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Operation 8 laugh in

Take your pick.

What has been the most hilarious reaction to the IPCA Operation 8 report?

How about Tame Iti planning to seek compensation?

Or another one of the guilty four seeking separate indigenous reservations?

Parihaka’s Emily Bailey, her partner Urs Signer, Tame Iti and Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara were found guilty of firearms charges in March last year following Operation Eight, the Urewera raids in 2007.

“If countries like Canada and the United States can cope with separate indigenous reservations and entire states with separate laws inside one country, then why can’t we?” she said.  Read more »

Of course he should have tasered him, well done that man

A cop who tasered a a scrote has been cleared. The crim claimed he was backing away…I say that is attempting escape, just as well he was tasered.

The police conduct watchdog has cleared an officer accused of inappropriately using a Taser to arrest a man who was backing away when he was zapped with the high-voltage weapon.

Bruce Robert Roulston made a formal complaint against the officer last year after he was Tasered in the driveway of his Christchurch home in 2010.  Read more »

Police Assn slams Five Fingers Feeley

The NBR has comments from the Police Association slamming the conduct of SFO Chief Executive Adam Feeley:

The conduct of Serious Fraud Office director Adam Feeley would not have been tolerated if the agency had merged with the police.

Police Association president Greg O’Connor gave a barbed answer when asked if Mr Feeley’s reported behaviour would be tolerated by senior members of the New Zealand Police.

“Mr Feeley’s probably very lucky there was no amalgamation,” Mr O’Connor said.

A merger of the SFO and the police was mooted in 2008 but the incoming National government scotched the proposal.

The National Business Review understands revelations about Mr Feeley’s conduct have caused Police Minister Judith Collins and the SFO considerable concern.

Of course it is concerning, this guy is supposed to be the top fraud cop in New Zealand and he shamefully lifted a bottle of plonk from the property of the receivers of a company that was subsequently charged byt eh Serious Fraud Office.

There is another concerning development in this who saga too:

NBR understands Mr Feeley is a member of Auckland’s Northern Club, having been sponsored into the exclusive membership by Crown solicitor and regular SFO prosecutor Simon Moore.

That is an outrageous conflict of interest. The Crown Solicitor must be above anything that suggests favours or untoward behaviour. There is no way that he should have sponsored Feeley into the Northern Club.

It will be interesting to know how much extra work Meredith Connell has gained since Feeley joined the Northern Club? All this smacks of the boys at the top end sorting out things for themselves with little or no regard to the law or to appearance.

How about moving him to White Island?

Oh dear, a child sex offender is in threat of a bashing:

The Department of Corrections has caved in and agreed to move a child sex offender out of a south Auckland community after a third public meeting and threats of vigilante action.

Corrections promised 20 Otara residents that a time frame for the man’s relocation would be confirmed by the end of today.

The promise follows a meeting in Otara earlier today where Corrections managers met with a group of worried parents and residents.

Otara Network and Action Committee chair Adele Hamilton says there is concern for the man’s safety after his whereabouts were revealed.

”We need to advise our community that we’re working with the Department of Corrections on having the person removed,” she says.

Auckland Council community advisor Tipi Arthur helped facilitate the meeting and says the community was clear in its demand to have the man removed and it was now waiting for confirmation.

White Island is pretty vacant, I think that would be a suitable place.

Hubbard Support Team calls for Feeley’s dismissal

The Hubbard Support Team has issued a press release calling for Fiver Finger Feeley’s dismissal from the SFO. The letter/press release was addressed to Judith Collins, Chris Finlayson (Attorney General) and Tony Bouchier (President Criminal Bar Association):

Recently we were made aware that at the December 2010 Serious Fraud Office Xmas Party, Adam Feeley as Chief Executive of the SFO, purchased books to give out as ‘investigation booby prize’ awards at the function.

The ‘booby prize’ books purchased by Feeley were ‘Allan Hubbard –A Man Out of Time’ by Virginia Green,

That Feeley deliberately chose this book to give out as investigator’s ‘booby prizes’ shows a complete lack of professional conduct, which is even more appalling and disgraceful that it occurred while the SFO was still in the middle of conducting a Serious Fraud investigation into the affairs of Allan Hubbard.   The investigation was not concluded for a further six months.

Feeley’s conduct in purchasing this book and awarding it as investigators ‘booby prize’, while the SFO investigation was ongoing, shows he held a deep seated attitude and underlying contempt towards Allan Hubbard.

We believe the investigation by the SFO into the affairs of Allan Hubbard was biased and tainted from the beginning, and Feeley’s actions at the SFO Xmas party further  confirm this.

While the charges made against Allan Hubbard, no longer stand, we believe due to the biased conduct of the head of the SFO, Adam Feeley, and the lack of integrity he has showed towards Allan Hubbard, the investigation should be declared null and void, and a full apology should be given to the Hubbard family.

