Test: See if you can find six countries listed in this text, $1000 prize

This is the full text of President Donald Trump’s executive order.

See if you can find any mention of the words Muslim, Islam, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen in the text below.

A real $1,000 to anyone who can and prove it.


By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, including the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), 8 U.S.C. 1101 et seq., and section 301 of title 3, United States Code, and to protect the American people from terrorist attacks by foreign nationals admitted to the United States, it is hereby ordered as follows: ? Read more »


He won’t respond over UNSC 2334, but upset a few Muzzies and Muzza is all over the media

Murray McCully won’t respond to the hundreds, if not thousands of requests for an explanation over the back-stabbing of Israel.

But President Trump honours an election pledge, the media and luvvies scream blue murder and Murray McCully is responding in public on behalf of his Islami and terrorist mates.

Foreign Minister Murray McCully says US President Donald Trump’s ban on travellers from Muslim-majority countries is causing “considerable concern” but he has stopped short of directly criticising it.

The National-led Government and Prime Minister Bill English are being urged by Opposition parties, support partner United Future and the Human Rights Commission to follow other international leaders in condemning Trump’s policy.

In a statement this morning, McCully said: “It is clear that the immigration announcements out of the US are causing widespread confusion and considerable concern.” ? Read more »


Hillary Clinton’s email server has still more top secret emails on it


The email scandal engulfing Hillary Clinton took another turn for the worse yesterday with even more top secret emails being revealed.

Hillary Clinton continues to be plagued by the?email scandal that won’t die. Today the FBI reportedly managed to?recover a new set?of work-related emails from her private email account -?these dealing with Libya and Benghazi, reports Mediaite.

After Hillary’s repeated?insistence?that she has handed over every such email from her private account,?subsequent State Department?digital scans have detected a 925-page email chain from her private?server?that?was not originally turned over. They?appear to be exchanges with former general?David?Petraeus?during Clinton?s first few days as Secretary of State. Reports?indicate?that the messages?pertain?largely to personnel matters,?with no classified material having yet been identified. Read more »


Another bad day for another bad wog

Mokhtar Belmokhtar, who Libyan authorities say has been killed in a US air strike, has previously been reported dead on several occasions only to re-emerge. Photograph: HO/AFP/Getty Images

Mokhtar Belmokhtar, who Libyan authorities say has been killed in a US air strike, has previously been reported dead on several occasions only to re-emerge. Photograph: HO/AFP/Getty Images

They are dropping like flies, as the US nails jihadi?Mokhtar Belmokhtar…well they think they have.

Libya?s recognised government has claimed that the militant Mokhtar Belmokhtar, charged by the US with leading the deadly attack on a gas plant in Algeria in 2013, was killed in an American air strike over the weekend.

An official said Belmokhtar was was killed in a raid on the eastern city of Ajdabiya.

The US confirmed that he was the target of a strike, but could not confirm whether he was killed in the raid. There have been reports in the past that Belmokhtar had been killed, but these have never been independently confirmed. ? Read more »

Have you worked out we are in a war yet?


People think that ISIS isn’t a threat and neither is Islam.

It is over there, a long way away and out of sight is out of mind.

But you really need to open your bloody eyes.

Flouting their terror credentials, with Rome?s Colosseum as the backdrop, ISIS supporters have posted photos purporting to show they are already in Europe and counting down ?till the zero hour?.

The alarming images, published on Twitter, have emerged as Libyan intelligence claims that the Islamic State are exploiting the Mediterranean refugee emergency to send its fighters into the heart of Europe. ? Read more »

Is there anyone Obama will stand up for? Sadly no

Ben Shapiro calls out Obama and his pandering to Muslims.

Liberals think we aren’t in a war for our society, liberal politicians like Obama are the most dangerous.

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Does anyone yet realise that we are in a war?


The terrorist huggers don’t want us to fight ISIS…despite the fact they are fighting us now.

They want us to ignore the increasingly depraved actions of these terrorists because it is over there and not over here.

I wonder how those subjugated under Hitler would have got on if we had adopted those attitudes back then.

They are of course wrong…and we are actually in a war…and people are dying simply for believing in a different god.

A video purporting to show the mass beheading of Coptic Christian hostages was released by militants in Libya affiliated with the Islamic State. ?? Read more »


Matti Friedman on the Media?s Obsession with Israel

This speech by Matti Friedman, a journalist, explains much about the manipulation by media organisations against Israel.

It is being liberally published and has appeared at Honest Reporting and Quadrant Online.

I doubt it will get published in any mainstream media here, so I will.

Read it and understand how you are being manipulated, particularly over issues concerning Israel. It is quite long but very revealing.

