read more »