Laura McQuillan

NZ journalist sows racial disharmony

Apparently Maori are ticked off with the Prime Minister for not consulting with them about the flag.

Or so says Laura McQuillan

The push to change the flag could spark a Treaty claim ? with some Maori unhappy about a lack of consultation.

Ngapuhi elder Patu Hohepa says John Key?s speech at Waitangi on Friday was the first engagement with Maori on the flag referendum.

“Nothing has ever come out to us except through newspapers, radio and television. It’s sad.”

Dr Hohepa warns concerns could be raised at the Waitangi Tribunal.

“I think there would be action from now on for the recognition of the flag, there’s already been some submissions based on that, but we’ll certainly now put that all together so he can understand where we are coming from.”

Patu Hohepa says many in Maoridom would like to see a return to the United Tribes flag ? which was New Zealand?s first flag, in 1834. Read more »

Hill Cone on NZ journalism

Missed this yesterday as I’m normally not interested in her therapy group sessions and glimpses of personal life, but she actually had the guts to call out some of her colleagues yesterday for … well, you read

As a young female journalist I was probably sadly before my time in shamelessly trying to schmooze my way to notoriety of any kind like an overpainted attention-seeking goose. Back then, how I would have loved to have been in Andrea Vance’s position, the famous Fairfax journalist who brought down a Cabinet minister. How glorious to be feted for your special powers of turning a powerful man to mush, leading him to say he “made errors of judgment” while in your thrall.

Whether their relationship was romantic or not scarcely seems to matter. Although it does seem disingenuous for Vance to now play the victim. Whatever the background, Vance still exhibited a degree of influence – for that week anyway she was more powerful than any politician – that made her the envy of her colleagues.

Especially those who are a little too dangerously in love with the romantic image of their profession – they are the noble crusader, the Katharine Hepburn wisecracker, the reincarnation of Martha Gellhorn. Even if these days being a female reporter is more like being an “It” girl than a hack. Read more »

When it comes to smearing, there’s Whaleoil. And then there are the real professionals

Press Gallery journo Laura McQuillan doubles down on dirty:


Nice one. ? Got to keep the “Key” smearing going somehow. ? ?Guilt by association, twice removed. ?That’s an expert smear right there. Read more »

One of our biggest racists calls the Electoral Commission racist

New Zealand Holds General Election

Hone Harawira is a sore loser.

After daring to call European’s “white mother-f*ckers” he now has declared that the Electoral Commission is racist.

Hone Harawira claims as many as 1000 votes in Te Tai Tokerau may have been wrongly discarded.

The claim comes as a recount of votes begins in the electorate he lost to Labour’s Kelvin Davis last month. ? Read more »

The power of the market in politics

Laura McQuillan remarks on Dirty Politics.

Why’s everyone so angry this election??Is it Labour’s woeful poll results? Is it consternation that your hypothetical block of cheese from National is still three years away?

What seemingly began with an angry man and his blogger mates writing expletive-laden emails is spiralling out of control. Now, it appears everyone from keyboard warriors to politicians (both legitimate and wannabe) is going feral. It?s the election of the angry email you hoped would never see the light of day.

That?s the lesson of Dirty Politics: While Whale Oil himself apparently has zero regrets, his mates are quietly self-flagellating in embarrassment about their knobbish behaviour being pasted online for all to see.

I have every right to be angry that the left has stooped to criminal activity to attack me and my mates. But I am not angry. Anger is too debilitating, it lets them win, and I refuse to let them win. The bottom line is that it isn’t an offence in NZ to be a knob, or rude, or offensive.

It is a crime however to hack and steal peoples emails.

The backlash from their communications being laid bare has sparked an online community of trolls never seen before in New Zealand. Anonymous Twitter accounts are popping up by the day, apparently for no purpose other than to attack political journalists’ integrity and accuse them of bias.

These trolls may have mastered social media, but they get a Not Achieved for their skills in the English language. The F-word does not for an intelligent political debate make. Journos are used to accusations of being “repeaters” and “churnalists” ? those words usually levelled by Slater himself. But now, it’s web-based troglodytes accusing every journalist, no matter what the story, of spinning the National Party line. I guess that’s the result of getting your news from The Daily Blog? ?? Read more »

Man with secret donors and secret trusts demands more transparency…from others

Here it is, as I predicted, the call for state funding of political parties by David Cunliffe.

Laura McQuillan reports:

David Cunliffe believes it’s time to consider publicly-funded elections.

It comes in the wake of revelations about National’s Cabinet Club and fundraising practices by all parties.

The Labour leader says it’s time to have a conversation.

“There’s a trade off to be made between investing more taxpayers funding in the political process to guarantee fairness and democracy on the one hand and making sure that every dollar is well and prudently spent.”

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Tweet of the Day

Laura McQuillan snaps Paul Goldsmith pashing up the old chook of Rongotai:

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Who is editing David Cunliffe’s wiki page

It is pretty funny too…? Read more »

Amateurs, and to think they want to be Prime Minister

Grant Robertson and David Cunliffe couldn’t organise a root in a brothel.

Laura Sheets home the pain: ? Read more »

Why I love Twitter

Because it reveals the inner feelings of people who should know better. Their bosses will be so pleased.

Clearly has no kids, and with such a self centred attitude probably best not to.? Read more »