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So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu


There’s a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall
And the bells in the steeple too
And up in the nursery an absurd little bird
Is popping out to say “cuckoo”
[Marta, Gretl, Brigitta:]
Cuckoo, cuckoo

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Cam Slater on NewstalkZB’s with Leighton Smith at 11:15 am


Leighton will interview Cam on his program today about becoming an author and his first book, Dodgy Unions.
You can listen online via iHeartRadio and normal?methods.

Cam Slater’s book is about Unions in New Zealand, and how they are well funded, remarkably selfish, yet in control of a political party that they hardly contribute to. ? It is the first time anyone has put the New Zealand union movement under some scrutiny, and the information is quite revealing. ? Read more »

Another NewstalkZB staffer goes feral

There seems to be a cancer eating away at NewstalkZB…one of a lack of courage too, because Rachel Smalley and ?now James Robins are both giving me a good ?kicking.

You have to wonder if an edict has gone out from NZME.

But neither of them have the courage to say these sorts of things to my face…like many in the media they are spineless cowards.

James Robins goes on a defamatory rant…it really is quite funny. Dallas Gurney will be loving the ratings and traffic that a stoush?with me brings.

The Labour Party?s new leader Andrew Little may believe that the Prime Minister should ?stand up, take responsibility?apologise? and ?move on?. But there?s little chance of turning away from an ever-increasing barrage of evidence against the Government?s deeply disgusting, disturbing, and treacherous actions.

Inspector General Cheryl Gwyn?s inquiry sought to uncover allegations made against Warren Tucker (former head of the Security Intelligence Service), staffers in the Prime Minister?s office (like black-ops man Jason Ede), and Cameron Slater (a ?toxic? hatemonger and terminal ?reprobate? blogger) prior to the 2011 Election.

What?disgusting, disturbing, and treacherous actions….this is politics you numpty.

As for calling me a toxic hatemonger, have you been swallowing the seed of Martyn Martin Bradbury? I bet Larry Williams and Leighton Smith don’t agree with you…or even your own boss.

Then-Labour leader Phil Goff, mistakenly convinced that he hadn’t received an intelligence briefing about the actions of a few Israelis after the Christchurch earthquake, found himself under attack not during Question Time or from his enemies during a media stand-up but from the fly-blown pages of a deranged blog.

Released on Tuesday, Gwyn?s report entirely confirms (as if Nicky Hager?s claims needed more affirmation) that Slater received a tip-off about Goff?s folly, was coached through making an OIA request by Key?s staffer Jason Ede, received his politically-damaging treasure in record time thanks to Tucker?s inability to stay ?politically neutral?, and proceeded to lambast the Labour Party alongside the Government who gleefully kept their hands ?clean? of the entire affair.

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Politicians who resort to using courts to bully broadcasters deserve what they get

Colin Craig is a bully.

He uses the law to try to silence critics, and now he has gone to court to bully TV3, a private company, to force them to have him on their minor party debate show.

Conservatives leader Colin Craig has won an eleventh-hour High Court scrap over his exclusion from a televised political debate.

TV3’s political show?The Nation?did not invite Mr Craig to a minor parties debate tomorrow morning, which will include the Green Party, New Zealand First, the Maori Party, Act, Mana and United Future.

Mr Craig filed urgent legal proceedings with the High Court at Auckland today and his application for an interim injunction to restrict the screening of the debate without him was heard this afternoon.

Justice Murray Gilbert sided with the Conservative Party leader saying any inconvenience to MediaWorks was outweighed by the public interest in having Mr Craig at the debate.

The debate cannot legally go ahead without his inclusion.

MediaWorks confirmed that rather than scrap tomorrow’s debate, they would include Mr Craig.

“We’ll have to somehow squeeze him in,” said director of news Mark Jennings.

But?The Nation’s?Tim Watkin said the production values of the show would suffer as a result.

Each political leader will get less than five minutes to speak because of the late inclusion, he said.

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If you could ask John Key a question, what would it be?

John Key – LIVE at Newstalk ZB today

Photo: Edward Swift

Photo: Edward Swift

Prime Minister John Key will be LIVE in studio on?Friday morning with Leighton Smith, taking your calls between 11am and midday.

If you have a question for the Prime Minister, make sure you email it to Leighton or call up on 0800 80 10 80 Thursday after 11am.

Prime Minister John Key v Leighton Smith

11am to Midday

Only on Newstalk ZB

Do you have a question for the Prime Minister? Email it to?[email protected]?

or call 0800 80 10 80 on?Friday morning from 11am


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Newstalk ZB, Pam, and Cam?

Pam Corkery’s sudden departure from Newstalk ZB to take up a press secretary position with the Internet Party has upset few and delighted more. ?One of Newstalk’s most loyal listeners is also one of the Whaleoil Ground Crew.

She senses an opportunity for both Newstalk ZB and Cam Slater

I am a long time loyal reader of this blog and a very, very long time loyal listener of NewstalkZB and often quote stuff in my comments that I have heard on NewstalkZB. My kids grew up with Paul Holmes, Leighton Smith and Larry Williams. My daughter who is now 27 often says if Leighton ever left there would be a big hole ? who would fill his shoes? Well Leighton will just have to turn up as usual with his Zimmer frame – he can?t leave. I awake every morning to the dulcet tones of Mike Hosking Breakfast (much nicer than a noisy buzzer). Larry is a regular voice late afternoon and Danny and Kerre are also heard at times. I am sure a lot of you fellow Whaleoilers also have NewstalkZB as your alarm clock and talking in the background in your homes.

