Now we know what Clayton is up to

“Creepy” Claytion Cosgrove has gone to ground in recent weeks. Last year he copped regular floggings from Crusher Collins in the House and over the Christmas break The Whale’s spies told him he was looking elsewhere for remuneration and thinking of stepping over “Patsy” Dalziel’s comatose body and standing for Mayor of Christchurch.

We have now however been leaked an email which shows his true role in life, that of lickspittle and dribble wiper to Mike Moore. Clearly amongst the other faculties that are gradually receding from the former short term prime minister are the faculties of typing. But then who needs a typist when you “Creepy” Clayton wiping up your dribble and licking the spit from your handkerchief to crawl and fawn for you.

Creepy Clayton Cosgrove sends emails for Mike Moore

Creepy Clayton Cosgrove sends emails for Mike Moore

Some Random Impertinent Questions for Winston Raymond Peters

Duncan Garner raises some valid questions;

1. Who set up the Spencer Trust?
2. Who donates to it?
3. What is the money spent on?
4. Does New Zealand First receive money from the Trust?
5. How much?
6. Why isn’t it declared? (Donations to parties over 10k must be declared)
7. What else does the Trust spend its money on?

Now that is a good start but all together far too polite. So in consultation with an Off-shore Trust specialist I now ask some more rather impertinent questions.

1. If Brian Henry QC’s public profile is limited to the large pro bono legal cases like the Wine Box Inquiry why did he get paid?

2. Didn’t the Wine Box Inquiry establish that the Cook Islands is a money laundering and tax haven?

3. Which lawyer and which politician knows more about the Winebox money laundering schemes? than anyone else?

4. How many visits to Samoa and the Cook Islands has the Foreign Minister been on?

5. Is the Spencer Trust actually an offshore trust?

6. Just where exactly did the Foreign Minister recuperate after his “spider bite”?

7. Which other prominent New Zealanders have also had donations solicited from them by Winston Raymond Peters?

8. Aren’t the Cook Islands listed on the FATF blacklist of “Non-Cooperative Countries or Territories”?

9. Which Pacific Island has criminal sanctions for breaches of secrecy?

10. Winston Peters rented a bach for a long period in which Pacific Island?

11. Brian Donnelly is High Commission to which Pacific Island?

12. Winston’s former girlfriend was from which Pacific Island?

13. The Minister from which Pacific Island followed Peters to an Antarctica junket, despite the temperature on that Island never dropping below tropical?

Spotted on Auckland Motorway

This was spotted on an Auckland Motorway by an observant reader. The website he is directing us to is

Global Warming is Bullshit

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C&R councillors cool on warming

C&R councillors cool on warmingA commitment to combat climate change has gone the same way as social housing and lost favour with the new Citizens & Ratepayers council.
City Vision leader Richard Northey says C&R leader David Hay has his head in the sand on…
[Auckland News]

Excellent, good stuff C&R. Put this socialist clap-trap to bed once and for all.

Global Warming, "Climate Change" and all the other bullshit names that the Chicken Little's come up with to make us quake in fear is nothing more than the biggest lie.

Al Gore, is nothing but proven liar, he won't even debate Viscount Monckton. The science is increasingly being proven to be anything other than what the Warmists claim is settled.

Ditch the policy. Good boys.?


Dear Walk the Walk

Letter to Walk the Walk | SOLO – Sense of Life Objectivists

Duncan Bayne at SOLO writes a letter to “Walk the Walk”
[quote] Hi,

I found your site through the Save The Happy Valley website, and I’m keen to participate in your walk, to stand up against capitalism and the damage it’s doing to our fragile ecosystem. I’ve never been to a walk like this, but I have been following the progress of our brothers and sisters in the Save The Happy Valley team. In light of this, I’ve a few questions as a Walk the Walk newbie.

First, what weapons should I bring? According to the Police Affidavit I’ve read, sniper rifles are the preferred weapon amongst Wellington peace activists, but I’m not really in touch with the latest fashions.

Secondly, how much ammunition will I need? Granted this is a peaceful walk, but there’s always the possibility of close-range contacts with special forces troopers, just like Tame Iti was training people for a few months ago. I was thinking several hundred rifle rounds and possibly a few grenades would cover it.

Lastly, I’m a bit concerned that all of this shooting might be producing greenhouse gases. Does anyone in your group know of a good source of organic, holistic, low-emission propellant? If not, can you suggest a company from which I can purchase carbon credits to offset the cost of normal ammunition?

Thanks for your time, & I look forwards to joining your peaceful march.

Duncan Bayne[/quote]

I wonder if he has had the courtesy of a reply yet?

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Climate Change – Is CO2 the cause?

The best slamming of AGW so far. From a scientist no less.

[quote]The first of four parts where Professor Bob Carter uses the scientific method on the popular theory with global warming being linked to CO2 levels. He examnines the hypothesis and it fails the test. Inconvenient Truth author Al Gore would find his presentation contradicted by this presentation? Will Kyoto`s greenhouse reduction goals be in vain?[/quote]

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Right then, would someone tell me if they still believe in Global Warming? How about CO2 is evil?

Gore Wrong again, GW not linked to typhoons

Global warming ‘not linked’ to typhoons – Telegraph

Al Gore, proven liar, has again been proven to be a liar.
[quote]Today, in the Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, a study of typhoons is published by Prof Johnny Chan, City University of Hong Kong.

