Laura Tingle

The five myths about Tony Abbott that the election destroyed

Andrew Bolt talks about the 5 myths about Tony Abbott that have been destroyed by the election.

TONY Abbott’s landslide win over Labor hasn’t just destroyed perhaps our most deceitful and chaotic government.

It also exposed five myths that helped to ruin Labor.

Not that you would guess that from the self-denial of its leaders.

Kevin Rudd on Saturday night made out as if he’d actually left Labor in great shape, despite Labor winning the lowest primary vote in a century.

“I am proud that despite all the prophets of doom that we have preserved our federal parliamentary Labor party as a viable fighting force for the future,” he boasted.

The man tipped to be Labor’s next leader, Bill Shorten, even carried on as if Labor’s green madness was an asset, not a poison.

“There should be a price on carbon pollution,” he said after an election Abbott billed as a “referendum on the carbon tax”.

Don’t you just love politicians who declare an election is a referendum about something, then lose and want to continue litigating it.? Read more »