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A Mayor with a happy ending?

Lisa Lewis has announced for Mayor of Hamilton.

Hell she couldn’t be any worse than the rest of the tossers standing and she at least has a track record of providing happy endings.

From Idea to Front Page of Stuff in under 4 hours

The problem with dead tree journalists and the media hacks that hang around our politicians is they haven’t understood the modern technology makes them scarcely relevant.

The classic example of the need for a constant stream of information, and building up a following of people is our mate the Manatee. He goes swanning off to some distant part of the world and posts his holiday picks and has an enthralled audience. I bet his mates in the third form at Scots College wouldn’t have believed it when he was being dunny flushed or stuck in a rubbish bin, but there you have it. His influence grows despite is piss weak stand on issues like outing Pedobear Power as a pinko who should be on the other side of the house.

Then today, Facebook reckoned it was JK’s birthday. It was the work of moments to send Lisa Lewis a message saying do version of Happy Birthday Mr President, and within an hour she had her version online. In under two hours it was on the front page of the biggest web site in New Zealand. Especially with pleasing comments like this;

“That’s one of the reasons I started my website for people like him. I get a lot of inquires, from people like John Key, that can’t actually walk in to a strip club without get in trouble with their partners or the media. Now they can watch my shows from the comfort of their own home or office.”

When will the MSM get it? When with JK realise his offsiders are letting the side down when the most prominent adult entertainer in the country has more Facebook friends than the highly popular prime minister?

And when will they engage an experienced, proven social media person instead of a muppet like Kevin Taylor who is once again reacting to something The Whale did? Bet he wishes he ever tried to cross swords with me.

Happy Birthday Mr Prime Minister

I asked Lisa to make this video for John Key’s birthday, thought it might be a blast. She did it and sounds much more sober Marilyn Monroe.

Liar, Liar, Pants on fire

As you will know, dear readers, we are endorsing Busted Blonde’s attempt to win the Veuve Clicquot competition at NBR.

Currently our Busted Blonde is coming second but this blogger has smelled a rat, so has Cactus Kate.

The current leader Joe Holden is a big fat skinny liar and a cheat. He says he isn’t married and wants to, plus it looks like he is in the wrong competition because he is touting some product called Verve. He at least could learn to spell the sponsor’s product. Even Lisa Lewis managed that.

Joe Holden says he isn't married

Joe Holden says he isn't married

Unfortunately for this chump he has decided to take on the vast resources of the Blogger’s Union and we have sprung him as a cheater. You see Joe Holden claims he isn’t married and yet his Facebook profile proves otherwise.

Joe Holden is a liar

Joe Holden is a liar

NBR needs to pull his entry now, he is in clear breach of their rules, and he is telling lies.

Joe Holden is a liar

Joe Holden is a liar

Plus he is only 90 kilos, so my prediction of a body like a half sucked throaty was correct. Busted Blonde all the way, at least she is honest and can spell the sponsors product. Joe Holden made the fatal mistake of pissing off bloggers. Busted Blonde is the ONLY officially endorced candidate for this competition by the NZ Bloggers Union. A vote for her is a vote for at least 10 kilos of extra piss for the party.

Lisa Lewis takes one in the arse on Youtube

Ta Cactus for the link.


Go Lisa

Lisa Lewis is going to stand for Hamilton City Mayor. I support her attempt. Good on her.

She wants Hamilton to be a destination, somewhere memorable.Previously Hamilton has had the dubious recognition of being the Chlamydia Capital of New Zealand.

Perhaps one of her slogans should be “Make Hamilton more memorable than Chlamydia”.

The money line in the whole article though is the last and a comment we should expect from a Veuve Clicquot Busineswoman of the Year nominee.

She said Hamilton needed to become a holiday destination. Her bid was not a publicity stunt, and she was not in it for the money. “Currently with my profession I am on more than what a Hamilton city councillor is on.”

Yeah. Spot on Lisa. Hookers get paid more than city councillors because they work harder and keep their customers satisfied. If Lisa brings that customer service ethic to the Mayoralty then it can only be good for the Tron.


