Lindsay Perigo

Lindsay Perigo on NZ’s shame

Lindsay Perigo echoes my thoughts:

New Zealand’s complicity in the United Nations Security Council’s condemnation of Israeli settlements on the West Bank places New Zealand squarely on the side of evil in the epic global battle between Western Civilisation and barbarism. The?de facto?Muslim Obama’s unprecedented instructions not to veto the resolution left the way clear for feral members of the Security Council to push it through. To its eternal shame, New Zealand, with odious, morally flaccid Murray McCully at the helm, not only joined them but spearheaded them: such stellar human rights paragons as Venezuela, Senegal and Malaysia! The resolution’s original sponsor, Egypt, under pressure from President-Elect Trump, had earlier withdrawn it, but New Zealand helped revive it, thus proclaiming itself to the world as an enemy of reason, freedom and civilised values.

“The resolution sends a clear message to the parties to desist from actions that will further undermine the prospect of a two-state solution. It calls for Israeli settlement expansion to be halted and for incitement and acts of violence to cease,” McCully oozes.? Read more »

Lindsay Perigo on the US Elections

“It’s morning again in America,” said Ronald Reagan when running for re-election in 1984. The facts and the voters backed him, and he was returned to the presidency in a landslide.

America in 2016 has endured a dark night far longer and blacker than that inflicted by Jimmy Carter, but the reinstatement of morning should be no more difficult for Trump than Reagan given The Donald’s astounding sweep of both Houses of Congress as well as the Electoral College.

What is most gratifying is to tote up all the disgusting things that voters repudiated yesterday, contrary to the pontifications of the usual insufferable suspects in the media. I have been doing it all day and laughing non-stop. The media in fact are foremost among the disgusting repudiated. Their brazen abandonment of any pretence of a distinction between reportage and commentary, their explicit avowal of a duty to root for the inexpressibly corrupt Clinton, their shameless ignoring of her criminality, their comprehensive unprofessionalism?in all of this the mainstream media have written their own epitaph and earned the contempt towards them evinced by voters yesterday. Journalism is dead; long live journalism.

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Why hasn’t this been reported in our media?


All around the world Universities are falling victim to Social Justice Warriors and other limp-wristed, panty-waist types seeking safe spaces and shutting down free speech in the very places that free speech should be encouraged.

If it isn’t Black Lives Matter it is various gay groups or Muslim Associations howling down freedom of speech.

Well, it’s happened here and to my knowledge hasn’t yet been reported by the mainstream media despite the awful precedence this sets.

Back in August, there was a debate involving Lindsay Perigo and Susan Devoy at the University of Auckland. The moot was “That this House would ban religious symbols in public.”

Lindsay Perigo was howled down as he gave his speech. Strangely there hasn’t been a murmur or a mutter from Susan Devoy about the issue and likewise nothing in the mainstream media. Why is that?

I’ll let Lindsay Perigo explain:

This is the speech I delivered almost in its entirety in my capacity as special commentator, along with Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy, at Monday night’s semi-final in the intra-university Next Generation Debates series at Auckland University. I say “almost in its entirety” because a gaggle of Muslims became very vocal near the end of my speech and demanded, successfully, I be stopped at once for having gone over my allocated time. The point at which I was shut down is noted in the text below.

What a member of Young New Zealand First called “magnificent pandemonium” followed, with epithets flying back and forth, Dame Susan waiving her right of rebuttal and storming off from the table we were both sharing. ?? Read more »

New best seller on Amazon by Kiwi author Olivia Pierson

New Best Seller on Amazon: Kiwi Olivia Pierson delivers a short, historical, eloquent overview on the best values of Western Civilization and their current enemies in the world today, namely: Islamists, modern feminists, multiculturalists, and free-speech muzzlers.? 99c on Amazon for only a few more days.

There is only one path to shining the light of understanding on the times in which we live, and that is to know our place in history. Contrary to the common notion that history is a dull and dusty topic, Western Values Defended is a punchy and relevant overview of the greatest gems of Western civilization, and how they came to define the daily character of individual liberty in the West. Short, sharp and on point, this little book is for everybody who cares about the future of freedom, for those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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Lindsay Perigo, that name rings a bell…

Remember Paul Holmes?

Lindsay Perigo - via

Lindsay Perigo – via

Well, before Paul Holmes, there was this guy called Lindsay Perigo, and he was the TV attack interviewer in his day. ?Think Kim Hill will trousers on. ?If you’re lucky.

