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Floyd Mayweather appeared in a cold open sketch on The Late Late Show, with host James Corden. Photo: CBS


Floyd Mayweather has a disturbing history of domestic violence

You can?t criticize Donald Trump in one breath and cajole a serial domestic abuser in the next.

Last Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel dedicated his opening monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live!?to President Donald Trump,?calling out the commander-in-chief?for his appalling defence of the Charlottesville neo-Nazis and pleading with Trump voters to admit they were wrong. It was a fairly de rigueur performance when it comes to this new wave of politically conscious late-night hosts?a choir of voices that pride themselves on calling out social and political injustices.

And then, mere minutes after giving Trump a vicious tongue-lashing, Kimmel welcomed that night?s big guest: Floyd ?Money? Mayweather, the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world. The undefeated (49-0) champion is currently making the rounds to promote his August 26 bout against UFC fighter Conor McGregor, an event that?critics have labelled a shameless money grab.

Kimmel lightly ribbed Mayweather about his reputation for throwing around absurd sums of money (Mayweather confessed to once owning a Brink?s truck to haul all his cash) and, during a particularly cringe-inducing exchange, couldn?t contain his giggles while questioning why Mayweather doesn?t receive lap dances from the entertainers at his strip club.

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Dodged that bullet


Looks like NZ dodged a bullet when we rejected wife beater Chris Brown’s visa application.

Las Vegas police are investigating an allegation of battery against R&B singer Chris Brown.

Lieutenant Jeff Goodwin says authorities received a call shortly before 10.30am on Saturday (Nevada time) about the alleged battery at the Palms Casino Resort. ? Read more »


Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown lobby group gets nailed by NRA in Nevada

I don’t know why people mess with the NRA. They are probably the best political lobbying and direct action group in the world. ?You take them on at your peril.

Michael Bloomberg is currently expending millions trying to do just that, taking the NRA on at their own game…and losing. He clearly has much to learn.

His latest defeat is in Nevada where Everytown campaigned heavily against pro-gun law changes. The NRA smashed them.

Say goodbye to handgun registration in and around Las Vegas, Nevada. On Monday, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval signed Senate Bill 175, abolishing Clark County’s “blue card” handgun registration system while ushering in a host of other pro-gun changes to state law. ? Read more »

I might remove my life ban on attending arts events for this

Duck Dynasty Season 3

Regular readers will know that I despise the arts, and especially the arts luvvies who are sustained by a bludging culture.

Excuse me while I channel New Zealand’s most prolific arts, travel and lifestyle blogger for a moment.

I haven’t attended a show willingly in many a year, probably decades.

But I might consider my lifetime ban on attending the arts for this.

In what The New York Times is calling ?one of the more audacious theater projects in years,? the Robertson family is working with influential Broadway producer Michael David to create a Las Vegas musical based on the story of the family?s rise to fame. But before rehearsals have even begun, the show is causing a stir among some LGBT advocates. The Times reports that some of David?s fellow producers, are ?aghast? at the idea of one of Broadway?s own working with the controversial Phil Robertson.

?The show will end up challenging the views and assumptions of people across the political spectrum, more than most theater does,? said David. ?The Robertsons are so unusual, their story so juicy, and theater shouldn?t be limited to telling stories about people you resemble or revere.? ?? Read more »

They fry birds now they are a hazard to aircraft…welcome to green energy

Birds are being fried by the new solar plant in California and now the massive plant is blinding pilots…not sure this green energy malarky is working so well.

Airplane pilots cruising over southern California have been complaining about a ?nearly blinding? glare emanating from a massive government-funded solar thermal facility.

The Ivanpah solar energy plant in San Bernardino County is the world?s largest solar thermal plant and has 173,500 large mirrors that reflect sunlight onto boilers in three 459-foot towers. A feat of modern engineering ? to green energy advocates, but a flying hazard to pilots.

The Federal Aviation Administration?s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) got two anonymous complaints in August that mentioned a ?blinding glare? coming from the Ivanpah solar facility. One complaint came from a Los Angeles air traffic controller and the other from a small transport plane pilot that took off from an airport in Boulder City, Nevada.

?The FAA is aware of potential glare from solar plants and is exploring how to best alert pilots to the issue,? an FAA spokesman told The Daily Caller News Foundation.? Read more »

Agassi’s Academic Achievement

Tennis great Andre Agassi was in NZ recently. What the PPTA/NZEI/Labour/Green conglomerate would hate you to know is that what he rates his greatest societal achievement is a Charter School he founded in Las Vegas.

In 2007 he was quoted on Good Morning America (ABC) as saying:

“Las Vegas has the highest teen dropout rate of school, teen pregnancies. We lead in all the worst stats in the world,” he said. “If it works here, it works anywhere. If we are doing it with the national average, we are literally removing the excuses.”

