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More on National’s list issues

Last week we explained why National may have no new List MPs after the election. And why candidates should not expect National to honour any promises about List positions.

It is worth examining this further. National will lose three List MPs to retirement, Parata, Foster-Bell & Naylor. Bishop may win a seat. This will leave 15 current List MPs. ? Read more »

National Rejuvenates while Labour dusts off Laila Harre

Thanks to two recent resignations Bill English has two spots free that he can offer to two new and fresh faces. It is a head start on National’s rejuvenation plan and there is sufficient new talent for him to be able to juggle things around for a new look National. Labour too has people leaving but instead of gaining a fresh new face they have gained a recycled, retread, regurgitated,?old grey mare who ain’t what she used to be?and who even in her heydey never once won an electorate seat.

Laila Harre when she was Kim Dotcom’s politician for hire

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Little for Rongotai? Yeah, nah.

Labour veteran Annette King has confirmed she will stand again in 2017 but possibly only on the list, a step which would open up her Rongotai electorate for leader Andrew Little.Mr Little is currently a list MP and if he does not win an electorate he could be the first Prime Minister who is not also an electorate MP.

Although the party vote determines a party’s representation in Parliament under MMP, there is still some moral weight in being able to win an electorate and Labour is unlikely to want to take any risks.

Mr Little lives in the Rongotai electorate in Wellington – a safe Labour seat in which Ms King has been the local MP since 1993.

Asked if Mr Little had asked her to allow him to stand in the seat, Ms King said “that is hypothetical”.

“We talk to each other all the time, but I’ll make my announcement on what I’m going to do in the future.”

She said she would announce her decision “when I’m ready.”

King is smart enough to see this year out first.? Apart from the far-fetched scenario that Andrew Little will be PM by 2017, and it would look silly if he didn’t have an electorate (Would it? He looks silly now.), the plans hatched over smoky summer barbecues are still to be implemented, and Annette’s got enough scars to know to wait and see how all those turn out. Read more »

The Clown of Campbells Bay is in awe of Len Brown’s time management

clownIn another award winning piece, the Herald’s gurnard writes:

One of the most puzzling aspects of the Len Brown scandal is when he found time to cheat on his wife, says former North Shore City mayor-turned-MP Andrew Williams. ? Read more »

Winston’s nasty minion Asenati Lole-Taylor trips a circuit breaker

NZ First list trougher just doesn’t know when to plug her leaking skull, and shows us how by gushing it’s putrid contents all over facebook. If it wasn’t already bad enough the she was repeating the exaggerated poppycock from The Horrid and Gurnard, she attacks a National supporter who was engaging in reasonable conversation:

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Train wreck in progress: Lole-Taylor swaps shunter for bullet train

Winston Peters needs to have more control over his list MP’s, or at least a quiet word ?in their ear about airing their true thoughts in public. ?Asenati Lole Taylor is hell bent on showing the public why social media is bad for them, and MMP for us. Peters has done an impeccable job at filling his party with like minded people, while he knows his gold card holders will keep voting for him for as long as they’re still alive/able to hold a pen.

In one exchange, Taylor projects stupidity, hypocrisy, ignorance, psychotic paranoia and bitchy snark towards someone that was attempting to have a sensible conversation with her. ?She was so blinded by her own defensive outrage that she forgot what she’d said just a couple of days before.

LOLE1 Read more »

If Tau had become Speaker of the House…


This is what we’ve got instead: Read more »

Why list MPs are scum

List MP poseurs who fancy themselves as ministers would do well to read this article from yesterday about List MPs, and in particular look at the caption on the photo:

Whether voters see the list as a legitimate way of ensuring the retention of capable representatives or a perversion of the electorate’s will depends on their perceptions of any given MP: one voter’s hero is another voter’s hack. At least a losing electorate candidate who returns via the list cannot claim to be the Member for that seat.

If dual candidacies were abolished, the way we are represented might look quite different. The lists for the major parties would no longer reflect the balance of personnel within them, when you consider that four-fifths of National Party ministers are currently electorate MPs.

Certainly being a List MP and losing the party vote in the electorate where you nominally stood wouldn’t endear you too much to the leadership and certainly won’t help you if the leader changes and you backed the wrong team. One thing about politics is that things can change and change fairly rapidly. Being dogmatic about an issue could be career limiting especially if you are dependent on a list ranking for your tenure.


MP for Meerkats perhaps?

Interesting that Paul Goldsmith is describing himself as the MP for Epsom, which is of course incorrect. The Hon. John Banks is the MP for Epsom.

He is a scum List MP who lives in Epsom – a completely different kettle of fish.

Not sure the speaker would agree with Goldsmith’s describing himself as such….perhaps the Member for Meerkats would be more accurate?

Who on Labour's List would make it back in on current polling?

I’m going to do a Farrar. I’m going to steal one of his posts and charts and then comment as if it is original work.

Farrar leaves out a couple of points assuming that Labour hold their seats.

Dalziel will win Christchurch East
Robertson will win Manukau East

So let’s look at who makes it back and who doesn?t.

At 29.5% of the vote the following scum list MPs make it back into parliament.

Rank and Name Effective Rank Party Vote Needed
4. David Parker 1 18%
7. Maryan Street 2 19%
10. Sue Moroney 3 20%
11. Charles Chauvel 4 21%
13. Jacinda Ardern 5 21%
15. Andrew Little 6 22%
16. Shane Jones 7 23%
18. Darien Fenton 8 24%
19. Moana Mackey 9 25%
20. Rajen Prasad 10 25%
21. Raymond Huo 11 26%
22. Carol Beaumont 12 27%
23. Kelvin Davis 13 28%
24. Carmel Sepuloni 14 29%
25. Rick Barker 15 29%

So only one new Labour List MP, Andrew Little. Everyone else misses out.

Tomorrow will feature a post on which Labour constituency seats are vulnerable at 29.5%. There will be some electorate MPs with small majorities with very loose bowels.

Right now if you are a list MP and thinking of keeping Phil Goff as leader you are literally hugging not only Phil’s corpse but your own. If Phil Goff starts plumbing the depths that Bill English did then Labour’s much vaunted next Prime Minister is seriously at risk.

Even though Andrew Little is outside caucus he will be backing a coup by David Cunliffe just so he can try to make it into parliament.