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July 7, 1908 Alexander Graham Bell (right) and his assistants observe the flight of a circular tetrahedral kite. IMAGE: LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

July 7, 1908
Alexander Graham Bell (right) and his assistants observe the flight of a circular tetrahedral kite.

Bells Flights of Fancy

While working on the telephone,?Bell?mentioned to Watson?that their next project would be a?flying machine. On his honeymoon, he told his wife?Mabel that he dreamed of flying machines with telephones attached.

Alexander Graham Bell or Aleck, as he was called as a boy, would lie atop a favourite hill in Edinburgh, Scotland (where he was born in 1847) so he could be close to the sky and watched with envy and wonder as the birds flew above him.

To the end of his life Bell maintained the pure delight of a child exploring the world. Those who knew and loved him worried about his lack of concentration. Bell was a great generalist during the birth of the specialist. Bell’s future father-in-law chided him once about his inclination “to undertake every new thing that interests you & accomplish nothing of value to any one”. That was five months before the telephone was patented. It still holds the record for the most financially profitable patent ever issued. Bell was 29 years of age and the year was 1885. He was reported to have answered the phone saying, “Hoy, hoy” – never hello; and that he told his grandchildren, “It’s for calling out, not for calling in.? And that was all!

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A magic cream that rubs out your bad choices


Tattoos, I don’t have any. Everywhere I go these days I see them. No longer exclusive to sailors and tough guys they adorn young and old. At some point they became fashionable. The problem with fashion is that it changes. Who these days would be seen dead now in the padded shoulder suits of the eighties ( apart from a certain Green co-leader )?

When my son was at primary another 30 something Mum pulled up her top to proudly show me her belly ring. At the time I remember thinking, belly rings used to be cool and the preserve of young things. If a thirty something full time mother is now sporting one they have gone out of fashion. That is the thing with being a rebel. Once your rebellion becomes mainstream it loses its cachet.

So what do you do when the thrill wears off and your tattoo that seemed so hip, so edgy and so cool now feels like a sticker advertising something you no longer sell? You have changed but your ink stays the same, a permanent reminder of a choice that seemed like a good idea at the time.



Until recently there was only one choice available to you and it involved pain. I know this because a local Tattoo removal business has as their slogan, Get your ink off in a friendly, non judgmental environment with less pain!!

Where is the problem I hear you ask. Anyone who has gotten a tattoo can handle pain.

double ouch!

double ouch!

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Reality isn’t

Hunting kit for lazy buggers

Here’s a good one for those that are too lazy to stalk an extra few hundred metres for a closer shot, or indeed those that are just a crap shot. for $22,000 US you can have a TrackingPoint rifle.

If you are a bad shot, lazy or just downright useless at hunting altogether, this is the firearm for you:

A new rifle goes on sale on Wednesday, and it’s not like any other. It uses lasers and computers to make shooters very accurate. A startup gun company in Texas developed the rifle, which is so effective that some in the shooting community say it should not be sold to the public.

It’s called the TrackingPoint rifle. On a firing range just outside Austin in the city of Liberty Hill, a novice shooter holds one and takes aim at a target 500 yards away. Normally it takes years of practice to hit something at that distance. But this shooter nails it on the first try.

The rifle’s scope features a sophisticated?color graphics display. The shooter locks a laser on the target by pushing a small button by the trigger. It’s like a video game. But here’s where it’s different: You pull the trigger but the gun decides when to shoot. It fires only when the weapon has been pointed in exactly the right place, taking into account dozens of variables, including wind, shake and distance to the target.

