Gayer than Fossy’s Gay Ute


Fossy’s gay ute is pretty gay…but this is way gayer:

The world’s first electric limousine has hit the road in North America ? but not in tech-savvy California or downtown New York, but Nashville Tennessee.

A luxury hotel chain in the city known for country music and a laidback lifestyle is claiming to have commissioned the world’s first fully-electric road-legal limo.

Built by a conversion company in Missouri, the Nissan Leaf’s electric power pack and batteries remain intact ? but the 200kg of extra metal, glass and leather added to the middle of the car has blunted driving range.

In ideal conditions a regular Nissan Leaf electric hatch can travel 160km between recharges, but the extra weight of the limousine ? and its eight occupants, including the driver ? would likely cut that in half.

However, the hotel says driving range is not an issue because most journeys are less than 8km.


An entourage? Ctd

Phil Goff said that he would no longer use Crown limousines, except when he said that he was just telling fibs. Since that time he has been caught out repeatedly.

Labour leader Phil Goff will cut back his use of chauffeur-driven Crown cars in favour of much cheaper taxis after he ran up a $70,000 bill in three months.

But he is questioning the cost of the ministerial BMW limousines.

The latest episode is in Nelson.

Phil Goff visited Nelson, a Crown?BMW had to be driven up from Christchurch just so he could be?picked?up?and returned to?Nelson Airport.?Obviously, there were other available options, but?the BMW nevertheless had to make?the?return trip from?Christchurch.
The Nelson Mail (8.11.11, page 2) mentioned it with photo under the heading?”Goff’s?Beatles?Moment.” ?It?commented:
“Frankly, we can?t believe the waste. What is the point of driving an?empty Government vehicle from Christchurch? ?Why not use a car, taxi or even limousine?based in Nelson?”
Phil Goff accused John Key of lying when he said one thing and then did another. Of course Phil Goff was ignoring the circumstances. In this case however Phil Goff is on record as saying that the Crown cars are expensive and that he won;t use them, yet he does and in silly places at ridiculous expense.

An entourage? Ctd

Pete Hodgson made a scurrilous attack using the DPS to try and get John Key. He said at the time:

Labour MP Pete Hodgson said the underlining reason is that Key enjoys the appearance of an entourage.

?He is unlike any other?Prime Minister, man or woman, before him.?

Phil Goff also has said that he wouldn’t use Crown limousines.

As is usual from Labour politicians we find that their attacks say more about them they do about John Key.

When you have several television cameras, a couple of police officers and an assortment of advisers following political leaders around, it can cause a stir. But things at Henderson Normal School were chaotic even before Labour leader Phil Goff arrived for the launch of the party’s policy on children yesterday.

The students ran around asking for autographs from anyone older than 20 who wasn’t their teacher and getting their photograph taken with All Black Jerome Kaino.

Then, as the Crown limo came down the drive, they were told that it was time to be on their best behaviour.

I normally wouldn’t be pointing out the use of what Ministers and the Leader of the Opposition have as part of their job, except that Phil Goff and Pete Hodgson?politicized?the use of the DPS and the Crown Limousines saying that they wouldn’t do what John Key does. It turns out that they are hypocrites.

Goff doesn’t use Crown Limos, nek minnit

Phil Goff made a huge song and dance earlier in the year about crown limousines.

Labour Party leader Phil Goff says he is saving the taxpayer more than $150,000 a year by no longer using his Crown car.

Mr Goff is entitled to the chauffeur-driven car as the leader of the Opposition and says it is his personal choice not to use the car.

He says when so many low- and middle-income earners are under financial pressure he believes it is better to travel by taxi, which is cheaper.

Nek minnit ?- here he is driving off in the crown limousine after dropping by the National party campaign launch and doing a stand up for the news tonight on TV3.

Know one thing, when Phil Goff says one thing he actually does the exact opposite.