I’ve been a naughty girl

When your husband is being sued by Mr X for hundreds of thousands of dollars you have to have a sense of humour. I went looking for some cheap thrills yesterday and found them on the following facebook page.

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A tale of lies and literary devices

When is a lie not a lie? When it is a literary device ( according to Colin Craig) Does his explanation hold water or is it just another literary device lie?

Being an ex-High School English teacher I am very familiar with literary devices. When my students were working on creative writing I encouraged them to use them and also when they were writing a speech as persuasive language uses them.

Colin Craig has claimed that using a Nom de plume is a literary device. I have searched a long list of literary devices for nom de plume and ?it was not included as a literary device. ?A nom de plume is a writer’s pseudonym. Other common words with similar meanings are pen name, assumed name, incognito, alias, false name, professional name, sobriquet, stage name and nickname.

What Colin Craig has done is not accurately described by the word nom de plume, as that word is for the writer of a narrative. In this case the false name was used to describe the person interviewed by the writer not the writer himself. The writer of the ‘interview ‘ is still unknown. We do not know their name let alone have a nom de plume for them.

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Face of the day

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The lowest result ever?for the National party of just 20.93%?2012

PR Stunt 2012

Telling lies 2012

More lies 2012

Coverup and spin 2014

Bribery 2015



Dirty Media – Herald Admits Making S##t Up

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Which part of “we made it all up” haven’t the Herald said here?

Embellishing… not something decent, trained and skilled journos do, surely?

Regan at Throng had a blinder about Sky TV yesterday. ?Today he climbs into the NZ Herald.

herald-x-factor-bsMost days I find something in the NZ Herald that really makes me angry. The number of times I have read things that are simply not true or have had massive embellishment is astounding. Take this utter nonsense that the NZ Herald leads with this morning.

According to the once proud bastion of the fourth estate,

Television mogul Simon Cowell – whose company Syco Entertainment created The X Factor reality format – had no knowledge MediaWorks had used convicted killer Shae Brider on The X Factor NZ and is taking the matter “very seriously.”

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Face of the day

Alastair Thompson

Alastair Thompson

To be fair, Alastair Thompson has many reasons for his intense dislike of Cameron Slater as he has been exposed a number of times on Whaleoil for his dodgy dealings.

However he has now resorted to making things up in order to try to get his revenge. Actually that is too polite. He is defaming Cameron with statements that he knows very well are lies.

It is one thing to hit your opponents by exposing facts, it is quite another to deliberately defame them.

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Truth, Spin and Outright Lies

Credit: Getty-Images via Newstalk ZB

Credit: Getty-Images via Newstalk ZB

A guest post:

For much of my life I have been following politics, sometimes more actively than others. At the moment I am on the sidelines, belonging to no party at all. This gives me freedom to comment.

We have had a few truthful politicians on all sides over the decades. They stand out in my memory and are people who have a belief and conviction. And when they are required to obfuscate, fib, or lie they are remarkably uncomfortable. In fact those few really truthful people can be quite uncomfortable to be around as they can appear judgemental and uncompromising. While they can be a pain, they are also a treasure worth celebrating as they are rare and special beasts. I can never quite decide whether they are naive, or don?t actually realise the havoc they can cause. Read more »


Two truths and a lie

2 Truths & 1 Lie from James Coulson on Vimeo.

(Hint: ?they are all true, just not necessarily spoken by the person the truth belongs to)

Remember this?

David Cunliffe reckons he cannot tell a lie.

And yet the evidence in that video says otherwise…and recent weeks have shown us more evidence that he can actually tell lies…lots of them.

Real estate deals for donors, misleads journalists when asked.

His secret trust administered by a blogger by the name of Greg Presland, set up to launder donations and hide donors.

Claims Taranaki is in the doldrums when it is in fact the fastest growing area of NZ.? Read more »

Is there much point in asking questions when you don’t get the truth?

Ernst & Young are up against it with their review of the Mayor of Auckland and his alleged problems. ?Especially when staff have been told not to speak out, and LGOIMA requests are fabricated as well.


I wish my colleagues at other media outlets the best of luck getting anywhere with “spokespeople for the Mayor”. ?At this stage any straight answer is going to conflict with those already out there, so watch them tie themselves in knots as they try to find a way to make it all better. ?Somehow.