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Just because you are lesbian how does that give you a point of difference as a rapper?

A friend writes:


Just because you are lesbian how does that give you a point of difference at a rapper?

That is one thing about homosexuality that pisses me off.

If they want to be like everyone else & treated equally then don’t use your sexuality as a point of difference.

And it isn’t just lesbians, gay guys do it too.

There is a fairly large segment of homosexual people who I actually think choose to be gay/lesbian so they can have more to be me me me about. Not necessarily because that is their natural sexual orientation.

I don’t get dykes that have to be so overtly butch and gay guys that do the opposite.

If you are homosexual wouldn’t you just be like anyone else & be yourself.

Before you go thinking she might be a gay hating red-neck, her mother is gay.?My correspondent was commenting on an article about lesbian hip-hop.

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Soldiers marching with Pride

NZ Defence Force staff will march in the Auckland Gay pride parade :

Members of the Defence Force will march in uniform in the Auckland Pride Parade next month.

The Defence Force’s Overwatch group – a peer support network for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender members – has signed up for the parade.

Event organiser Jonathan Smith said: “I’m sure they’re going to be the crowd favourite.”

Smith said participation from the Overwatch group is a milestone for acceptance of sexual orientation.? Read more »

How is your Gaydar?


Apparently our gaydar is more accurate for lesbians than gays.

College students in the US find it easier to tell whether a woman is gay or straight from a glance at her face, than they do determining the sexuality of a man from a quick look, researchers have found.

But for both genders, the report said the students’ “gaydar” was right more times than it was wrong based on a viewing of just 50 milliseconds – about a third the time of an eyeblink – for each face.

In the study, 129 college students viewed 96 photos of young adult men and women who identified themselves as gay or straight. Photos were only used of people without facial hair, glasses, makeup or piercings to reduce the risk they might provide easy clues. The pictures were cropped so hairstyles could not be seen.

For women’s faces, participants were 65 per cent accurate in telling the difference between gay and straight faces when the photos flashed on a computer screen. Even when the faces were flipped upside down, participants were 61 per cent accurate in telling the two apart.

They were 57 per cent accurate in picking the gay men, dropping to 53 per cent when the men’s faces appeared upside down.

The difference in accuracy for men’s and women’s faces was driven by more false alarm errors with men’s faces – that is, a higher rate of mistaking straight men’s faces as gay.

Dissent of the Day

A reader writes:

You may be interested to read [this article], which?pretty well states why I think the gay marriage debate to be a waste
of time.

The article makes some interesting points:

Nothing in the gay-marriage debate adds up. Nothing. For example, gay-marriage rights are presented as a radical rallying cry on a par with the struggles for women?s suffrage or black civil rights, and yet they?re enthusiastically backed by such superbly un-radical institutions as?The Times, Goldman Sachs and David Cameron. Politicians say they must do ?the right thing? on gay marriage, just as earlier politicians eventually did the right thing on giving women the vote, neglecting to mention that there has been absolutely no sustained public agitation, no leaping in front of the Queen?s horse, for the right of gays to get hitched. Self-selected gay spokespeople present this effort as the logical conclusion to their 60-odd years of campaigning for equality, overlooking the fact that a great many gay activists once saw marriage and the family as problems, and demanded recognition of their right to liveoutside?of those institutions.

He may have a slight point there that there is no huge public outcry…but so what.

Well because apparently the support for marriage equality is elitist:

The reason the gay-marriage issue can feel like it came from nowhere, and is now everywhere, is because it is an entirely top-down, elite-driven thing. The true driving force behind it is not any real or publicly manifested hunger amongst homosexual couples to get wed, far less a broader public appetite for the reform of the institution of marriage; rather it is the need of the political and media class for an issue through which to signify its values and advertise its superiority. Gay marriage is not a real issue – it is a cultural signifier, like wearing a pink ribbon to show you care about breast cancer.

One of the most striking things about gay marriage is the disparity between mass feeling for the issue (which is best described as weak to non-existent) and elite passion for it (which is intense). All sorts of elite institutions, from political parties to massive corporations, are lining up to back the gay-marriage ?cause?, clearly having sensed that it is the issue through which their kind can now make a display of their sanctity.

Ok so we now oppose equality because elites are pushing for it…riiiight.