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The Little Effect?

Regular readers will all know about the Moroney Effect…where National MPs increase their majority if Sue Moroney stands against them.

There is also the Little Effect as well…where a National MP increases their majority if Andrew Little stands against them.

It seems that the Little Effect is also catching….and is now affecting UK Labour.

With just one week until polling day, a major survey puts the Tories on 35 per cent of the vote, ahead of Labour on 30 per cent.

The Conservatives have taken a five-point lead over Labour with just one week until the general election, a poll has found.

A survey by Ipsos Mori for The Evening Standard puts David Cameron?s party on 35 per cent of the vote, ahead of Labour on 30 per cent. ? Read more »

Labour extinct inside 10 years?

Don’t get too excited, it is UK Labour we are talking about.

However the lessons there apply just as much to NZ Labour.

One of Ed Miliband’s advisors certainly thinks that Labour is an endangered beast.

The Labour Party could be extinct within a decade, one of Ed Miliband?s closest advisers has claimed.

Jon Cruddas, Labour?s policy co-ordinator, said the 115-year old party could simply ?disintegrate in real time?.

The remarks are particularly noteworthy, given Mr Cruddas? job description is often given as rebuilding the party in the wake of New Labour.

During a debate about digital democracy, he was asked whether Labour might to the same way as social democratic parties in Greece and Spain which have been outflanked by radical anti-austerity movements such as Syriza and Podemos.

Asked whether the Labour Party might “not exist” within ten years, Mr Cruddas, a reknowned free-thinker, replied: ?Yes, yes.?

?There is no safe ground for any orthodox parties and the stakes could be high potentially. They could just disintegrate in real time. And I include in that the party that I represent.”

May?s General Election could offer a breakthrough in Parliament to parties that were in the fringes five years ago: the Scottish National Party, the Greens and UKIP.

Combined they are likely to produce a hung Parliament. Mr Miliband?s hopes of uniting the left under the so-called 35 per cent strategy appear misplaced ? he frequently polls less than that.

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Is it time for recall legislation?

John Key thinks recall legislation is too hard. Frankly that is a cop out.

Recall legislation exists in many jurisdictions and it gives the people a decent chance to rid themselves of dud politicians.

If we had recall legislation, at the very least at a local body level then the power hungry despots like Len Brown and the ratbags at the?Hawkes Bay Regional Council could be tipped out.

Recall has been successfully used in the US, especially by the NRA in order to remove ratbags who support impinging on constitutional second amendment rights.

Though John Key thinks it is all too hard perhaps he should have a chat to his besty in the UK, David Cameron, who is bringing in recall legislation as we speak.

Voters look set to get the right to sack ?bad apple? MPs after Labour and the Liberal Democrats and said they would seek to strengthen current plans before Parliament.

The news is a boost for campaigners who are concerned that the current proposed legislation puts the right to call a ?Recall by-election? in the hands of MPs, not voters. ?? Read more »

The party of perverts, pimps and prostitutes

Honest politicians are few and far between, it is a pleasure to see what sort of mayhem, they can cause when they upset the old boys.

In Australia there the Sex Party and one of their people is set to become a senator and proposing the legalisation of cannabis. However they could have had more senators if their preference deal hadn’t gone wonky.

Mr Swan, co-founder of the short-lived but controversial magazine Matilda in the 1980s, said the results of the Sex Party nationally was harmed by a bungled preferencing agreement.

Mr Swan said Sex Party leader Fiona Patten would be a senator for Victoria now if it was not for a preferencing deal gone wrong with the Liberal Democrats.

As previously reported, the two parties have had a falling out after the Liberal Democrats failed to uphold its side of the bargain and lodge a group voting ticket in Victoria.? Read more »

Some good union members

It is not often we get to see stories about right thinking union members, so enjoy this.

It seems that union members don;t like bludgers much either.