Well, he’s been irrelevant for several decades now, but he occasionally pops up to try and peddle his outdated wares.

To wit:

I wonder how many television viewers there are like me for whom watching the six o?clock news on TVNZ or TV3 was until recently a staple of their daily routine, but who now repair to online sources for their news because the network bulletins have become unwatchable – or more precisely, unlistenable?

An army of airheads has been let loose on the airwaves who have no business being anywhere near a microphone sounding the way they do. They don?t speak, they quack.

Of course, Mr Pedigree joined the media back in the day when all New Zealanders had to sound like they were recently snatched from the BBC

The newsreaders? quacking, droning, grunting and mumbling are our worst form of noise pollution.

Their “yeah-no,” “you-know,” “like, like,” “awesome,” “cool,” “wodevva,” and so on are the bane of coherent conversation. Their mangled vowels and muddied consonants make swine sound educated.

They are clueless about the distinction between ?children? and ?choowdren,? ?Wellington? and ?Wawwington,? ?vulnerable? and ?vunrable,? ?the six o?clock news? and ?the sucks o?clock news,? “showers” and “showwwwwwaz,” ?known? and ?knowen,? ?well? and ?wow,? ?health? and ?howth,? ?New Zealand? and ?New Zilland?.

Aah man, he doesn’t know anythink.

But he has not lost the?ability?to rant and lose the plot

Not only being able to watch the news again, but also freedom and civilisation themselves, are at stake.

Really? ?Lindsay? ?Really?

With all the crap that’s on the news, you choose to pick on their accents and claim this threatens freedom and civilisation?


Anyway, on TV news, Americans sound American, Australians sound Australian. ?What the hell is your point exactly? ?That New Zealanders are degrading themselves by choosing not to sound British?

Time to hang up your keyboard buddy.


Repost: Roger Kerr Special – Perigo

New Zealand has lost a great contributor today. Here is a re-post of his last major interview.

Perigo Roger Kerr Special


Hard to know whether this press release is satire or not but it adds weight to Cactus Kate’s comments that she is”delighted” to see Heather Roy go. I mean really!

ACT New Zealand is delighted to be counted among the opposition parties calling for healthy eating policies following the release of a report showing New Zealand has one of the highest rates of diabetes among developed countries, says the party’s Forbidden Foods Spokeswomanperson, Heather Roy.

An international team of researchers, working with the World Health Organisation, has found that New Zealand is among the top five nations where blood glucose levels indicate diabetes.

Labour leader Phil Goff says the findings vindicate Labour’s call to remove GST from fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Greens’ Spokesperson on the Prohibition of Everything, Sue Kedgley, says that doesn’t go far enough. She wants a ban on the ingestion of any form of animal protein, and a law to make veganism compulsory.

“ACT supports all of the above,” says Ms Roy, over a breakfast of tofu and spirulina. “But none of it addresses causes instead of symptoms. The real problem lies with eating, period. There’s just too much eating going on. Studies have shown conclusively that the vast majority of participants who developed diabetes had been eating for years. Personally I put it down to all those free lunches that people had before Roger’s reforms of the 80s ? hatched – shame on him – over fish and chips.

“Yes, even I find it difficult to resist culinary temptation,” Ms Roy sighs, lasciviously eyeing a side-dish of bean sprouts. “But we must bite the bullet (and very little else). Another recent study showed that diabetes can be reversed on a diet of 600 calories a day. While such a regime may fall short of the ideal, no-calorie diet, a law banning the consumption of more than 600 calories should be the minimum objective of all parties’ healthy eating policies.

“Failure to pass such a law will only encourage stroppy individualists in their perverse and anti-social belief that what they eat is up to them,” Ms Roy concludes.


Nice to see Heather working hard, focussing on the really important issues that are core to ACT now there is no coups left to plot. This is what happens when you hire Lindsay Perigo as a press secretary. If ACT wants satire and smarmy writing then why don’t they just hire DimPost, at least it will be funny. Lindsay Perigo is ACTs answer to Bomber Bradbury.

Wallace Chapman nails it

Wallace Chapman nails the whole Paul Henry issue in a very good post on the back Benches Website.

Now before all you pinko bleaters get all angry about his post, think that Wallace is actually a kaiviti, from Fiji, like me.

