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Green taliban MP detained in Sri Lanka

Jan Logie has been detained in Colombo, Sri Lanka after going up there to stir up trouble.

What is it with these Green taliban w*nkers that they think they can go traipsing about in other people’s countries telling how life should be?

It should come as no surprise to them that they get banged up for their efforts.

Sources in Sri Lanka tell me that the Sri Lankan security forces googled these ratbags and saw that I call them the Green taliban and sensibly took precautions. Scott Yorke certainly thinks so:

The NZ Herald reports:

Green Party MP Janet Logie says she is “safe” after being detained by Sri Lankan authorities and her passport confiscated.  Read more »

Greens are the same the world over

via Andrew Bolt

The world over Green Taliban are happy to lie if they think it will achieve their aims. In New Zealand the green taliban milked the MV Rena grounding mercilessly. Greenpeace were caught out lying about sea bird deaths, Gareth Hughes claimed the beaches were ruined forever…it was all lies and mis-truths..but all for the good of the green taliban cause.

Now the Aussie green taliban is split about whether their scam that destroyed the value of an Australian company was fit and proper. Apparently not all Greens MPs agree it is fine to lie and cheat people out of their savings to push their agenda.

THE Australian Greens are split over a hoax that temporarily wiped $300 million off the value of Whitehaven Coal.

Greens leader Christine Milne has said the action was part a long and proud history of civil disobedience.

Her colleague Lee Rhiannon congratulated activist Jonathan Moylan, who issued a bogus press release purporting to be from the ANZ Bank and which said the bank had cancelled a $1.2 billion loan facility for Whitehaven’s Maules Creek project in northwest NSW.  Read more »

Greens cop one in the chook in NSW

As usual, give the Greens a chance to hold power and they screw it up. Then they get punished by the voters who realise that grassy fields and rainbow skies and organics and climate change and pipe dreams don’t actually get the rubbish collected, and do put the rates up.

The swing against the Greens in the Woollahra area was a whopping 12 per cent. The Greens won just 11.5 per cent of the vote despite Labor being almost invisible.

A 12 per cent swing against any party is a negative landslide, especially as the left field was otherwise empty. Labor received 2 per cent of the vote, the Liberals 52 per cent and the independent Residents First 30 per cent.

The Sydney bastions of the Greens where they had exercised influence were mostly disasters. In Leichhardt, the swing against the Greens was 11 per cent. In Canterbury, it was 10 per cent. In Marrickville, a council made notorious by Greens ideological excesses and obsessions about Israel, the Greens vote dropped 7.4 per cent while the Liberals picked up an 11 per cent swing.

In the City of Sydney election the Greens received only 9.2 per cent of the vote. They suffered a nine per cent negative swing, twice the swing against Labor. The independent Clover Moore romped home again in the mayoral election with 51 per cent. The Greens’ mayoral candidate received 6.4 per cent.

This has seriously perplexed the Greens, as with education everyone should love them.

Not one word of contrition has come from the Greens leadership, because the sanctimonious are never wrong. Other people are merely misguided. This tone is one reason why the Greens have not been able to translate broad concern about the environment into broad political support.

And because they are watermelons.

The most prominent Green in NSW, Senator Lee Rhiannon, has nothing to say about the NSW local government election on her website.

Shoebridge, the party’s number one candidate for the upper house in the state election last year, was equally silent. The media statements he has posted this week concern the right to silence by people accused of a crime and the need for an independent investigation into the alleged bashing by police of an Aboriginal man in Ballina.

This is typical. While Rhiannon and Shoebridge operate under the banner of the Greens, they are not environmentalists. Rhiannon is a rebadged Marxist. Shoebridge is a union lawyer. He spent six years as a solicitor at Taylor and Scott, a union law firm, and since leaving Woollahra Council for the NSW Parliament he has served as a mouthpiece for the unions, with a particular affinity for the ostentatiously bent Construction Forestry Mining and Engineering Union.

Is this true here?

Sydney Morning Herald

The ALP is on full attack against the Greens in Australia…there is some thinking that it is because the Greens would like to see legacy industries collapse which are of course the stronghold of tired old union heavies:

In short, many Labor MPs and trade union officials believe that the Greens do not care about job losses in what they regard as environmentally unfriendly industries. And they have a point. For example, writing for newmatilda.com on May 28, the NSW Greens Senator, Lee Rhiannon, and a freelance writer, Paul Fitzgerald, called for the scrapping of Sydney Airport and for a replacement to be built outside the Sydney Basin. Such a policy, if implemented, would destroy thousands of jobs and devastate the Australian economy.

Could it be the same issue exist in New Zealand?….I certainly think so. The same antagonism by Greens for mining, heavy industry and the like is there as well as the Greens poaching some hard left support as well as the urban tree-hugger Mums. Remember Clare Curran crying foul that the Greens were stealing Labour’s rightful voters?