The rifle has a built-in laser range finder, a ballistics computer and a Wi-Fi transmitter to stream live video and audio to a nearby iPad. Every shot is recorded so it can be replayed, or posted to YouTube or Facebook. < more of the article here>

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Whale Week What Was

QC7kkThe blog started Saturday by having a look at a number of Christchurch?people taking pictures up women’s skirts?at malls. ?And wouldn’t you know it? ?A teacher was arrested as well. ?Iain Lees-Galloway shows he is a slimy git by opening a Burger King and then refusing to take a bite, preferring to preach sensible food choices. ?Cam then called for nominations for Worst Political Journalist, and Barry Soper and John Campbell appeared hot favourites. ? Next we had a vote on Best Political Journalist, which Larry Williams took out with a massive 47% of the vote. ?Graham McCready withdrew?litigation?against John Banks because it made no sense to anyone – as in – they couldn’t understand what it said. ?Whale then claims a win on his Hekia Parata predictions and wonders why Key has let this train wreck happen. ?We raise our eyebrows about Nelson looking for a scooter riding bottom pincher and then watch a video of what happens to a pig at the bottom of the sea over 7 days. ?Next a post where Greens are fighting Greens over the Google solar plant. ?On the one side: solar energy. ?On the other? Turtles. ? Charles Krauthammer explains why gun control alone isn’t the solution to mass shootings. ? A MENSA spokesperson calls people with low IQs carrots and the BBC feels they have to apologise. ?There is a property for sale next to Kim Dotcom‘s place. ?Cam suggests the GCSB or the US should have bought it to set up spying operations. ? WOBH is calling for The Whale Army to send in their holiday snaps, in a new feature called Snapped! ?Cam takes a brief look at who will enter parliament if Tim Groser leaves for the WTO. ?To close the day, a?WhaleTech post looks at a the cull-de-sac that’s the QII roll-up keyboard. Read more »


Really stupid people playing with lasers

The dolts who aim lasers at aircraft cockpits need to be hammered with the full force of available penalties (long time in prison or $10,000 fines) rather than given a tut-tut small fine or community service.

This is going to result in a terrible tragedy if these dimwits are not pulled up and stopped.

A man who aimed a laser light at the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter on its return from a late-night search was not operating under the cover of darkness as he thought.

The pilot and crewmen on the helicopter, returning to base at Nelson Airport around 2am yesterday, had a laser light shone at them. It is a criminal offence under civil aviation law because of the danger it presents to pilots.

Nelson Marlborough rescue helicopter pilot Jarrod Colbourne said today the pilot and crewmen were returning from the Mt Owen?search for tramper Alistair Levy?when the incident happened.

They were able to pinpoint the property and ultimately the man responsible by using the chopper’s onboard Forward Looking Infra Red Unit.

“They were also able to use the unit, which is used to locate any heat source during a search, and the pilot could see the person walking around the balcony of the house,” Colbourne said.

Pilot Tim Douglas-Clifford said onboard intensive care paramedic Jon Leach, who was operating the infra red unit and therefore not wearing night-vision glasses, was most affected by the laser strike

Guy builds Star Trek Phaser

Check out this guy, he has built a Star Trek Phaser, which can pop balloons…looks like he made the room smoky so we can see the laser.

Heh.. “set phasers to pop”


Rodney not waiting for EC

Hide reports NZ First to policeAct leader Rodney Hide has laid a complaint with police over allegations New Zealand First broke the law when it failed to declare donations over $10,000 in 2007. The Electoral Commission was waiting to hear from New Zealand First… [NZ Herald Politics]

Rodney Hide isn’t waiting for the Electoral Commission to struggle its way towards a decision to refer Winston First to the police for breaches of the Electoral Act, he has gone and done it himself as he is entitled to under the law.

Bizarrely, Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode is also now referring to himself in the third person displaying openly his classic Narcissistc Personality Disorder. This is the problem we face as kiwi’s, we are being led by two Classic NPD leaders who are vying against each other for control and New Zealand is caught between them. Even his press release is classic NPD.

New Zealand First Leader Rt Hon Winston Peters has described Rodney Hide’s complaint to police today as obsessive, compulsive, grandstanding behaviour.

Mr Peters said the complaint is a waste of time and is merely designed to attract attention.
“It will be obvious to even the meanest of minds that Winston Peters cannot be the subject of the complaint.
“The party intends to clarify some very simple issues giving rise to a misrepresentation in the public arena,” said Mr Peters.

If these matters were so simple for WRP, 63, LMPONFA to calrify it begs the obvious question; Then why hasn’t he?