A major conclusion of his study is that global warming apparently is not related to the frequency of intense typhoons.

Instead, such occurrences have a strong decadal variation caused by similar variations in the oceanographic and atmospheric conditions that govern the formation, intensification and movement of tropical cyclones.

Prof Chan said that there are key differences between the Pacific and the Atlantic. In the latter, sea-surface temperature is generally close to a threshold of 27 degrees, beyond which more tropical cyclones are more likely to form, he said.

Although some have linked hurricanes to climate change, others believe the variations follow a natural cycle, he said: “More analyses are necessary before one can say one way or the other.”

For the western North Pacific, the sea surface temperature is always above the threshold. “Therefore, a slight increase due to global warming would not have a great influence”.[/quote]

Whoopsy, looks like the science isn’t settled, looks like the debate isn’t over.

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Proving the point that trying to save the planet is pointless


As Ruapehu erupts we see the following being spewed into the atmosphere;

  • H20 – a greenhouse gas, it is convenient to ignore
  • C02 – a greenhouse gas
  • S02 – causes acid rain
  • H2
  • CO – poisonous
  • H2S – rotten egg smell, acid rain
  • HCl – acid rain, ozone depleter
  • HF – acid rain – ozone depleter

So the poor Kiwi taxpayer gets slammed while Mother Earth which what we are supposed to be saving tells us to shove it by spewing more toxic gases into the air in a shorter time than any industry might do.

I wonder though, do the owners of the land have to pay the carbon liabilities for such and outburst?

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Carbon Trading new avenue for crooks

Fran O'Sullivan: Adventures in carbon trade – 26 Sep 2007 – nzherald

Fran O'Sullivan looks at the flawed carbon trading system that we are about to embark upon in our futile bid to halt Earth's natural cyclic climate system.
First up she gets a slam in about the whole stupid presumption behind such flawed logic.

[quote]Let's put to rest here (quickly) the notion that this column will attack the basic science of global warming as a crock.

There's nothing to be gained from reopening that debate.[/quote]

In other words, she knows it is a crock, any thinking and well read person knows it is a crock but we can't say such things because as one civil servant told me the other day we are "heretics". Gee isn't funny that people who decry religion are the ones using religious phrases to describe opponents of the new religion.

Anyway onto the rest of her article which examines the failings and potential pitfalls of the silly system that we have all adopted in order to sacrifice at the altar of the new religion.

[quote]The Government rejected taxes as a blunt instrument (in truth this was the result of a concerted business-led lobbying campaign) then goes on to admit that in practice no one knows exactly how a country's emissions will respond to the changes in the price of emissions which occur through trading regimes.

Buried in the back of the 149-page document is this gem: If there were to be an international shift away from emission trading regimes and the NZ scheme were to become anomalous, the administrative systems being put in place could be relatively easily transformed to a tax-based system at a later date.[/quote]

Right, so we all opposed a carbon tax but we are going to get one anyway because the government has already seen that this system will fail and the trading can easily be turned into a tax. Nice one.
Now what about fraud.

[quote]Investigations in the UK by the Financial Times and the Guardian have uncovered widespread fraud in such areas.
The FT found companies rushing to go green had spent millions on carbon credit policies that yielded few environmental benefits.
It found:

  • Widespread instances of people and organisations buying worthless credits that did not yield any reductions in carbon emissions.
  • Industrial companies profiting from doing little, or gaining carbon credits on the basis of efficiency gains from which they had already benefited substantially.
  • Brokers providing services of questionable value.
  • A shortage of verification.
  • Companies being charged over the odds for the private purchase of EU carbon permits that had plummeted in value because they did not result in emissions cuts.

The Guardian found serious irregularities at the heart of the Kyoto process itself which the world relies on to control global warming.

The Clean Development Mechanism that is supposed to offset greenhouse gases emitted in the developed world by selling carbon credits from elsewhere has been contaminated by gross incompetence, rule-breaking and possible fraud by developing countries' companies.

The Guardian investigation relied on United Nations documents and feedback from projects on the ground. For instance, one-third of the projects registered in India were commercial ventures that did not produce any additional cut in greenhouse gases.[/quote]

Fantastic, evidence from one conservative business oriented paper and one liberal woolly thinking paper show that there is no benefit to the environment at all, rather the benefit goes into the pockets of savvy and crooked traders.

Nick Smith needs to pull his head out of his arse and start educating himself before imploring the caucus to follow this sort of b.s.

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Gee how about that policy huh!

If I was the Labour Party strategists I would be more than a little peeved with a self-centred Chinese dickhead right now.

You are all set release your premier policy, the one that is supposed to be the catalyst that will break the strangle-hold the Opposition has on the polls and this upstart kills his wife and dumps his cute kid at a train station in Melbourne right at the wrong time.

The front page of every daily but especially the only daily in Auckland your power base has had nothing but coverage of the "Pumpkin" Case for more than a week and more set to come.

Your circuit breaker policy gets abour 5 minutes of mention and even then most people focus on the increased costs that you have just landed in their laps. What the hell are you going to talk about for the next two weeks of the parliamentary recess.

All I have to sy on that is bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!