Affordable housing, Len Brown Style (LBIAFCDDDD)

Len Brown will make you even sicker



“Household crowding a health risk”, quotes NZ Herald from a study:

Cold and damp conditions are adding to health problems faced by residents of overcrowded homes, an Auckland budgeting adviser says.

An Otago University study released today shows one in 10 hospital admissions for infectious diseases, including pneumonia, meningococcal disease and tuberculosis, were the result of overcrowded housing.

Darryl Evans, the head of Mangere Budgeting Services, says health problems included other respiratory illnesses.

He said said he had nine cases this year in which he’d helped clients move out of garages or overcrowded housing into better state houses or private rentals.

“In almost every case somebody in the household, whether it’s the children or the adults is suffering from really bad chest infections,” he said.

“Overcrowding has been a major issue for people – we are consistently seeing children present with respiratory infections, chest infections and asthma.

NZ Herald article is proof that Auckland?s soaring house prices are pushing people into sharing accommodation leading to a significant increase in disease.Len Brown wants a more compact city. But he hasn?t considered for a second what are the consequences. There is no analysis from Auckland Council on risks associated with disease and infection caused by crowding people.

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