Compare and Contrast: Dick Hubbard then and now

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Back in 2004, Auckland Mayor Dick Hubbard outraged the LGBT community:

The gay community has won a historic victory in achieving legal recognition for same-sex partnerships, but has been stung by a last-minute push against civil unions by Auckland City’s mayor.

The same day that Parliament voted 65-55 to pass the legislation, Mayor Dick Hubbard sparked outrage as details were revealed of a letter he had signed urging MPs to oppose the bill on the basis that the children of gay couples were more likely to be victims of abuse and murder.

Auckland gay community representatives say they feel betrayed after Mr Hubbard campaigned in front of the Gay Auckland Business Association, saying he stood for diversity and tolerance.

While campaigning, he quoted American Professor Richard Florida’s creativity index that gay and immigrant populations boosted a city’s prosperity. ? Read more »

Whaleoil and Gay Express articles lead to review of Sonny Bill William’s BMW sponsorship

Whaleoil covered Sonny Bill William’s friendship with an extremist Muslim hate preacher in the following articles.

Time to change cars?Sonny Bill Williams appointed BMW brand ambassador?-?October 26th 2016?

BMW?s SBW PR disaster spreads?-?November 17 2016

Advice from Sonny Bill Williams ? choose your friends wisely?- January 1st 2017

Online magazine Gay Express also covered the story.?BMW?S LATEST AMBASSADOR LINKED TO ANTI-LGBT+ FIGURES?

Sonny Bill Williams’ friendship with a radical preacher has drawn complaints from community groups and forced his sponsor to respond…

BMW is “re-looking” at its ambassador deal with Sonny Bill Williams after complaints about the rugby star’s association with controversial Muslim clerics.

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Jeremy Corbyn is getting shivved by the pink pinkos now

British Labour party leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn poses for pictures with a tie that he was given by a charity worker as he arrives to address a public rally in Glasgow, Scotland, on August 14, 2015. Voting began Friday to elect the new leader of Britain's main opposition Labour party, with Jeremy Corbyn, a veteran socialist who would move the party significantly to the left, favourite to win. AFP PHOTO / LESLEY MARTIN (Photo credit should read LESLEY MARTIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Jeremy Corbyn has defended his past [paid] appearances on Press TV, the Iranian state broadcaster?s English language channel, despite concerns from his supporters over that country?s treatment of LGBT people.

The Labour leader said people were ?free to make the criticism they wish? but insisted he had been able to ?raise a number of human rights issues? on the channel.

Corbyn was paid up to ?20,000 in total for several appearances on Press TV between 2009 and 2012, according to analysis of his register of interests by Business Insider. In 2011 three Iranian men were executed for homosexuality.

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Man! I feel like a woman. And I have to pee…

In the US, if there is a queue for the bathroom, just ?identify? as the other gender and go in theirs instead.

The Obama administration told U.S. public schools on Friday that transgender students must be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice, upsetting Republicans and raising the likelihood of fights over federal funding and legal authority.

Conservatives pushed back against the administration’s non-binding guidance to schools, the latest battleground in the issue of rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said the guidance “must be challenged.”

“If President Obama thinks he can bully Texas schools into allowing men to have open access to girls in bathrooms, he better prepare for yet another legal fight,” Paxton, a Tea Party champion, said in a statement. ?? Read more »


Family First caught distorting facts

Gay marriage

Pat Brittenden has a long post busting the mis-truths of Family First and Bob McCoskrie they are spreading about gay marriage.

It was too hard to edit so I called Pat and asked if I could re-publish it.

by Pat Brittenden

I read with interest an article on last week about Living Springs, a Christian venue in Christchurch, that has changed its position on allowing LGBTI couples to get married there. From the tenor of the article it seemed that the venue had come to this policy change in a sensible, rationale and logical way. The director, Denis Aldridge, was quoted saying, ?we?ve been on a journey with this one, and we?ve got there? It took a while.?

Part of the journey involves a recent Human Rights Commission complaint?against Living Springs after a lesbian couple were refused their request to hire the venue for their wedding. According to the article, Living Springs did not feel coerced by the Human Rights Commission to change their policy. In fact Elizabeth Wiltshire, one half of the couple who made the Human Rights Commission complaint, rang to speak to Aldridge after the change in policy. Wiltshire indicated that Aldridge seemed to be perfectly happy with the outcome.

?It was good, actually. I felt it was genuine. It wasn?t ?Oh, we?ve had this unlawful policy and now you?re making us change it,? [he was] very thankful,? she said, ?It gave them a mandate to push for?change.?

Fast forward one week and lobby group Family First distributes a press release headed ?Function Centre Pressured to Allow Same-Sex Weddings.? The Press Release uses Living Springs as a reason to push the narrative that ?Faith-based function centres? are being held hostage and forced into holding LGBTI marriages when they don?t feel they should have to. Family First also continues to make allegations?that some in government said this would never happen which is factually incorrect as the opposite was clearly signalled at the time.