Lisa Lewis on Name Suppression

UPDATED: Moved to top

Everyone knows the name of Lisa Lewis, not only is she New Zealand’s highest paid hooker and a nominee for the Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year Award but she was also a victim of sexual abuse when very young.

Well, between the ages of 5-8 I myself was a victim of sexual abuse.  I have come to understand firsthand the impact, the repercussions and the difficulties of dealing with something which is still seldom spoken of.

I know the sense of emptiness and frustration a victim has when even they are not allowed to identify their abuser.

In my case an extended family member misused the time he was supposed to be babysitting me to take advantage sexually.

But why is she telling us all this. It sounds positively awful, no one should have to go through that and then cop it all again in the court process. Surely this is a case for where name suppression should be used. Lisa says no way.

It was a horrific affair which evolved over an extended period and ultimately led to a step relative  appearing before Justice Morris in the High Court at Rotorua on March 15, 1995.  He was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment after pleading guilty to two charges of sexual violation by an act of unlawful sexual connection, and two charges of committing an indecent act.  It emerged he’d been involved in about 80 cases of abuse all up, but because of the “hush hush” approach from most sectors of society had repeatedly got away with it.  In my case it took a very brave family member to make a stand and accept the word of a young and frightened girl.

All the hush-hush that comes with name suppression in cases like this is supposed to be for the benefit of the victim. the thing is no-one ever asks a victim what they think about it usually because they are too young at the time. This allows the kiddy-fiddlers to get way with it for so long.

Right now one of the cases that I am alleged to have named both the victim and the accused (“The Olympian”) and the case of the “Comedian”, both of these fellows have been ordered to stay away from the complainant and in one case ordered to stay away from young children. The ex-MP with name suppression is in the same boat. The thing is this. If we can’t be allowed to know who it is that should stay away from various situations or people then how can they be reported for breaching the court instruction because we aren’t allowed to know who they are in the first place. Therefore we run a real risk of there being more victims, especially as they are all out on bail. If they were known then they would effectively be under house arrest as they sure as hell wouldn’t show their faces anywhere.

Lisa thinks so too, and she thinks so from the point of view of a victim, so we can at least get a picture of how victims have to deal with the situation.

The trauma had a huge impact on my life.  Having trust abused is not something any five or six or seven year old should ever have to experience, and even today, when I enter a new relationship a subconscious lack of trust seems to kick in as a defence mechanism.

I have a lot of sympathy for the public stance Slater is taking, and a crusade in which he argues few abusers have any case for having their names kept secret.  But I would go even further than him.  Slater believes child abuse is the one exception where there should be name suppression, in order to protect the child.  Well, I still have vivid memories of my experiences and the aftermath, and don’t think it works that way.

In my case, I was told by family I was not to talk about it because it was “a naughty subject”.  If I did talk, the threat was I would be taken off my mother’s hands by social service agencies.

As a result I went through four wretched years of harbouring “a secret”.  And the healing process didn’t start until I was able to start talking about it.   It’s left me a firm believer that daylight is the best disinfectant, even if in many cases people think they are protecting the child by keeping everything under wraps.

In my experience, far more good would be achieved for all parties with maximum transparency.

I agree, and I am grateful to Lisa for her support. Lisa is a very brave person, not only because of the industry in which she works, not only for using her real name, but for exposing her childhood sexual abuse, abuse that the attacker is probably still under permanent name suppression for. He not only is a convicted kiddly-fiddler, he is a coward. The little girl he abused is a champion.

With name suppression there is no fear of public consequences.  And victims feel they can’t talk about it, that they are an object of “shame” and they go into their shell, as I did.

In the case of current court name suppression tendencies, the wrong people – the offenders – are being protected, rather than the victims.   As for me, I grew up very boy-shy and extremely nervous around men after the sexual abuse.  Ironically, when I began working as a stripper much later in life, I found it provided a very beneficial dimension in terms of overcoming my trauma.  It finally made me face all my fears and helped me get over my shyness with men.

Lisa is a toughy for sure. Everything is out there (physically as well as literally). She is dead right, the point is how do we get there. I feel a momentum building for action. I think the Law Commission, the Judiciary and the Police have missed the point and where public sentiment has moved to and it has moved fast. I will make sure it moves further.

