Lawyer: The kid was asking for it

Unbelievable! The lawyer for the mother who systematically tortured her children has basically said the kid was asking for it:

“That little girl was a timebomb waiting to explode and was put back into the care of her mother.”

She said that at one point her client wrote to the Prime Minister about her daughter’s problems and received a letter from Social Development Minister Paula Bennett promising six additional counselling sessions and sporting programmes.

“Sports activities are not what this child needed.”

No quite right sports activities weren’t appropriate at all, no, what was really needed clearly was:

…assaulting the girl with a machete and hammer, kicking her in the crotch while wearing workboots, tearing off her toenail and pouring salt and boiling water on wound, and writing abusive comments on the girl’s body.

The woman’s husband has pleaded guilty to three charges of assaulting the girl, two of which involve the use of a vacuum cleaner pipe and a broomstick.

The girl was 9 years old FFS and the boy was 7! Trying to blame authorities for treating their own children like animals makes me seriously question some of my beliefs about redemption and forgiveness. Seven years prison hardly seems fair tot eh children for the reprehensible crimes performed against them.

LawCom: Jurisdiction options

Law Commissioner John Burrows discusses the options for the jurisdiction of the proposed new independent media regulator.

Yet another reason why Name Suppression should go

On Saturday the NZ Herald ran an article about NZ’s most dangerous stalker. It named him and the details of his crimes.

If this man had name suppression then what has happened since could never have happened:

More women have come forward complaining of harassment by the man described as New Zealand’s “most dangerous stalker” since his release from prison last month.

In three weeks of freedom, Glenn Green is now a suspect in at least one new case – and possibly more – of alleged harassment, on top of the case involving a 19-year-old woman that put him back in custody last week.

Some of the new women are said by police to have a “public profile” – it is understood they have appeared on television.

Green, 41, appeared in North Shore District Court on Friday on a charge of harassment of a teenager and was remanded in custody until January 12.

Green denied the charge and his lawyer said that “as soon as he was told to desist, he did desist”.

Detective Sergeant James Watson, of North Shore, said a young Devonport woman had come forward with a further complaint against Green at the weekend after seeing his photo in the Weekend Herald. “Every person that comes and makes a complaint we can go and lay more charges,” Mr Watson said.

“He’s got 227 convictions.”

The woman had been “freaked out” by constant harassment similar to what was alleged for the 19-year-old, he said. The court heard that teen had left her family home and changed her phone number to avoid Green.

He had been out of prison for only a week when he started contacting her, said the police prosecutor in court.

Crusher, Crusher, Crusher

Crusher get’s her first victim just as she leaves her job with Police. An exceedingly dim idiot is about to get his car crushed.

A Milton teenager with a habit of spinning his car’s wheels is believed to have made New Zealand legal history in the Balclutha District Court today.

Under legislation aimed at boy racers that came into effect two years ago, Karn Clarrie Forrest will have his car crushed after notching his third conviction in four years for causing a car to undergo sustained loss of traction.

Judge Stephen O’Driscoll said he believed the 18-year-old was the first person in the country to be subject to the legislation, which gives power to seize and destroy a vehicle for a third offence in a four-year period.

Forrest had convictions for sustained loss of traction in September and November last year, as well as the latest incident on September 29.

Forrest maintained he had sold the car, but prosecutor Sergeant Penny Stratford said he was still the registered owner.

She told the court Forrest had accelerated from an intersection, causing the wheels to spin, then twice spun the car in a circle. He admitted the incident when stopped by police a short time later.

As well as losing the 1982 Toyota Corolla, Forrest was sentenced to 150 hours community work and disqualified from driving for 13 months for sustained loss of traction and driving while disqualified.

I hope the event is live televised and the offender is required to watch it.

Do we need a castle law?

David Prosser wants dairy owners, taxi drivers and bottle store owners given the ability to arm themselves. But what about ordinary home owners?

Do we need a castle law here? Or should we just shoot first and ask questions later?

In North Carolina they are strengthening the “Castle Doctrine Law”:

It soon will become easier to justify cases in which deadly force is used in self-defense.

Changes to the state’s Castle Doctrine Law that take effect Thursday do not require people to run before they fight back with a gun. The law expands the use of reasonable deadly force to include cars and workplaces if a person under attack fears imminent death or serious bodily harm.

The Castle Doctrine, rooted in English common law, is based upon the idea that a person should be safe from attack while at home.

“You don’t have to run to the far part of your house if there is a threat,” said Terry Lamb, owner of The Gun Vault. “People like that and are very positive about these changes.”

The new law presumes that a person who unlawfully and by force enters or attempts to enter intends to commit an unlawful act involving force or violence.

“This change should make things a little more clear for people and more comfortable,” said Lt. Robert Hamilton of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department. “There is a presumption now that if you fear for your life, you can use deadly force. The presumption before was that you had to retreat first.”