?If a church currently hires out their hall for money, they can?t discriminate against any group who chooses to hire out that hall.??Louisa Wall, Q&A.March 2013

I saw Family First?s Press Release on Facebook and it didn?t ring accurate to me after having read the stuff article. The change in Living Springs? policy seemed more pragmatic than pressured. The conversation on the Facebook post ebbed and flowed between Living Springs and general negative comments about marriage equality. However anytime a contributor suggested the headline of the Press Release may be incorrect Family First director Bob McCoskrie pushed back with the idea that Living Springs ?were certainly placed under pressure.?

This really didn?t add up to me, so I phoned Living Springs Director Denis Aldridge myself and requested a formal interview to use for elephantTV. It turns out Aldridge?s story is fascinating.

As a Pastor he was at the forefront of protests in Balclutha in 1986 opposing the Homosexual Law Reform Act. Since then he has been on what he describes as a ?journey of thirty years?, where various people came into his life at different stages and challenged his perspective on what it means to be gay. Today Aldridge is an supporter?for marriage equality. To have shifted from being someone who led the march against homosexual law reform to someone who is now ?pro? marriage equality is simply remarkable.

I wanted to clear up the most important claim by Family First that Living Springs was ?pressured? into changing their policy. Aldridge?s response was simple.

?It?s totally wrong and that didn?t come from us, that was the narrative that the guy that rung me wanted and I refuted it? he said. ?The reality was [Living Springs] didn?t feel strongly that way, we?d actually come as an organisation [to the place where] we were seeing it, we believe, on a higher level and the higher level was ?what would Jesus do???

Aldridge also made it clear that if they were to take what many Christians believe to be a ?biblical interpretation? on marriage and reject marriage equality, then ?we have to take a biblical line on re-marriage and divorced people? as well, given that the bible specifically denounces those forms of marriage.

Family First contacted Aldridge looking for comment on their change in policy prior to writing the press release and Aldridge wanted to make clear that he told Bob McCoskrie that they did not ?feel coerced [into making the decision to change policy].?

?It?s actually that we have decided it?s the right thing to do? Aldridge said.

Aldridge feels as if Family First has purposely ignored their position.

?They obviously have an agenda, there?s a certain narrative that they wanted to hear and they?ve printed that narrative,? he stated.

Aldridge said they ?weren?t pressured into [holding Same Sex marriages]? and they ?don?t see it as capitulation.? The issue of Same Sex couples using the venue was already being spoken about at Living Springs, ?we?d already had this conversation and that was the words I felt Bob [McCoskrie] was trying to put into my mouth that we were bullied into it, we answered that [we were not] but he?s gone ahead with that story anyways.?

Aldridge finished the interview with a challenge to us all, ?I felt really proud of [Living Springs] in the end that we had, I suppose, the humility to say ?well we haven?t always been right in this thing.??

To clear up one issue with this whole thing. The law is clear, and it hasn?t changed since?Same-Sex marriages were legalised. There is no ambiguity. If you hire a venue to the general public then you must abide by the Human Rights Act of 1993. This doesn?t allow discrimination in twelve main areas, one of which is ?sexual orientation?. If you hire your venue to the general public for marriages, now that LGBTI couples can marry, then you cannot withhold the venue from them because of their sexual orientation. Prior to marriage equality, if your venue made itself available to the general public and that same LGBTI couple wanted to use it for a birthday party, or a baby dedication, or any kind of celebration that you?d hire it to any heterosexual person for, you also couldn?t refuse them because of their sexual orientation. There is no difference in the law.

I gave Family First the opportunity to retract or correct their statement about Living Springs?informing them of the interview I had conducted and the information that came from that interview. They have refused to do so. It is now unequivocally clear that Living Springs were not ?pressured? or ?bullied? or ?forced? into making this policy change. They chose to, and were happy to change.

The full unedited interview with Denis Aldridge is below.

A letter from an Arab to a Jew that you must read

The people who help change the world are often the last people we would expect. They are the ones who have views that run counter to the views of people from their own ‘culture’. They are people who look beyond what they have been taught by others and who see reasons for doing things differently. This open letter from Arab Fred Maroun to Jews who support BDS is a great example of this. Both he and the Jews he is writing too are examples of people who run a counter current to their own communities. Both have the potential to create change. I will let you decide which side has the most harmful ?beliefs and aims.


Fred Maroun

Fred Maroun is a Canadian of Arab origin who lived in Lebanon until 1984, including during 10 years of civil war. Fred supports Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, and he supports a liberal and democratic Middle East where all religions and nationalities, including Palestinians, can co-exist in peace with each other and with Israel, and where human rights are respected. Fred is an atheist, a social liberal, and an advocate of equal rights for LGBT people everywhere

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You are Jewish, probably young and probably American, but you may be European or even Israeli, and you may not be so young any more. You have embraced the Arab battle against Zionism and you support the BDS movement, which as I demonstrated previously, aims for a single binational state in place of Israel and the Palestinian territories, and aims for the ?return? of millions of Palestinian refugees who would make Israel overnight an Arab state.
Your position interests me because I am the same as you and yet I am your opposite. I am the same as you in that I am in the countercurrent of my own community, but I am the opposite of you in my ethnicity and in my allegiances in the Israel-Arab conflict. I am an Arab who supports Jewish nationalism.