“It’s not just about the books,” Agassi said. “You could have straight A’s, and if you interfere with somebody else’s education, someone else’s goals and dreams for their life, there’s the door. ? It’s a culture. It’s a way of life.”

“We’re going to have a sign there that’s going to be going, ‘Georgetown, three miles that way,’ and an arrow point[ing] to Yale, you know, 2,900 miles that way,” he said.

Today’s 10th-graders have been students of the Agassi Academy since the first day it opened its doors. In 2009, they will be the first graduating class.

“It will prove that the world can actually be this way, is how it’s going to feel to me. Watching these kids go off to college, these children that society has written off — the most having a future of their choosing is — is a miracle,” Agassi said. “It’s a miracle of, of what happens when people come together. People come together, the world changes. That’s a fact.”

You can see why the opponents wouldn’t want this here – no one would be left to vote for them.

He spoke to a group in Auckland and touched on his school work.

His achievements are being recognised in Australia too –

“Whilst he’s achieved a lot on the tennis court I think you’ll find that in 10 or 15 years’ time more people will recognise him for what he’s achieving outside the lines, trying to give an education to people that can’t afford one,”?

How can anyone think it is a bad thing to have inspiration people creating aspirational kids – regardless of background.

If the teacher unions and opposition parties have even half a care for the actual education of children it is well past time to drop the charade.

For parents – time to claim the choice for your kids.

Truth on Sale Now

The latest Truth is on sale now:

What has Brian Tamaki been up to in Las Vegas with the “first fruits”?

Who got kneecapped over a drug debt?

What on earth is First Union doing with their member’s money?

Has NZ been Conned with NZ’s Got Talent?

A guest article from Imperator Fish as well.

All in this weeks Truth, plus regular favourites like the Bin Man

What a proper gentleman

Prince Harry was just being a proper gentleman:

Pictures of a naked Prince Harry bear-hugging a nude girl in his ?5,000 a night Las Vegas hotel suite were reportedly taken as he tried to spare her blushes.

A witness told The Sun newspaper that the prince’s actions were gentlemanly, and that he was trying to protect the girl’s modesty from onlookers.

The prince was said to have had around two dozen people in his suite when the pictures were taken at 4am. They were first published by?US?website TMZ.

A witness told The Sun the prince “went over to be a gentleman” and told the girl “I will shield you, I will protect you, I won?t let them see you.”

The Isolation of Politicians

We are very lucky in New Zealand with our access to politicians. Even with the DPS it is still possible to meet and greet the prime Minister without too much bother. Not so in the US.

Everywhere that Obama goes the airspace is shut down for the time he is in the location and they even shut down and screen access to venues. This costs businesses money.

One of my regular correspondents told me that just the other day he visited Las Vegas and all the tourist helicopter operators running people out to the Grand Canyon had to shut down, even those running out of Boulder City 40 miles away. To top it all off it hosed down with rain and dumped 6 inches into the city when they normally only get about 4 inches per annum.

Now his trips are shutting down businesses in Iowa.

The owner of a famous beer stand at the Iowa State Fair says President Obama’s visit last night cost him as much as $25,000.

The Bud Tent, which has been serving fairgoers for 65 years, had to be shut down to the public during the presidential drop-in; patrons had to be screened and scanned before being allowed entry.

“I was in a position to make a campaign donation against my will,” said third-generation owner Mike Cunningham II to?the?Des Moines Register.

Cunningham, it should be noted, is a Republican.

“I wouldn’t have voted for (Obama) before,” Cunningham said. “I won’t again.”

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, stoked the flap with a Tweet today: “How does PresO justify havin secret service shut down the bud tent @ the state fair nd the owner told me he loses 50,000 n 1 nite.”

Cunningham told the Register the loss was closer to $25,000.

I hope we never get to the situation where this happens in New Zealand. Hell if John Key visited any place takings would probably increase.

Politicians need to be accessible, otherwise they become captured and aloof from the ordinary citizen.

Yes there is

The UK Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, reckons there is no public interest in nude photos of Prince Harry in Las Vegas:

There was no public interest in the publication of photographs of Prince Harry nude in Las Vegas, the Culture Secretary has said.

Speaking to BBC News this morning, Mr Hunt said: “Personally I cannot see what the public interest was in publishing those.

“But we have a free press and I don’t think it is right for politicians to tell newspaper editors what they can and cannot publish. That must be a matter for the newspaper editors.

“I just hope that people won’t remember this, but they will remember the amazing good work that Prince Harry has done.”

There is enormous public interest in those photos.?We all want to know how big his chopper is.