Adam Feeley has showed a complete lack of integrity for the position that he holds, and we hereby believe after the ‘booby prize’ incident, and also his recent conduct with the Bridgecorp Wine affair, he is no longer fit to hold any position within the SFO if it is to maintain any credibility in the future.

It is our belief that Feeley should be dismissed for improper conduct immediately.

Five Fingers Feeley’s job on the line?

“Five Fingers” Adam Feeley’s job may be on the line after Judith Collins, the minister responsible for the Serious Fraud Office referred the matter tot he State Services Commission.

The head of the Serious Fraud Office is facing an employment investigation for celebrating criminal charges against Rod Petricevic by serving to staff champagne belonging to Bridgecorp directors.

And a legal expert says it is disappointing to see such behaviour from a government department responsible for such high-level investigations.

A spokesman for Serious Fraud Office Minister Judith Collins said she had referred SFO head Adam Feeley’s actions to the State Services Commissioner, his employer.

Prominent lawyer Nigel Hampton, QC, said last night that Mr Feeley’s actions were “not appropriate at all”.

“A, to celebrate as it were steps along the way and then to publicise it is not appropriate. And B, to do it with property that arguably isn’t yours anyhow seems to me to be rather questionable in its own right. Just because it’s left over or sitting in someone’s office doesn’t make it yours,” he said.

“This is supposed to be an agency that is created to uphold certain principles as to appropriate ownership.”

Mr Hampton said the incident had potential to harm the SFO’s court case against Bridgecorp.

“In the hands of a capable questioner, [the incident] can make them look rather embarrassed and lessen their credibility.

“I think it’s disappointing. You wouldn’t expect, part way through a task, the Commissioner of Police inappropriately celebrating a step along the way in an investigation.”

Five Fingers Adam FeeleyIt is highly inappropriate that the boss of the countries top law enforcement organisation misappropriated the assets, no matter how small, of the shareholders, receivers and liquidators of Bridgecorp, then skited about it to staff and then rubbed those charged noses in the fact by quaffing the stolen assets at a party.

The problem Five Fingers Feeley has is that he doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

This is the guy who is in the paper and news more than tv celebrities and boasting all the time about what his agency is going to do. Compare the incidence of Adam Feeley in the news with that of new Police Commissioner Peter Marshall.The SFO regularly leaks details of investigations and seems to conduct itself as though they are the Untouchables. This case just highlights the culture that exists and has been allowed to fester at the SFO.

Five Fingers Feeley might have got away with this sort of behaviour under CHris Finlayson or Simon power but I doubt he will get off scot free under The Crusher.

More on Labour's DPS lies

It is very hard to go past Helen Clark’s very own words to prove the lies that Labour has been running about the DPS and John Key. [emphasis mine]

“Personal protection came from the Diplomatic Protection Squad of the New Zealand Police who stayed very close to me for the whole nine years.

This was from her Valedictory speech. It is very hard to reconcile Hodgson’s and Goff’s lies about Helen Clark’s use of the DPS with her own statement. The use of the word “whole” makes it pretty emphatic. So does “very close“.

Here asome more pictures of Clark and the DPS. One at Wellington train station for an interview and one with her at Bastion point amongst her mates including former Labour MP Joe Hawke.

Helen Clark and the DPS

2 members of NZ police's diplomatic protection pictured left and right oversea an interview being given by prime minister Helen Clark in corner of Wellington train station. Photo: Daniel Van Kessel


Helen Clark and the DPS at Bastion Point
Helen Clark and the DPS at Bastion Point

I just love how Labour are prepared to hang out the troops of the DPS in order to score political points. Goff better hope he doesn’t win the election because I don’t think these folk are going to want to put themselves in the way of harm for him.

Crusher 2 – 0

The most effective minister in the National government would have to be Judith Collins.

Everything she has said she would deliver she has, including two heads on a plate for each of her departments.

First Howard Broad announced his retirement, just in the nick of time, so he could put his spin on getting the arse by the Minister and now Barry Matthews takes one in the chook as well.

Barry Matthews - Shot by Judith Collins 2010

Corrections Department boss Barry Matthews is set to retire at the end of the year.

The department began advertising yesterday for a new chief executive, the Dominion Post reported.

Matthews came under fire early last year following a report into the department’s handling of the parole system.

Corrections Minister Judith Collins demanded accountability over the failures, reported by the Auditor-General Kevin Brady, and refused to say she had confidence in Matthews.

A spokeswoman for the department said he would step down “by the end of the year”.

Judith Collins is a patient and careful hunter of the common or garden variety of the Vacuus Civilis Vernula.
I think she needs to conduct training for the other ministers in hunting the elusive Vacuus Civilis Vernula.