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Islamic Intolerance in Indonesia causes fear in LGBT community

Indonesia’s last mass conversion to Islam occurred during the fall of the Communist Party in 1965. In the late 1960s there were many brutal murders of Communist Party members. The propaganda was that communists were atheists and atheists were communists. In order to keep themselves safe many Indonesians (especially the Javanese who adhered to local ?religions) declared themselves Muslim so they wouldn’t be mistaken for communists. ?This mass conversion expanded Indonesia’s Muslim population to 86%. Now, 50 years later, the?percentages are even more in Islam’s favour and intolerance is escalating.

Indonesia is constitutionally a secular state…with Islam being the dominant religion in the country. Indonesia also has a larger Muslim population than any other country in the world, with approximately 202.9 million identifying themselves as Muslim (87.2% of Indonesia’s total population in 2011).[1].


A few short weeks in Indonesia has seen a former communications minister make a call for the public to kill any gay people they find … BBC Indonesian’s Rebecca Henschke and Ging Ginanjar went to find out about the insecurity of life on the receiving end of such threats and hostility.

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Just exactly how many trans and queer prisoners are there?

JC and the Po-po

JC and the Po-po

The luvvies are upset and protesting again…this time about the alleged treatment of queer and trans prisoners in our prison system.

There’s been a protest at the Auckland Pride Parade and poignant moments also, including Police Minister Judith Collins walking alongside uniformed off-duty police officers in the parade.

Tens of thousands of people turned out to watch the parade on Ponsonby Rd this evening in a vibrant celebration of diversity.

Fran Wilde, the politician who pushed through homosexual law reform in New Zealand 30 years ago, was the parade grand marshal.

Off-duty police officers marched in the parade in uniform for the first time last year and did so again this year.

But participants posted photographs of on-duty police dealing with a protest that halted the parade. ? Read more »

These are the people that the left wing don’t want us to fight


The?left wing, normally bastions of human rights, tell us that we should leave Daesh alone, that we shouldn’t interfere in Syria, or Iraq.

While the same people hurl abuse at Israel for supposed human rights abuses, they remain silent on atrocities like this.

BEFORE a crowd of men on a street in the Syrian city of Palmyra, the masked Islamic State group judge read out the sentence against the two men convicted of homosexuality: They would be thrown to their deaths from the roof of the nearby Wael Hotel.

He asked one of the men if he was satisfied with the sentence. Death, the judge told him, would help cleanse him of his sin.

?I?d prefer it if you shoot me in the head,? 32-year-old Hawas Mallah replied helplessly. The second man, 21-year-old Mohammed Salameh, pleaded for a chance to repent, promising never to have sex with a man again, according to a witness among the onlookers that sunny July morning who gave The Associated Press a rare first-hand account.

?Take them and throw them off,? the judge ordered. Other masked extremists tied the men?s hands behind their backs and blindfolded them. They led them to the roof of the four-storey hotel, according to the witness, who spoke in the Turkish city of Reyhanli on condition he be identified only by his first name, Omar, for fear of reprisals.

Notorious for their gruesome methods of killing, the Islamic State group reserves one of its most brutal for suspected homosexuals. Videos it has released show masked militants dangling men over the precipices of buildings by their legs to drop them headfirst or tossing them over the edge. At least 36 men in Syria and Iraq have been killed by IS militants on charges of sodomy, according to the New York-based OutRight Action International, though its Middle East and North Africa co-ordinator, Hossein Alizadeh, said it was not possible to confirm the sexual orientation of the victims.

The fear of a horrific death among gay men under Islamic State rule is further compounded by their isolation in a deeply conservative society that largely shuns them.

[…] ? Read more »


LGBT March in Sweden going ahead without left Wing support

Stockholm Pride Festival

Stockholm Pride Festival

I have never understood Left Wing and Liberal support of Islam. They tend to be strongly against religion particularly Christians yet have this incomprehensible soft spot for Islam.

Left Wingers have an important part in our society. They have historically stood up for minority groups, women’s rights and human rights. They believe not only in equality but sometimes go so far as to attempt to give one group more rights than others in an attempt to address what they see as an imbalance. So called positive discrimination is one of their buzz words for example.

I am right wing but I appreciate the need for balance in a society.

In Sweden as has been written about before the Left Wing are now at a cross roads. They have been forced to choose between the LGBT ?community and the Islamic community. They have chosen Islam. This is shocking. It is a total betrayal of all that they stand for. The very people that historically they have protected they are now throwing to the wolves.

This is a historic moment. The wilful blindness to all that Islam stands for is?incomprehensible. Once Sweden becomes an Islamic caliphate all the groups that the Left wing have traditionally represented will be thrown under the bus. They will have helped Islam achieve the Nanny State that they have always dreamed of but it will be a Nanny State under Sharia law.

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