There are some interesting findings in?Lord Ashcroft’s poll of Unite members. For instance, only seven per cent plan to vote for the do-gooder Liberal Democrats while 12 per cent plan to vote for the supposedly Thatcherite Ukip.

One thing is clear in the study though: the working people within Unite have had enough of being taxed to the hilt in order to pay for the bone-idle underclass that Labour created. A huge 86 per cent of Unite members agree that the Government is right to introduce a benefit cap on each household. ? Read more »

Did Cullen leave a similar one?

In the UK Labour has been embarrassed by a note left by the outgoing Treasury chief secretary Liam Byrne?gloating there was no money left. Michael Cullen may as well have penned his own note given the parlous state of the books when Labour left office here…instead National gave him a job and a knighthood.


The Coalition turned the screw on Labour over spending last night, releasing the infamous letter admitting there was ?no money? left at the 2010 election. ? Read more »

Under the Green Thumb

The Green Party is an insignificant force in UK politics, with only one MP in their bloated House of Commons. ?But the UK is still crushed under the Green Thumb, partly because of the bureaucratic loons of the EU,?and partly because their Government is a coalition of the wettest, weakest, trough-loving Tories in history and their minority partners, the creepy intern-molesting chardonnay-left Liberal Democrats.

And as a result, their economy is stuffed and old people are freezing to death because they can’t pay huge power bills while land-owning Dukes are trousering a fortune in wind-farm subsidies.

This is what the Global Warming scam and its apologists and profiteers have done, even with a Conservative government.

Hopefully, Kiwis are slowly waking up to the scandalous Green Taliban attack on the world and its people.

From The Independent, Monday, March 20, 2000, a story headlined: ?Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.?

It quoted Dr David Viner, head of the climate unit at the University of East Anglia, as saying that in future: ?Children just aren?t going to know what snow is.?

That would be the same Dr David Viner whose department was accused of suppressing the existence of evidence casting doubt on global warming.? Read more »

Politicians rooting? Never

The only reason a real scandal doesn?t break out more often is the media do more rooting than the politicians. They generally only break out when the politician ?has run one up the wrong person in the media, or their behaviour is just so appalling that even the appallingly behaved media rooters take exception.

Allegations about the Liberal Democrats? former chief executive Lord Rennard, first aired by Channel 4 News last week, are now shaking the party to its core. Nick Clegg has already had to concede that ?indirect and non-specific concerns? were made known to him five years ago, and now this newspaper has revealed an email exchange from 2010 in which five specific allegations about Lord Rennard were put to Jonny Oates, then the party?s director of electoral communications and now Nick Clegg?s chief of staff.

There?s no doubt that the Liberal Democrats are now taking very seriously claims that Lord Rennard behaved inappropriately towards women by propositioning and touching them. That?s some comfort, at least, to those who were the subject of his unwanted attentions. Because, as one woman told us anonymously on Friday, senior members of the party who witnessed Lord Rennard?s alleged sexual impropriety at the time did nothing but giggle and smirk.? Read more »

Maybe Shearer should get a mistress

It was worth 4% to Paddy Pantsdown:

Of course, there was one bad day with The Sun providing the devastating headline ‘Paddy Pantsdown’, but the story soon died. Ashdown’s ratings went up and the Liberal Democrats rose four per cent in the opinion polls. It had been a nightmare for Ashdown but it became a positive for the party.

Most politicians it would negatively impact them, but not in this case and it never has hurt other European leaders like Silvio Berlusconi or the various little French roosters like Sarkozy and Hollande.? Read more »

This applies to the Green Taliban

This article in the Telegraph accurate describes the green taliban, just substitute Liberal Democrat with Green party and you will get the gist:

One of the most important, though least recognised, functions of the modern Liberal Democrat party has been as a home for eccentrics and the harmless lunatic fringe. The importance of this should not be understated. The British have always tolerated, and sometimes celebrated, feckless and irresponsible men and women ? and they need a home in public life.? Read more »