Pam Corkery from ?The Two? (Tim is the other half) is now gone from NewstalkZB and I am not sad that Pam is gone ? ?The Two? never gelled with me. I very rarely listened to her and Tim and if I did it was for 10 minutes at a time in order to hear the news on the hour. I did hear Tim for a few minutes last night after hearing the 10:00pm news. He was a bit sad and no doubt he will miss Pam though I think it is for the better that Pam has gone. She tried to dominate Larry?s cauldron but ended up rambling on. Read more »

Has John Key Lost his Mojo?

John Key heads off to conference this weekend under pressure. The Fonterra scandal took the media?s eye off how shifty and uncomfortable he looked over Andrea Vance having her comms passed on to an enquiry. Instead of acting decisively Key buggered around and didn?t do any blood-letting, meaning there is going to be a lot more scandal to come.

The Fonterra scandal is just another screw up under Nathan Guy?s watch. The meat labelling issue was bad enough, and to have another scandal following on so closely looks like a minister needs to be sacked for not making the grade, and before the public start turning on Key for propping up such a useless minister.

On Leighton Smith’s show this morning he was very wary when asked by Leighton Smith about the competence of his minister, and he would, he is the one who promoted him ahead of other more capable people.

No one in touch with politics would be surprised that Nathan has been a disaster, he has been captured by his offices because his bovine intelligence means he can’t see when he is being led up the garden path, and certainly can’t make good decisions. He has also been caught out lying to promote socialism on this blog before. ? Read more »

Is politics a guilty addiction?

English: Hunter S. Thompson, Miami Book Fair I...

Hunter S. Thompson, Miami Book Fair International, 1988 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I don’t know about you but I am addicted to politics, news and current affairs. I’m certainly not guilty about it but it is an addiction nonetheless.

For me politics and current affairs is the best game in town. There aren’t many games that are constantly in play, have so many variables to them, change all the time, have almost no rules, and in the event you don’t like the current set of rules you can either ignore them or write your own ones.

It is fun, and I certainly enjoy myself, and I certainly don’t believe it should be taken at all seriously…except to be seriously good at it.

Maria Popova has dug up some awesome Hunter S. Thompson quotes that relate to this addiction to politics, news and current affairs.

Take this one on advocacy journalism. John Campbell is one of those who practices advocacy journalism, he is good at it, he even fooled Leighton Smith the other day with his conspiracy-fest on the GCSB. The left wing love John Campbell because he sings their tune, yet they turn on anyone else and sanctimoniously point the finger if they behave in this manner though.

There are a lot of ways to practice the art of journalism, and one of them is to use your art like a hammer to destroy the right people ? who are almost always your enemies, for one reason or another, and who usually deserve to be crippled, because they are wrong. This is a dangerous notion, and very few professional journalists will endorse it ? calling it ?vengeful? and ?primitive? and ?perverse? regardless of how often they might do the same thing themselves. ?That kind of stuff is opinion,? they say, ?and the reader is cheated if it?s not labelled as opinion.? Well, maybe so. Maybe Tom Paine cheated his readers and Mark Twain was a devious fraud with no morals at all who used journalism for his own foul ends. And maybe H. L. Mencken should have been locked up for trying to pass off his opinions on gullible readers and normal ?objective journalism.? Mencken understood that politics ? as used in journalism ? was the art of controlling his environment, and he made no apologies for it. In my case, using what politely might be called ?advocacy journalism,? I?ve used reporting as a weapon to affect political situations that bear down on my environment. ? Read more »

Throng on 3rd Degree

Regan Cunliffe at Throng takes a look at 3rd Degree’s little PR piece on behalf of David Bain last night.

The ratings gave TV3 a win in the timeslot and many praised Melanie Reid?s journalism in uncovering such an apparently monumental piece of evidence. ?I?m not convinced, however, that there was much journalism going on at all.

While there were those who viewed the story as some brilliant investigative reporting there are others who believe it was little more than a well orchestrated publicity stunt by a group of people seeking a payday. ? Read more »

Not one cent, “new evidence” proves nothing

I see David Bain’s supporters and tame media flunkies reckon some allegedly greasy marks on Robin Bain’s hands “prove” Robin Bain pulled the trigger. What was amazing was the coordinated way that David Fisher managed to file a full story complete with photos from Joe Karam and a couple of quotes seconds after the show aired. The show airs at 8:30pm and his first article based on the show he didn’t watch went online at 9:30pm.


He then proceeded to mount as robust a defence as he has for the fat german man. All of that is astonishingly perceptive for a man who just watched a show and managed miraculously to get his first story out just seconds after the show finished and then managed to write?multiple?articles before the print deadline last night. Wow…just awesome.

I listened to Joe Karam on Leighton Smith’s show this morning and found myself yelling at the radio. The man is disingenuous…he talks about the marks as though they are proof Robin Bain pulled the trigger. He glosses over the magazine that miraculously was standing on its end right beside Robin Bain’s cold dead hand. So…did Robin place the magazine on the ground there…on carpet…then stand up and shoot himself so when he landed his hand would come to rest right beside the magazine? Come on think about it…If the magazine was dropped it is impossible for it to land and remain standing on its side…and the chances Robin Bain placed it there and then shot himself so he landed conveniently next to it are ridiculously small. ? Read more »