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Farrar spruiking for RTD manufacturers?


Yesterday I posted that the?RTD producer of the tipple of choice of Hamilton?s 9 year olds ? Independent Liquor?has remained tight lipped over the incident.

Saying nothing leaves the void to be filled by others.

Spanishbride said it all;

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Bright Idea for Independent Liquor?

Isn?t this just dandy.?Some clown thinks it?s a great idea to flog off RTDs in a sachet. Let?s see how that works out for them.


Sachets of alcohol designed to be slipped discreetly into purses and pockets are being sold in liquor stores, alarming police and alcohol-watch groups.

Branded as “Cheeky” and “Sneaky”, the shots are easily concealed, palm-sized alcopops promoted as drinks to carry all the time.

Already banned by some retailers in Britain, they are the cheapest single drink on sale, at just $2.

Looking more like a condom, these 20% alcohol RTDs are being pushed as a new way to score with the ladies. Even their Facebook page is happily promoting them to young girls.? Read more »

Crisis at Independent Liquor deepens


On Saturday?I blogged about a?new report showing 70% of alcohol intake of girls aged 14-17 is from RTDs.

If that wasn?t tidy enough for Independent Liquor?s boss Julian Davidson, we now see?Independent Liquor?s solely owned The Mill booze outlet selling its Red Square Vodka online to kids.

And if that wasn?t bad enough, the kid?s parent was essentially told by Independent Liquor/The Mill?s GM Bevan Seddon that;

?because our son was prepared to lie about his age we had failed in our moral duty as parents?

You can?t make this stuff up.

Seddon denies this, but confirmed he made a comment about telling him that his son had lied. Then, just to put icing on the cake, Bevan Seddon kept digging, and slammed the parent by saying

?all parents should be accountable for the actions of their teenage children?.

If it?s not bad enough that young girls aged 14 years are tucking into RTDs, Independent Liquor?s own nationwide retail outlet The Mill?is flicking Red Square Vodka online to more kids.? Read more »

70% of girls aged 14-17 tuck into RTDs


The weekends should be relaxing. But this weekend there will be crisis meetings at Independent Liquor as booze boss Julian Davidson and his highly paid spin merchant Mark Unsworth try to figure out how to counter this alarming figure.

Anti booze troughers Alcohol Healthwatch and Women?s Health Action have?banged out a report saying that women are binge drinking like the blokes.? Read more »