Lesley Soper

Is Clare Curran trying to save her bacon by sucking up for telco donations?


The word from my Labour sources is that they want rid of Clare Curran.

Everyone in Dunedin has known this for some time and David Cunliffe has made significant promises to Lesley Soper who worked hard for his election as leader.

It seems though that she is trying to curry favour by becoming Labour’s Minister of Donations.

It is astonishing how Labour will do anything to deflect the story away from the truth around Chorus and essentially run the corporate lines on behalf of their telco mates, and Matthew Hooton’s Corporate Wrecking Crew.? ? Read more »

Who are Labour’s up and coming candidates?

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Want to know who Labour’s up and coming candidates are?

No problem just ask the Whale.

The Labour candidate’s college is being held at the Hutt Theatre in Epuni.

Here is the list of attendees…I’ve redacted their emails. Some seem to be a bit slow on paying and there is an interesting list of MPs and ex-MPs attending.

Labour-candidates1 Read more »

Labour’s crony appointments

Labour is making much of crony appointments at the moment. From the sounds of it they will be implementing the Hipkins Standard quite?forcefully?when they get back in power.

Truth has helpfully published a list of crony appointments made during their term as a point of reference:

Most are former staffers, advisers, union flunkies, spouses of senior regime members, former MPs and some who were to become MPs.
All were appointed under Clark?s watch.
-?Ross Armstrong,
-?Lesley Soper,
-?Simon Mitchell,
-?Louisa Wall,
-?Shane Jones,
-?Graham Hill,
-?Rosslyn Noonan,
-?Warren Lindberg, Read more »

Sorry Trevor I was wrong

I need to apologise to Trevor Mallard for yesterday’s post suggesting all manner of reasons for his new found affair with Invercargill.

I was totally off base.

The real reason for Trevor being appointed the caretaker labour rep for Invercargill and Southland is the resurrection of the Underpants Stealing Strategy.

1. Send Trevor to Invercargill

2. ???

3. Win Votes

Or perhaps Labour are just shafting Lesley Soper with the nearest blunt instrument they can find.

Whaleoil Redux 2011 – Q4 – October

October 2011 – 655 Posts

Darien Fenton followed up her SMOG with a denial that she called for a boycott.

Louisa Wall joined in Labour’s hate-fest on Sir Peter Leitch.

Twitter is a fantastic tool for politicians….to tell us all how much they are troughing it up at our expense.

I blog about how I feel sorry for Phil Goff. A man so inept he deserves only pity.

Labour continued to flout the law, and I continued to report them.

I learn a new rule from Andrew Sullivan. Do not meet your enemies:

I got to know long-time personal pi?atas and found that they were ? can you believe it? ? human beings, often perfectly nice human beings with perfectly nice families. Even worse, the first words out of their mouths were sometimes, ?I admire your work? ? and once an author hears that, his estimation of the person voicing this pleasing judgment immediately rises. (She thinks I?m good, therefore she must be good.) At that moment your inventory of ready-made-always-available-in-a-pinch targets would be diminished by one, and since the list is never really that long, the loss of one would be serious. Of course, it might be the case that the person you have learned to dislike in print is even more dislikable in the flesh (oh happy day!), but you can?t count on that and so it is better, all things considered, not to take any chances.

I took some time out before the election to shoot rabbits:

Lesley Soper joined in the Labour SMOG-fest.?Apparently Labour supported a policy for $15 Ho’s.

Phil Goff’s winning strategy for the election was….beating Sam Morgan of Trademe fame to 5000 followers on Twitter. John Key had 28,000 followers.

Comment of the day from?Blair:

My favourite Kiwiblog posts are when he just copies and pastes something from Whaleoil and then puts some one sentence comment underneath it like he wants to be a real blogger.? Kiwiblog is the Lion Red of blogs ? very popular, but bland and and poor quality.

Trevor Mallard, when given a choice between telling the truth or telling a lie always picks telling a lie.

Phil Goff suggests blacksmithing as the kind of jobs for the future of New Zealand. With the Greens gaining strength at the expense of Labour he may well be right.

I suggest a new slogan for Labour.

