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Who is to blame for the Milk scandal?

There is a great deal of press regarding the DCD milk scandal…but who is to blame?

Of course it is easy to blame the useless repeaters intent on massive headlines…which of course I did. But the real root of the issue lies with smelly hippies and the green taliban.

They have been intent on demanding our farmers be clean and green…look at this list of Labour and Green luminaries that implored the use of this ‘technology’

The Labour Party:

“We have been gratified by the support we have received for Eco-n from the Government with the very positive visit by the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Jim Anderton.

Mr Anderton’s visit was followed by a visit from Associate Minister of Agriculture, Damien O’Connor.”

Ravensdown Annual Report 2006

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Heartland Tour Update

As reported the other day The Heartland Tour seems to be going quite well…..for Helen Clark.

Clark had Lincoln University breaking the law sitting in the aisles to house her yesterday.  While there is a large splattering of red and MP’s Lianne Dalziel and Megan Woods tweeting their attendance, her topic was on the state of the environment.  Snooze.

Proof people will attend anything really as long as it is not David Shearer speaking.

Meanwhile, how many people are filling the Shearer meetings?

Rather than writing terribly spun e-newsletters he really should just give up and join Helen Clark’s tour which seems to be going down a treat even when she is speaking about the UN.