As Lisa Lewis says “Sexual abuse is not okay. Neither is name suppression for offenders.”

Two out of three ain't bad for Lisa Lewis

Lisa for Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year AwardWhile the Herald on Sunday was following a fraud for their big story of the weekend the Sunday News and Sunday Star Times show that they are more social media savvy than their counterparts and have both written about the nomination of Lisa Lewis for the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Award.

I think both articles are well written and the SST article even bothered to look at the reasons behind the nomination which were contained on the nomination form. That is admirable reporting from their perspective.

Jonathan Marshall resisted the urge to go tacky and has also written a nice piece with some very good quotes from Lisa Lewis as well.

“I was surprised that I had been nominated, but then upon saying that, with the way I conduct business I am also left feeling finally appreciated. I am incredibly humbled, privileged and excited to have been nominated.

“I feel that it is a validation to me and the profession that I am in,” Lewis said.

“I am an honest person – in fact one of the very few that uses my own name which confirms how honest I really am in my business.”

Fantastic quote. In Lisa’s line of business there is no cheating and lying and false advertising, it is what it is and honesty and integrity are the best policy.

That is the point really. Annah Stretton who is a previous winner makes and sells clothes. Almost anyone can do that. Another winner Julie Christie makes reality TV shows about people like Lisa Lewis, how hard can that be? Her next show for goodness sake is said to be “New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker” Might I suggest that Lisa Lewis takes up baking. The whole article looks like Julie Christie is making another bid for the award with her PR schmoozed article in the Sunday Star Times. It all reads a bit like a press release and is a bit sad really. The SST only spiced it up with some comments from Charlotte Dawson and a mention of Julie’s alleged new rent-boy.

Lisa in stark contrast is selling a product most of society shuns or doesn’t understand in a very competitive market where many, many women even give it away for free. The fact that she gets top dollar and isn’t short of clients shows how savvy a business woman she really is.

Meanwhile Lisa’s online supporters continue to join the Facebook group supporting her. Now at 458 members. Let’s make this competition about real business women not one for multi-million dollar establishment tossers.

Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year nominee does Penthouse spread

Lisa Lewis who is a nominee for the 2010 Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year award has had her Penthouse spread put online at the Australian Penthouse website.

“Without sounding egotistical, there is more than meets the eye when you take a peek at me and my photographs. There is one side of me that reveals a sense of character with a reputation of being ‘naughty’ and mischievously notorious – renowned in New Zealand. History of this has included me being banned (innocently) from many places including my own home-town Rugby Stadium (Waikato) for pitch-invading during an All Black vs. Ireland Rugby Test Match in a Bikini (temperature recorded at -2 degrees).  Then there is the past: where I am probably the only performer to ever be black-listed from Sexpo and Erotica for not being the submissive and subservient type: doing what I want.

Following, there is the intellectual aspect where I have protested a Parliamentary Bill, been a columnist for one of Fairfax’s leading newspapers ‘Waikato Times’ (which became one of the most read online columns in New Zealand).

My most recent achievement has included becoming a nominee for Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year 2010 (a first for someone in my industry).

A guest on most of the radio stations aired throughout New Zealand and international has included Rove Live Radio, an Ireland talk-back and An American Rock Radio Station.

New Zealand Television has incorporated me into 1 News, 3 News, Campbell Live (twice), 20/20 a TVNZ documentary, Outrageous Fortune, C4 Jono’s Show and hosted my own television show on Alt TV Naked News (recorded as New Zealand and Australia’s first ever naked news anchor, which later led to Australian television interviews on Channel 7 and Chanel 9 including Sunrise).

I have been reported about in most of New Zealand’s leading papers: some proud of – and some not.  I have been photographed for giving the Auckland Mayor Press Secretary a Lap-Dance at an ‘A Lister Party,’ had court threats from customers’ wives and photographed for being the most iconic at New Zealand’s lead-up to Erotica on Boobs on Bikes.

On looks alone Lisa has already won the competition, Diane Foreman is going to have to something pretty spectacular to top this. Don’t forget to support her on her Facebook Supporters page.