Liberal Canadian Feminist visits Mosque and gets put in her place

When you think about it the Muslim community does really well because whether a Muslim is a shooter or the victim, liberals fall over themselves to show support for the local Muslim community every time there is a shooting, stabbing or a truck is run through a crowd. Given this kind of unquestioning support you would think that Wynne would be treated really well during the visit but instead, they treated her the way they treat Muslim women much to her shock.

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The Paradox of Diversity


Facts versus feelings: A case study



A progressive liberal who grew up in a conservative household allowed his curiosity to open him up to new ideas. Instead of sticking to liberal dogma he started reading and watching things that exposed him to another way of viewing what was happening in America.The fact-based arguments were changing his attitudes but they made him feel uncomfortable. He didn’t like viewing the world that way and thought that he had become an ” arsehole. ” He didn’t want to be an ” arsehole, ” so he put his rose tinted glasses back on so that he could feel like a good person.

He retreated to a world dominated by feelings. The only way he could live with his regression was to view the facts and the logical persuasive arguments in a negative light. Amazingly in his article about his 180 degree turnaround he chose to label the other side ” indoctrination” and “online radicalisation.”

He reminds me of someone I knew who was constantly used as a doormat by others. I told her what she had to do to protect herself but she wasn’t prepared to do it because she would feel like a bad person. It is amazing how much people will put up with and ignore in order to preserve their image of themselves as a good person.

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Is it okay to punish people who have done nothing wrong?

Is it okay to punish people who have nothing wrong?

Is it okay to reward people who have done nothing right?

-Penn Jillette

A Liberal explains how he became a Libertarian.


Whaleoil philosophy 101: cultural and moral relativism



Cultural and moral relativism made simple:

  • All cultural beliefs are equally valid.
  • No culture is superior to any other culture when comparing systems of morality, law or politics.
  • Truth itself is relative, depending on the cultural environment.
  • As long as we don’t “hurt” anyone, anything goes.
  • A rejection of the idea of universal right and wrong.
  • The idea of “absolute truth” and God is discarded.

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So what do these political words really mean?



This funny image about red heads got me thinking. How many other words do we use inaccurately? I have used words to describe political parties where I did not really understand the full meaning of the labels I was using.

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‘There is no more Molly’


American cartoonist Molly Norris remains in hiding four years after she suggested a ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad day ‘

Molly Norris is/was a Liberal cartoonist who has disappeared off the face of the earth after getting islamic death threats. The paper she worked for announced ‘There is no more Molly’ and that was that. No one knows if she is alive or dead or where she is. In her Liberal innocence she had no idea what she had unleashed upon herself when she suggested a Draw Muhammad day after becoming upset at the censorship of her favourite show South Park.

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Are Whaleoilers hard right wingers or is that a myth?

I took the the world’s smallest political quiz.?this week and to my?surprise?it told me that I am a Centrist who leans towards Libertarianism and the Conservative right. This is not at all the box that the Left Wing blogs would expect me to be in and I wonder if they are wrong about?Whaleoil’s?readership as well.

It seems to be a commonly held belief amongst the Chardonay sipping Socialists that our readers are all hard right wingers who care only about money and not at all about people.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 9.37.14 am

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For hijab to be a feminist statement, Islam has to be a feminist religion.

business woman in handcuffs

I was beginning to think that I was all alone as a conservative feminist who could see Islam for the misogynistic ideology that it is. Where oh where were all the Liberal feminist academic types to support me in my thinking? Yesterday I came across a Blog called?? The Economics of Curiosity ? on Tumblr. Finally, here was the voice of an academic Liberal Feminist who gets it, REALLY gets it.

For those of you who still think it is just a scarf and no big deal I invite you to read this post. Certainly a scarf seems so much better than a Burka. I put to you that a ball and chain on my ankle may be more restrictive and heavier than handcuffs on my wrists but the purpose is the same. The reason for putting them on me is exactly the same. Even if I ‘ choose ‘ to put on the handcuffs I am choosing to be restrained and if it is my religion that tells me I am worth more if I am restrained, is it really a feminist religion?

NOTE: I have made some grammatical changes to the post to make it easier to understand.

The Hijab Is Not a Feminist Statement. Get Over it.

Are you a young woman who wants to be famous and make quick money without doing much hard work?…

Do you want to be praised as an epitome of decency and divinity at the same time?

If so, then the popular rhetoric of glorifying hijab on social media is for you! You get a guaranteed job working as a spokesperson sporting victimhood for groups such as Islamist organizations like IERA or extremist ones like CAGE, plus, legendary media outlets like the Guardian will hunt you for your own exclusive video! …

All you need to do is wrap yourself in hijab, and fully divorce yourself from critical thinking and intellectual honesty…

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If you are a real liberal you must be Counter Jihad

Liberal Eric Allan Bell explains why as a Liberal he is part of the Counter Jihad movement. He explains that being Counter Jihad means being Pro Human rights. He also explains why many Liberals misunderstand his message.?When he says that he is against the Political ideology of Islam they hear that he is against Muslims when that is not the case at all. In fact to be a real Liberal he explains that you must be Counter Jihad.