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It’s got to be a first for Parliament, where the leaders of the main Opposition Parties fall over themselves to be associated with a fraudster a conman, and a man wanted for extradition to the US.

But so it came to pass yesterday that David Shearer and Russel Norman were falling over each other to ingratiate themselves with the wanted German pirate Kim DotCon.  Read more »

CLIMATEGATE – The Tiger Woods Index for NZ

Why is the media focusing on Tiger Woods and his rooting when the general public is wanting focus on Climategate?

There is now an index for you to work out just how hypocritical the media has become and how they filter our news. It is called the Tiger Woods Index.

Thus, as an experiment, I started trawling around, taking the stats on other issues in the news. To make the figures comparable, I then worked out the ratios of web pages to news pages reported.

On that basis, Tiger Woods delivered 22,500,000 web and 46,025 news pages, giving ratio of 489. That is the “Tiger Woods Index” (TWI) against which I chose to measure a raft of other issues.

“Climategate” was the next obvious choice and that produced 28,400,000 on the web page search, compared with 2,930 news items, delivering a ratio of 9,693. Using the TWI as a comparator, the public in general are more interested in “Climategate” than Tiger Woods, by a factor of nearly 20 times.

Applying the “ratio analysis” (doesn’t that sound grand!) to ten current issues, including the two already mentioned, an arbitrary list emerged, ranked by importance to the general public, against media interest. This is as follows:

1. Climategate: 28,400,000 – 2,930 = 9693
2. Afghanistan: 143,000,000 – 154,145 = 928
3. Obama: 202,000,000 – 252,583 = 800
4. Tiger Woods: 22,500,000 – 46,025 = 489
5. Gordon Brown: 12,300,000 – 37,021 = 332
6. Climate change: 22,200,000 – 68,419 = 324
7. Sally Bercow: 25,000 – 86 = 290
8. David Cameron: 545,000 – 4837 = 113
9. Meredith Kercher: 261,000 – 3,471 = 75
10. Chilcot Inquiry: 125,000 – 4,350 = 29

Let’s look at some Kiwi examples, again ranked by importance to the general public, against media interest. The NZ Media are worse even than the US.

  1. Climategate: 31,100,000 – 74 = 420,720
  2. Lisa Lewis: 116000 – 87 = 1333
  3. Phil Goff: 157000 – 292 = 537
  4. Tony Veitch: 90,600 – 364 = 248
  5. John Key: 196000 – 1327 = 147
  6. Hone Harawira: 169000 – 1320 = 128
  7. Millie Holmes: 7600 – 71 = 107
  8. Susan Boyle: 410000 –  8778 = 46
  9. Taito Phillip Field: 21500 -1150 = 18
  10. Mark Hotchin: 41700 – 343 = 13
  11. MPs Expenses: 18600 – 1454 = 12

Glenn promises co-operation with Privileges Committee and SFO

Glenn promises co-operation with Privileges Committee and SFOExpatriate billionaire Owen Glenn says he will co-operate with a Privileges Committee investigation into his $100,000 donation to Winston Peters as well as preliminary inquiries being carried out by the Serious Fraud Office. [3 News Politics]

Good news, Owen Glenn, affectionately know as Oggi amongst the VWRC is to give evidence to the Privileges Committee and has already given written evidence to the SFO.

I hope he drops Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Member of Parliament of no fixed abode and his fool lawyer right in it and hopefully he’ll drop Clark and Williams in it as well.

MPs left scratching heads in Peters saga

MPs left scratching heads in Peters sagaNew Zealand First leader Winston Peters now says he has footed the bill for the $40,000 costs awarded against him by the High Court in the unsuccessful Tauranga electoral petition. Rather than his lawyer, Brian Henry, having personally… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Member of Parliament of no fixed abode saga is getting ridiculous. Both WRP,63,MOPONFA and Brian Henry expect us to now believe that WRP,63,MOPONFA actually paid the account which was never rendered for the fine that Brian Henry paid but didn’t use the money that Owen Glenn donated for the Tauranga “legal case” that Brian Henry solicited precisely for that purpose!!!!!

If you belive that then you clearly believe in the tooth fairy, Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny.

Time for the SFO to step in.

NBR interview contradicts Privilege Committee testimony

The bizarre saga of Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Member of Parliament of no fixed abode and his fool lawyer Brian Henry just got more interesting.

Ben Thomas has published the transcript of an interview with Brian Henry conducted a few weeks ago. It is clear from this interview that Brian Henry fabricated the evidence he presented to the privileges Committee, either that or he fabricated the information he told Ben Thomas.

BT: And in the Peters and Clarkson case who paid the costs ordered to Clarkson on that?
BH: Sh–, I couldn’t tell off the top of my head. I couldn’t answer at the moment.

Whoopsy!…..he couldn’t remember who paid a cheque for $40,000!! then a couple of weeks later suddenly remembers it was him, like anyone is going to believe that.

The rest of the transcript is completely farcical.

Unadulterated Drivel

Winston Raymond Peters tells NZPA yesterday:

The solicitors account was controlled by the Law Society, he said.

“It is not a trust fund in that respect. It is purely used to pay legal costs.”

He said National were talking “unadulterated drivel”.

“This is an outgoing, an impost, a cost to fight a legal battle on an action to do with democracy,” Mr Peters said.

The legal fund was set up in 1991 when Mr Peters became involved in a series of legal actions.


Mr Henry said no fund or account for Mr Peters’ legal bills existed.

“The position is that the money is used to pay an existing bill, full-stop.

There is no fund. There is no cash sitting in a balance anywhere. There are bills to be paid.”

So who are we to believe, Winston Raymond Peters or Brian Henry?

The two statements cannot exist together unless one of them “mis-spoke”.