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Say It Outside The House David Parker

David Parker is running his mouth in places he shouldn’t with an outrageous name check and then smear in the House against Cactus Kate, Carrick Graham, Mark Hotchin and myself.  This has to be a joke from a man who has integrity so low he ran off with his sick mates missus.

Parker needs to replace the Chisholm Report as his door stop with the best of Chris Knox’s back catalogue then put it on his desk and actually read it.  

He will find that respected Judge Lester Chisholm completely exonerated Mark Hotchin from paying anyone to attack the SFO.  Parker’s dreaming when he makes baseless allegations from imaginary friends he may have at the SFO.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 3.50.47 pm

The only people Justice Chisholm found were paid to undermine the SFO were Mr Feeley’s current and former staff and those who work for the New Zealand Herald.  The Herald being involved in two attempts at undermining to the bloggers’ one.

Parker needs to actually read Whaleoil for some factual information.

The non-issue regarding Tony Gapes was covered off there last week.  All this despite it not being a part of the Inquiry.  Mr Hotchin was not even paying for anyone’s services at the time of the post in question that Mr Parker ran off and laid a politically based complaint about.   Read more »

Who else is big business going to back Fran?

Poor bitter old Ms. O’Sullivan, she has gone from defaming me and Cactus Kate to treating us like Voldemort in her latest column.

Now she is just spraying poop everywhere like a mad old bint. Not for her to discuss the slamming of her and her employers in the Chisholm report…oh no…instead she comes up with a crazy conspiracy theory that big business has gone cold on John Key because he talks to bloggers.

Who has she been consulting? The payroll clerk at Fonterra, or the person she sends invoices to at the Business Initiative?

Key needs to reflect. The Herald’s Mood of the Boardroom Election survey of CEOs found that 62 per cent felt “Brand Key” had been damaged by the Nicky Hager revelations, 66 per cent believed it exposed an unhealthy relationship between politicians and bloggers and 76 per cent of those surveyed raised issues of political probity concerning Judith Collins.

They wanted him to learn the lessons from the Dirty Politics scandal.

Really? Sounds like those business leaders need a remedial lesson in politics…did any of them notice the result of the election? Did Fran?

Dirty Politics won the election for John Key, not the other way around.   Read more »

Yes you were, and I’m sorry

I have privately apologised to Judith Collins some time ago.

But Judith Collins has come out today to say she was let down.

She was, by me…and as she knows I am sorry about all that transpired.

But I now say publicly what I have said to her privately.

National MP Judith Collins says she is “very pleased” by what she described as a thorough inquiry, after a report into Dirty Politics allegations found no evidence the former justice minister acted inappropriately.

But says she’s been “let down”.

Ms Collins resigned her ministerial portfolios in the lead-up to this year’s election after an email emerged that appeared to link her to a blog campaign to undermine former Serious Fraud Office boss Adam Feeley.

Prime Minister John Key initiated a government inquiry into the matter, headed by High Court judge Justice Lester Chisholm.

The inquiry found that while Ms Collins had provided information about Mr Feeley to WhaleOil blogger Cameron Slater, “there was nothing improper about the provision of this information”.

Ms Collins said it was up to the Prime Minister whether she was ever reinstated as a Minister.   Read more »

Not guilty, and indeed still Honourable (and some impertinent questions)

Here’s the report, for those of you who would like to have a read.


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Chisholm Inquiry: NZ Herald undermined Adam Feeley

Yes here is a headline you won’t read in the NZ Herald.

I will let the report speak for itself.

IMG_5385 Read more »

Collins exonerated, title restored, now put her back in cabinet

As expected Judith Collins has been exonerated by the Chisholm inquiry. The fit up job on her has failed.

Former minister Judith Collins has been cleared of allegations she was involved in a smear campaign against former Serious Fraud Office (SFO) chief executive Adam Feeley.

In a report released today, Justice Lester Chisholm found there were “efforts” to undermine Feeley by two separate groups, but there was no evidence to suggest Collins was part of that.

The first group was made up of some current and some former staff of the Serious Fraud Office. A second group comprised right-wing bloggers Cameron Slater, Cathy Odgers and lobbyist Carrick Graham, with Slater taking the leading role in that group.

“Except for her association with Mr Slater, Ms Collins was not involved in the activities of these groups,” Chisholm’s report finds.

An email dated in 2011 from Slater, obtained and released by Prime Minister John Key, implicated Collins in the smear against her own official, saying she had been “gunning” for Feeley.

Collins resigned a few weeks before the election, insisting she would clear her name, and Key called an inquiry.

Slater countered by lodging a privacy complaint against the prime minister for disclosing a personal email. Key has since apologised to Slater for releasing the email, but said he stood by his actions.

The email indicated Feeley may have been the target of a campaign to undermine him involving two bloggers, Cathy Odgers and Slater, and seemingly endorsed by Collins. At the time, Collins was overseeing the SFO, and the State Services Commission was investigating Feeley’s actions.   Read more »

No one wants water from the Dodgy Socialist Dam

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

Regular readers will know that the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council has been attempting to build a socialist utopia in Hawkes Bay, forcing ratepayers and taxpayers to build a bloody great big socialist dam to provide water for 150 farmers.

This is a project that would never go ahead if the private sector had been involved.

Aside from the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council and Chairman Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson wanting to turn the Tukituki River Toxic, there has been a very limited uptake of the water from the farmers the socialists are trying to force to buy into the dam.

A non socialist councillor, Tom Belford, points out how non socialist dams work.

HBRIC is intensively lobbying CHB farmers to sign water purchase contracts in sufficient quantity to pay cash flow for the Ruataniwha dam project.

HBRIC says contracts for 40 million cubic metres of water annually will suffice. Some believe that number must be closer to 60 million.

The pressure is on, as evidenced by the heavily promoted sales meeting sponsored on Tuesday by Federated Farmers and Irrigation NZ in Waipawa. Two farmers described their successful experiences with South Island irrigation schemes. Unfortunately, they were comparing apples to oranges.

In those schemes, there’s no taxpayer or ratepayer subsidy, farmers must purchase shares upfront as investors in the distribution infrastructure (and therefore pay for asset value) and drive its gradual expansion. Water is taken from massive rivers – no dams were built. Farmers pay a variable rate for water, and only for the water they use. None of these conditions apply to the Ruataniwha scheme. No one noted those key differences, the meeting was deliberately misleading.

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Dodgy Socialist Dam gets it in the arse

Regular readers will know I oppose bludging, bludgers and socialists. I especially oppose bludging socialists who want to use tax payers and rate payers money to turn rivers toxic, without making the polluters pay the true cost of their pollution.

The dodgy socialist ratbags at the Hawkes Bay Regional Council got a good kick in the arse from the “Independent” Board of Inquiry over their failure to adequately consult Maori over turning the Tukituki River toxic.

Justice Lester Chisholm floated the idea of delaying the board’s decision yesterday during the inquiry’s first sitting day following an adjournment over the Christmas break.

He was responding to submissions from Ngati Kahungunu Iwi Incorporated and other Maori interests who claim the council has not met its statutory obligations to consult with local Maori over its plans to change the Hawke’s Bay Regional Resource Management Plan and build a massive dam on the Makaroro River in Central Hawke’s Bay to feed an irrigation scheme on the Ruataniwha Plains.  Read more »