On my Facebook page I have only one quote. There will always be just this one quote. For me it is the ‘Rosetta stone’ of thinking, the golden crucible of thought that dates back to 18th Century Enlightenment thinking. It is the DNA of a free society. And it’s a quote that I’ve lived my life according to, since I was in my early 20’s. It is penned by the one of the most quoted people, not just in our time, but in any time? – alongside Marx, Shakespeare and the Bible. The quote is by U.S. academic Noam Avram Chomsky, and here it goes:

“If freedom of speech doesn’t apply to those that we despise, than the term has no meaning at all.”

Freedom of speech means hate-speech, love-speech, speeches we adore and speeches that fill us with contempt. It applies to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s rants at the UN, as much as it applies to Bill O Reilly’s violent outbursts on Fox TV (The Dixie Chicks need to shut up and be slapped around). As Chomsky points out, even Himmler and Goebbels in Nazi Germany were in favour of “free speech”. As long as you agreed with them. Stalin was in favour of free speech that was inoffensive to the State.

Wallace is right on the money. It is a pity the left wing don’t believe in free speech like their hero Noam Chomsky.

Interestingly, Chomsky himself has been at the brunt end of much sustained verbal abuse and vicious personal attacks and open slander. And yet he has never, over 50 years, sued for libel, preferring to write letters in an open forum, refuting and rebutting the attacks. The Jewish-American professor even defended the right of a neo-Nazi to stand up in a community hall in Battersea and say his piece while the rest of the crowd booed.

The United States, according to Chomsky, has set an extremely high bar in regards to freedom of speech since the 1960’s. Violent acts are not protected, but the Supreme Court has even upheld the principle of freedom of speech for Ku Klux Klan members.? In a revealing paragraph Chomsky states:

“In the US, freedom of speech is protected to an extent that I think is unheard of in any other country. This is quite a recent change. Since the 1960s the Supreme Court has set very high standards for freedom of speech, in keeping with a basic principle established by the 18th century Enlightenment. The court upholds the principle of free speech, the only limitation being participation in a criminal act. If I walk into a shop to commit a robbery with an accomplice holding a gun and I say “Shoot”, my words are not protected by the constitution. Otherwise there has to be a really serious motive to call into question freedom of speech. The Supreme Court has even upheld this principle for the benefit of members of the Ku Klux Klan.”

And this is exactly where we are at with Paul Henry, there was no criminal act and yet he has been effectively sacked for little more than having thoughts that differ from a vocal rabid mob out to get him.

I thought about all this in light of Paul Henry’s general broadcasting style. Personally I don’t find Henry funny but I don’t hate it. I just don’t give enough of a shit to turn on morning television so I never watch. But doing live unedited television and making it entertaining is an absolute skill, which is why all the fill-ins have come up short. And Paul Henry is a star at it. It’s a fairly predictable show often with a dog whistle to bullies, but it can also be funny in the way that ‘Beavis and Butthead’ can be funny. Or in the way that someone will fart in a lecture and everyone will split their sides. But more often I grimace and pretend to crack up when a friend tells me about a little Breakfast moment. The ‘retard’ routine wasn’t funny, nor the fake fan email at the awards, nor the moustache routine. The Dikshit name-calling was so unfunny I just felt sad. I felt sad for him, sad for me watching it, and sad for the huge community of Indian and Fiji-Indians in our country.

Do I defend the right to say what comes out of Paul Henry’s mouth? Do I defend the ugly humourless little tirades of Michael Laws? Do I defend the right for David Garrett to suggest, with a straight face, the sterilisation of women on the DPB? Do I defend what comes out of Lindsay Perigo’s mouth or Leighton Smith’s mouth or Hone Harawira’s mouth? Absolutely. As vigorously as I’ll defend the right to say what comes out of mine.

The principle of free speech is very simple: we either defend opinions that we find hateful, or we do not defend them at all. Public broadcasting or private.

Wallace Chapman has provided us with the most significant commentary on the whole sad sorry Paul Henry affair so far. He clearly says he doesn’t like what paul Henry said, yet he clearly says that Paul Henry had the right to say it.

Our country is poorer for the way Paul Henry has been effectively sacked from television by a bunch of rowdies being offended on someone?else’s?behalf.

Jim Hopkins: More drops in my anonymous bucket

Jim Hopkins: More drops in my anonymous bucketTo Whom It May Concern (but especially Mr Owen Glenn, Sir Robert Jones and the influential Vela family),
Dear Sirs and Madams,
I write with hope in my heart and fluff in my wallet. Quite a lot of fluff, actually, a little fluff…
[NZ Politics]

Very?funny, veteran Jim Hopkins. Well worth the read.