Labour bombed their website again, confusing Maryan Street with Clayton Cosgrove. A simple mistake I know, they are so similar in appearance, but proof yet again that Labour are unfit to govern.

Trevor Mallard tries to out nasty Darien Fenton on the nasty. Twitter is providing almost daily SMOG from Labour now.

Phil Goff is busted as a disaster tourist.

I compare Labour in 2011 and National in 2002. Pretty much the same result too.

I question the effectiveness of Peter Goodfellow with fundraising…it will be interesting to see the donation returns and expenses when they are filed.

On October 14 I publish details of a planned dirty tricks campaign but an as yet unknown group. I even publish the mock up of their attack and the fact they are seeking quotes. This story explodes into the media a few short weeks later.

I helpfully release Clare Curran’s and Labour’s ICT policy a day early. Clare wasn’t at all pleased.

Clare Curran continues to focus on the things that matter…her orgasm:

[blackbirdpie id=”125483491797381120″]

Labour candidate Christine Rose blames John Key for Pike River, the Christchurch Earthquake and for the Rena running aground.

Andrew Little does his leadership aspirations a bit of harm in attacking an Auckland City Councillor.

I blog about Labour’s future women…unfortunately none of them got elected because Labour promoted their harpies, harridans and nasties above the lookers.

Carmel Sepuloni proves she is the princess of nasty.?Phil Goff backs her up.

Trevor Mallard ups the ante on the nasty.

I repost my Rules of Politics.

I posted a video about Labour’s Hobbit

Phil Goff uses Twitter to continually connect with voters and tell them he cares about the things that matter…like his new red socks.

The Listener did an article about anti-depressants which I featured in.

We are still waiting for Mallard’s untold story about Rena? The man really is an inveterate liar.

[blackbirdpie id=”127646442876706816″]

Phil Goff still keeps voter up with the play at his hobby farm via Twitter. He even tells us he has bought a new puppy but is unsure as to the breed.

Labour and their proxies ran a nasty, dirty smear campaign in Epsom. They tried to get the media to run a particularly nasty smear but none did. Eventually I suspect that the details about the smear will get an airing and then David Parker won’t be looking so smug.

Labour and Daljit Singh continue to have a nice cosy relationship. I wonder when Daljit Singh’s court case hits the courts again?

Labour released their first campaign video and it was parodied immediately:

If it wasn’t bad enough that Darien Fenton had attacked Sir Peter Leitch then David Cunliffe goes and attacks Sir Peter Jackson, cementing Labour as the nasty party and hobbit haters.

The Faces of Labour

Labour’s cheap hooker policy?

The Standard were trying with a some photoshops to be funny, and posted this photo of Lesley Soper.

I’m not sure, but from here it looks like Labour?has?a policy for cheap hookers…$15 a ho…seems pretty reasonable to me from a prospective customer’s point of view but I’m not sure the ho’s will be keen on working for just above the minimum wage.

Bonus though, Eric Roy doesn’t have a gay ute like Craig Foss.

$15 for ho's - Labour's new policy


Blessed with choice

Labour face a real problem. When Darren Hughes finally accepts that his position is untenable and not even Helen Clark can save him, they have to pick a new List MP from?the?following in this order:

38 Judith Tizard – Anti-MMP campaigners wet dream

39 Mark Burton – a man so useless even Helen Clark fired him and no one in Taupo could stomach him in local body politics either.

40 Mahara Okeroa – Who?

41 Martin Gallagher – Beaten by Tim MacIndoe…need I say more

42 Dave Hereora – Union thug

43 Louisa Wall – Unlikeable Maori dyke, not even the Rainbow Labour faction likes her

44 Lesley Soper – The sole remaining pro-life campaigner in the Labour party and long haired hippy

45 Clare Curran

46 Grant Robertson

47 Chris Hipkins

48 Iain Lees-Galloway

49 Brendon Burns

50 Hamish McCracken – perennial loser, couldn’t win a raffle at a bowling club

So if they have a deal with Judith Tizard for her NOT to come back to?parliament, the price has just gone up. If she sticks with their deal then Labour have six more even worse options if that were at all possible.