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“You do not hug non-Muslims! That is disgusting”

You would think that ex-Muslims would be welcomed by liberals and the Left-wing as they embrace atheism, gay rights, freedom of thought and expression, human rights and equality of the sexes. Unfortunately, the reality is not always so pleasant as Yasmine explains. I think she will find that she is hanging out with the wrong political crowd and that many of the true supporters of classic liberal values these days are conservative libertarians such as myself. So-called Liberals simply aren’t that liberal anymore as they blindly support people who follow an ideology that rejects classic liberal values.

If you prick us, do we not bleed?

In the Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare wrote those words for a Jew to say, but today, those words will come from the mouth of an ex-Muslim.

I normally try to stay positive and veer far away from the victimhood narrative, as I was raised to think of myself as a victim when I was a Muslim. I was taught that the big, bad non-believers all hated us and wanted us dead and don’t care about us and that we should hate them back, we should never trust them, and indeed, that we should kill them.

But growing up in Canada, I saw no evidence of that. My teachers weren’t Muslim, but they were kind and loving.

“Did you hug your teacher?” My mother spat out one day, when she was picking me up from school.

“Ya, I love Mrs. Roth!”

“You do not hug non-Muslims! That is disgusting.”

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The enemy of Islamic propaganda is information

Narrated by an ex Muslim, this video from Liberal Eric Allan Bell’s facebook page explains everything you need to know about the Political Ideology of Islam. Eric Allan Bell used to think that Islam was just another religion until he started researching it for a documentary. What he learned changed him dramatically and he realised that in order to be true to his Liberal beliefs he had to spread the word about Islam like Napalm because educating others about Islam is about protecting Human Rights. It is NOT about hating Muslims. The biggest victims of Islam are other Muslims.

ACTION ITEM: If you support human rights and are opposed to Islamic brutality and censorship, remember that we must all do our part. It’s one thing to complain, it’s quite another to take action. HERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO. Please post the material below on Islamic sites on Facebook, news sites and Progressive / Liberal sites. The enemy of Islamic propaganda is information. Spread it far and spread it wide. Spread it like Napalm

-Eric Allan Bell