Is it time for Paula Bennett to be sacked?

Paula Bennett is stumbling from one disaster to the next.

Last week she was busted making shit up and lying to the Prime Minister, and now she’s been caught leaking private details about the chairman of?Te Puea Marae

The leaking of details about a police investigation into the chairman of a Mangere marae is a “smear” after his work to help the homeless, a marae spokeswoman says.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett this afternoon phoned and apologised to Te Puea Marae chairman Hurimoana Dennis, a police inspector and iwi liaison officer, after a member of her staff told a journalist that Mr Dennis was under police investigation.

Police are investigating Mr Dennis’ handling of a case in which he intervened on behalf of a teenager who was in a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl.

The investigation follows a complaint about Mr Dennis’ handling of the case, and is not a criminal investigation of him personally.

The Herald understands Mr Dennis intervened on a personal basis outside working hours on behalf of a 16 or 17-year-old youth, known to him through family friends, who was in a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl. ? Read more »

Who leaked Little’s Big Pharma meeting details?

The spin cycle is currently underway after it was revealed yesterday that Andrew Little has been hosting and enjoying dinner with Big Pharma and, in an amazing coincidence, the drug of one of those Big Pharma companies that attended the soiree with Andrew Little is now being pushed hard by Labour.

Drug company lobbyists were hosted?at a special dinner?by?Labour leader Andrew Little,?months before Labour announced its stance to override Pharmac and fund melanoma drug?Keytruda.

Labour confirmed the dinner?took place, understood to have been?in Labour?s parliamentary?offices, in September.

Organised by Pharma?lobbying group Medicines NZ, the dinner also?included representatives from Keytruda makers Merck Sharp and Dohme, Pfizer, Roche, Healthcare Logistics?and Sanofi.

Little said he recalled a dinner, but was unsure of the timing.

The Standard’s Greg Presland has blogged about this claiming it was a hit job from Jonathan Coleman’s office….but how can that be? ? Read more »

I wonder what Nicky Hager would say about this?


Claire Trevett is the grateful reporter?of a Labour Party Dirty Politics Leaky Sieve

Supporters of David Cunliffe are being blamed for leaking a breakdown of how unions and party members voted in last year’s Labour leadership election in an apparent bid to highlight how strongly Mr Cunliffe was preferred over Grant Robertson.

The internal paper was only sent to members on Labour’s ruling Council – but was leaked to a media outlet this morning. Read more »

Absurdity or irony?


David Cunliffe, facing the media, saying that Labour must stop the leaks [to media].

What he means is, he wants the leaks that are damaging to him to stop. ? All the others need to continue at all times.

This is what Pete covered this morning in his post – the absolute two-faced nature of both politicians and old media that leaks are somehow rare and dirty.

What a bunch of numpties. ? If you don’t like the game, get off the field.

Phil Goff is a liar, but then we already knew that


I’ve stayed out of the drama yesterday. ?It is clear that the media aren’t interested in the truth right now. ?Much more fun joining the opposition MPs in the absolute barrage of lies masquerading as news.

In the end, Phil Goff’s day came to a bit of a nasty end as John Key told everyone why exactly Goff was off his rocker.

But it took a ?lawyer to spot the true own goal made by Phil Goff last night: ? Read more »


Peter Williams Tweetgate: cost cutting, TVNZ style?


via Wikimedia commons

The Whaleoil tipline received more than one concerned note about the Peter Williams “mistake”, suggesting it was an elaborate setup.

TVNZ Breakfast staff can’t understand how the NZ Herald got hold of that information so quickly. ?The leak isn’t at ground level, either.

Rachel Glucina is hearing the same

Veteran TVNZ broadcaster Peter Williams, who was exposed for faking an online abuse message he claimed to have received from a cyber bully, tells The Diary he was asked to make the story up and is embarrassed and humiliated by the situation.

“I’m feeling pissed off! I’m absolutely mortified by the outcome,” Williams said. “Firstly, that the story got out of the TVNZ newsroom on Tuesday and was leaked to you guys [at the?Herald]. There’s obviously a Deep Throat. But also because I was sold a pup, I was sold a different story … someone asked me to make it up.”

An industry insider spoken to by Whaleoil suggested this was part of TVNZ’s cost cutting strategy. ? Read more »

Good Grief, it’s that mythical amorphous hard to identify Labour Staffer. Again!

Tracey Watkins writes

It appears we have found the scapegoat that neither needs finding nor firing

Over the course of months, most of Wellington’s elite were summoned to a meeting room deep within the central city tower building occupied by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and asked to swear on oath that they did not leak documents detailing plans to gut the organisation.

Seated across the table was former Commerce Commission boss Paula Rebstock, usually with a staffer by her side.

Others were ordered to phone in or give evidence by video conference from every corner of the globe.

Some of those summoned to account for themselves report it was a “hostile and intimidating” atmosphere. Others who insist they are not so easily intimidated admit they found it unpleasant if nothing else.

Good to hear. ?Not supposed to be pleasant. ? Read more »


Labour snitch implicated but not named in MFaT leak

There are quite a lot of papers to read through of the now published report by Paula Rebstock into the MFaT leaks.

Phil Goff drip fed his leaks to parliament and to the media and the report doesn’t exactly cover him in any glory with reports of multiple, unauthorised phone calls to staffers, some after hours.

The key part though is the links to Labour for the leaks.

Report Unauthorised Disclosure Mfat Papers

Read more »


Fraser House News Tip

It seems the witch-hunt for my snitch at Fraser House isn’t going well, this just in:

Fraser House news tip:

Tim Barnett was quizzed by a senior volunteer at Fraser House this?morning as to why he had to go Aussie to be an election observer (Many?people thought he was working from home in Island Bay). ? Read more »

Fraser House Leak: Pressure on Shearer to quit parliament

Image from WO Reader

Image from WO Reader

My tipster in Fraser House has some startling information:

Fraser House news tip:

Tim Barnett acting as a go-between for Helen Clark and Shearer.

The news is Clark will meet with Shearer either tonight or?tomorrow?night and urge Shearer to call it a day.

Expect a by-election for Mt Albert to be announced?on Monday?if Aunty?Helen is successful.? Read more »