One night several years ago, I came out of Bethlehem after a reporting assignment and?crossed through the Israeli military checkpoint between that city and its neighbor,?Jerusalem, where I live. With me were perhaps a dozen Palestinian men, mostly in their?thirties ? my age. No soldiers were visible at the entrance to the checkpoint, a?precaution against suicide bombers. We saw only steel and concrete. I followed the?other men through a metal detector into a stark corridor and followed instructions?barked from a loudspeaker ? Remove your belt! Lift up your shirt! The voice belonged to?a soldier watching us on a closed-circuit camera. Exiting the checkpoint, adjusting my?belt and clothing with the others, I felt like a being less than entirely human and?understood, not for the first time, how a feeling like that would provoke someone to?violence.

Consumers of news will recognize this scene as belonging to the Israeli occupation of the?West Bank, which keeps the 2.5 million Palestinians in that territory under military rule,?and has since 1967. The facts of this situation aren?t much in question. This should be an?issue of concern to Israelis, whose democracy, military, and society are corroded by the?inequality in the West Bank. This, too, isn?t much in question.

The question we must ask, as observers of the world, is why this conflict has come over?time to draw more attention than any other, and why it is presented as it is. How have?the doings in a country that constitutes 0.01 percent of the world?s surface become the?focus of angst, loathing, and condemnation more than any other? We must ask how?Israelis and Palestinians have become the stylized symbol of conflict, of strong and?weak, the parallel bars upon which the intellectual Olympians of the West perform their?tricks ? not Turks and Kurds, not Han Chinese and Tibetans, not British soldiers and?Iraqi Muslims, not Iraqi Muslims and Iraqi Christians, not Saudi sheikhs and Saudi?women, not Indians and Kashmiris, not drug cartel thugs and Mexican villagers.

Questioning why this is the case is in no way an attempt to evade or obscure reality, which is why I opened with the checkpoint leading from Bethlehem. On the contrary ? anyone seeking a full understanding of reality can?t avoid this question. My experiences as a journalist provide part of the answer, and also raise pressing questions that go beyond the practice of journalism.

I have been writing from and about Israel for most of the past 20 years, since I moved?there from Toronto at age 17. During the five and a half years I spent as part of the?international press corps as a reporter for the American news agency The Associated?Press, between 2006 and 2011, I gradually began to be aware of certain malfunctions in?the coverage of the Israel story ? recurring omissions, recurring inflations, decisions?made according to considerations that were not journalistic but political, all in the?context of a story staffed and reported more than any other international story on earth.?When I worked in the AP?s Jerusalem bureau, the Israel story was covered by more AP?news staff than China, or India, or all of the fifty-odd countries of sub-Saharan Africa?combined.

This is representative of the industry as a whole. ? ? ? Read more »

Is Wiremu Curtis a terrorist, fanatical dreamer or a genuine man of peace?



The full video is available here: TVNZ Ondemand

Recently TVNZ’s Sunday program screened an article on Wiremu Curtis a former Black Power member, also known as ‘Haroon’. Haroon who insisted he was going to the Middle East to get an ‘education’ was allegedly stopped at the airport by SIS agents, and according to Haroon allegedly shown papers that show he had in what he describes in?his own words “weapons of mass destructions.”

Now I’m going to be honest, I didn’t actually watch the program when it screened at the time, but after having my attention drawn to it from other sources prompted me to watch it and analyse it a little closer. Immediately things struck me as a bit odd, such as his comment that the SIS showed him papers proving he had?”weapons of mass destructions.” It is all well and good asserting these types of comments in the public domain, as the SIS will never publicly comment on operational matters. ? Read more »

Has Kim Dotcom ever watched Star Wars?

Kim Dotcom tweeted this yesterday, proof positive that he is from the dark side.

Of course Star Wars is heavy with Nazi references.

The?stormtroopers?from the movies share a name with the?Nazi?stormtroopers?(see also?Sturmabteilung). Imperial officers’ uniforms also resemble some historical German Army uniforms (see?Wehrmacht) and the political and security officers of the Empire resemble the black clad SS down to the imitation silver death’s head insignia on their officer’s caps. World War II terms were used for names in?Star Wars; examples include the planets Kessel (a term that refers to a group of?encircled forces), a Chancellor as the leader, and Hoth (Hermann Hoth?was a German general who served on the snow laden Eastern Front) and Tatooine (Tatouine – a province south of Tunis in Tunisia, roughly where Lucas filmed for the planet. Libya was a WWII arena of war). The?Great Jedi Purge?alludes to the events of?The Holocaust, the?Great Purge, the?Cultural Revolution, and the?Night of the Long Knives. In addition, Lucas himself has drawn parallels between Palpatine and his rise to power to historical dictators such as?Julius Caesar,?Napoleon Bonaparte?and?Adolf Hitler. The final medal awarding scene in?A New Hope, however, references Leni Riefenstahl’s?Triumph of the Will.

And Darth Vader’s helmet is a lot like the German WWII helmets.

No wonder Kim Dotcom likes to think that MEGA is the Death Star…it certainly fits with his so far unreleased song which talks of “World Domination, Nation by Nation” and his belief that the “World is His“.? Read more »