Lisa Lewis

…and the nominees for the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year are…

Cactus Kate has done a massive public service and nominated Lisa Lewis for the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the year award.

To my mind Lisa Lewis is a real contender rather than the usual set of patsy contestants.

As Cactus says;

Lisa Lewis a true New Zealand entrepreneurial online pioneer of a profession pre-dating that of Madame Clicquot herself.

Lisa can now add “Nominee for Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year 2010” to her extensive CV. Best of luck Lisa and I trust your adoring public will get in behind you to sway the judges of your mass appeal in not just positively promoting yourself through this event but the event itself with such a high profile figure nominated.

The Application is here in full with the reasons Lisa is deserving to win the award under the strict set criteria and was submitted to organisers last night with the names of two professional referees.

Accordingly a Facebook Group to support Lisa has been set up and you can read her nomination details here.

Lisa Lewis gives refunds……………., yeah right!

This story has been percolating along nicely on Facebook for a few days after Lisa Lewis posted that the wife of a client has been demanding his money back.

The comments on Facebook are hilarious and apart from one person entirely in Lisa’s favour.

The MSM has finally caught up with story and it is hilarious that this stupid wife thinks she can get the money back her sports celebrity husband spent on hour long “appointments” with Lisa Lewis.

Has she thought that maybe, just maybe she is dud root, or nags him out of the house or a million other reasons. Is it really his fault 100%? It certainly isn’t Lisa’s fault, she is a hooker and a stripper as well as an entrepreneur. She is to be admired for sticking to her guns, and a mighty fine set of guns they are too.

The stupid cow (the wife) should have just shut-up, knowing Lisa’s predilection for publicity this was always going to end badly for the wife.


Lucky to be alive

This is a particularly egregious case of Silly First Name Syndrome. It isn’t any wonder that he was distracted with the large amount of bad karma travelling with him in the same vehicle. I’m not surprised at all. It almost sounds like he trying to hit the train.

A man accused of the manslaughter of his four-year-old son after allegedly driving around a barrier arm and into the path of an 800-tonne goods train told police he was “distracted”, a court as heard.

Alan Stephens, 39, unemployed of Runsiman [sic], south of Auckland, appeared in Pukekohe District Court today charged with reckless driving causing manslaughter and three charges of reckless driving causing injury.

Crown prosecutor Kevin Glubb said in his opening statement that Stephens had left home in his Silver Mitsubishi Mirage mid-afternoon on February 20 with his three children – Shannyne, 6, Tray, 4 and Holly, 2 – and his niece Nakita, 12.

All except Nakita were wearing seat belts.

When Stephens approached the railway intersection at Paerata, near Pukekohe, he did not stop at the barrier arms but drove around them, he said.

“That took his vehicle directly into the path of the oncoming freight train,” Mr Glubb said.

Still the slaughter and the injuries continue and no one except this blog does anything about it.

Title of Queen's Counsel to be restored

Title of Queen’s Counsel to be restoredThe title of Queen’s Counsel will be restored through legislation that will be introduced to Parliament this year, says the Attorney-General, Chris Finlayson. The previous Government introduced the title of Senior Counsel to replace… [NZ Herald Politics]



A battle of wits

Shane “Visa” Jones and Chris Finlayson had a battle of wits in the parliament today. Unfortunately the Attorney General was fighting with an unarmed man.

Hon Shane Jones: How is it a matter of good faith not to have sought advice about such an important Treaty principle as partnership?

Hon CHRISTOPHER FINLAYSON: The issues are tolerably clear, as a result of all the reports on partnership that have been given by the Waitangi Tribunal over the years, including the 2007 report, which castigated that member’s Government for the sloppy way in which it had approached negotiations with Auckland iwi.

Hon Shane Jones: In terms of local government reform and the application of the Treaty of Waitangi, where does the change in Auckland governance derive its legitimacy from—constitutional law or democracy?

Hon CHRISTOPHER FINLAYSON: That is virtually a non-question. The answer is that the legitimacy of local government comes from this House, in that the Local Government Act was passed by this House.

Hon Shane Jones: I raise a point of order, Mr Speaker. That was not the question. The question was in terms of the application of the principles of the Treaty to local government reform. Invite the Attorney-General to skite again and give us a decent answer!

Mr SPEAKER: Points of order should not be made in that way. I believe that the Minister did answer the question.