The changes also ease the civil liability gun owners can face if they shoot and kill or injure someone committing a crime against them.

“You can use your gun for self-defense in more places than before,” Lamb said. “Most people think that is a good change.”

“The presumption now is that the vehicle is more like a residence and you can protect yourself against a car jacking,” said Hamilton, who works in the legal process division that handles concealed carry handgun permits.

Word of the Day – Megarexia

I’ve heard it all now. Apparently there is a condition known as megarexia…he should have really just tried the “make people laugh” defence:

Former body-building champion Justin Rys has escaped a prison sentence for importing a drug he was addicted to – GBL, which is known as Fantasy.

The drug was a component of a manicure product available legally in New Zealand, but Rys imported it because it was cheaper bought online.

In Wellington District Court today he was sentenced to six months home detention on four charges of importing the drug.

The 35-year-old former Mr New Zealand and Mr Oceania is still on parole from a seven and a half year term imposed for the same offences.

Rys suffers from a psychological condition called megarexia – which means he sees himself as being much smaller than he is.

Judge Susan Thomas said the random drug testing and other strict conditions of parole would help Rys during the home detention sentence at his parents’ Kapiti home.

Some people are just scum

Sue Bradford’s law that she told parliament would ensure the kiddies were protected has failed another child. There really should be a Sue Bradford Wall of Shame with which to place the names of children who were beaten, bashed, tortured and killed but were never protected by her law.

A Rotorua boy assaulted by a woman with a broom has been described by mental health authorities as one of the most emotionally damaged children they have seen.

Bonita Naera (aka Marsters), 57, was yesterday sentenced in the Rotorua District Court to two years in jail after being found guilty by a jury in October of assaulting a child in her care with a weapon between August 1 and August 18, 2009.

Judge Phillip Cooper said Naera hit the child with a length of wood or possibly a broom and the child, who was 7 at the time, suffered a broken arm.

Naera had two previous convictions for assaulting children, dating back 18 years.

Jail is too good for people who do that to children. Two years is certainly not long enough for the systematic emotional, psychological and physical torture visited upon her children.

Another SFNS and SOCKS victim

This makes me sick:

Baby Cezar rolled his eyes in his head and “wasn’t the same” after his mother’s boyfriend slapped him in the back of the head three times and dropped him in his cot, a court has heard.

James Hemana is on trial in the High Court at Auckland, accused of murdering Cezar by violently shaking the six-month-old in July last year.

Hemana has pleaded not guilty to murder but has admitted to failing to provide the necessaries of life.

The Crown says Hemana also prevented the baby’s mother, Victoria Taylor, from taking Cezar to hospital.

Ms Taylor was in a relationship with Hemana for about three months last year.

She told the court today (Wed) that Hemana could not cope with the baby crying and would fly into a rage.

Ms Taylor said on one occasion Hemana put Cezar in his baby walker before slapping him in the back of the head three times.

Another victim of SFNS and SOCK.


Good on the Maori party

The Maori party has called for parliament to act on name suppression:

The Maori Party is calling for name suppression laws to change as soon as possible, after a former All Black was granted name suppression after pleading guilty to assaulting a child.

He appeared in Auckland District Court yesterday charged with the September assault, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Another former All Black appeared in Wellington District Court two weeks ago, charged with assaulting his partner while celebrating the All Blacks’ World Cup final victory, resisting police and possessing cannabis. He was also given name suppression.

Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia has slammed the most recent name suppression.

“In this morning’s paper we have the ludicrous situation of two individuals involved in cases of child assault – one protected and the other exposed to public scrutiny,” Ms Turia said.

She was referring to the case of Auckland mother Mellissa Anderson, who was refused name suppression while facing charges for allegedly slapping a 14-year-old girl who attacked her daughter, Summer, outside school last week.

Ms Turia says it “makes a mockery of the justice system” that a 13-year-old girl’s identity was released into the public arena, while a former All Black can keep his name secret.

“For former All Black players, there appears to be another set of standards at play,” she said.

I said at the time that Simon Power’s law changes would be ignored by Judges. I know the law doesn’t come into effect for several more months but I rpredict that the status quo will continue to exist. The law changes didn’t go far enough in removing name suppression and protecting the innocent victims.

Now an ex-All Black is smearing the names of other former team mates through his cowardice.

Name Suppression – Compare and Contrast

Two stories, two different outcomes:

Ex AB who bashes his kid – name suppression
Regular mum who defends her child – fully identified including photgraphs

The contrast in the two cases shows how contemptible name suppression has become. Basically if you are famous and can afford a reasonable lawyer the courts will protect your fame even when you commit infamous crimes against children.

I hope Judith Collins gets the job of Justice Minister so she can do what Simon Power was too afraid to do.