Winston stops short of calling for the death penalty

Winston stops short of calling for the death penalty for looters.

New Zealand First is asking for the government to announce new laws with powerful sentencing for those who loot during periods of civil disaster.

“These individuals are preying on others during periods of extreme stress and tragedy,” says New Zealand First Leader and Northland MP Rt Hon Winston Peters.

“Police time is being wasted chasing looters when they should be free to concentrate on the emergency effort. Their valuable work is diverted by such selfish acts.

“That anyone would rob others at a time of such crisis is evil. ?? Read more »

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Some people are just plain scum

Everyone knows my tolerance for looter is very low…anyone who goes and takes advantage of people suffering in the wake of a natural disaster really should be hurt…badly:

Looters claiming to be contractors have hit at least one tornado-damaged Hobsonville home, prompting authorities to tighten security in the area.

Cordons were set up around the Wallingford Way area after it was badly hit by Thursday’s deadly tornado.

But despite the security measures, looters were able to enter the cordon zone by posing as contractors.

Civil Defence controller Clive Manley said he was aware of one such incident over the weekend, which was reported to police.

He said it was an isolated incident but it was being taken “very seriously”.

“This goes on in normal life and you would hope that it would stop in these sorts of events, but unfortunately there are still people out there who do these things and they continue to do them, which is most unfortunate.”

Mr Manley said security at the cordons had been tightened as a result.


The alienated poor?

Many on the left are claiming the looters and rioters are?the?”alienated?poor”. Funny how the?alienated?poor co-ordinated their rioting via Blackberry phones and other smart phones. Now it turns out that some aren’t the “alienated?poor” at all.

They were, some said, the alienated poor, those without hope, lashing out in rage and despair. But as the accused London rioters started appearing in court they included university students, a wealthy businessman’s daughter and a boy of 11.

At the Highbury Corner Magistrates Court, London, custody vans queued in the street and paperwork poured across every spare surface. They had been working all night. ”Have you been home yet?” asked a dazed-looking court official to her colleague.

By the end of the day in London, 805 people had been arrested in connection with violence, disorder and looting and 251 had been charged.

Here in court you could clearly see the face of the riot: stripped of its hoods and masks, handcuffed to burly security guards, dressed in white prison T-shirts. And it was rather different from what many had been expecting.

Among the accused was Laura Johnson, 19, daughter of a successful company director. She lives in a detached converted farmhouse in Kent, with extensive grounds and a tennis court. She is an English and Italian undergraduate at Exeter.

Before that, she attended St Olave’s Grammar, the fourth-best state school in the country, where she studied A-levels in French, English literature, geography and classical civilisation. On Wednesday, at Highbury, she was accused of looting the Currys superstore, in Charlton, of electrical goods worth ?5000 ($7800).

The case was transferred to Bexleyheath Magistrates Court where she was placed on bail with a strict curfew. A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: ”I wouldn’t expect someone from ? here to be accused of this.”


Goff says he was joking

Phil Goff has said he was joking about calling for looters to be shot.


Wellington, March 10 NZPA – Labour leader Phil Goff joked that the army?should shoot looters stealing goods after the Christchurch earthquake in a
radio interview.

On radio station BFM on February 28, Mr Goff talked about meeting a man in?Linwood whose sister was killed in the quake, whose house had been badly
damaged but then it was ransacked by looters.

“I saw the army out in the street and I thought court martial, firing squads?you just can’t believe how low a small minority of people can get,” he told?the radio station.

Right wing blogger David Farrar highlighted the comment on twitter.

“Interesting that Phil Goff on radio said that army should shoot looters.?Wonder how his caucus feel about his law and order policy?” he wrote.

Mr Goff said it was clear he was joking.

“I was making the point that first of all I had absolute contempt for?anybody who would exploit other people’s misery at a time like this but I?was making a joke … It was obviously not intended to be taken seriously by?anyone other than the most dim-witted National Party blogger.”

However he stood by another remark during the interview about setting?looters to work with a shovel.

“I thought that people who were offending in that way … should be part of?the effort to clean up and help others as a form of restorative justice?rather than exploiting their fellow Cantabrians. They should be required to?carry out a sentence where they had to put something back into the?community.”


Quite apart from Phil Goff claiming to be joking about a situation where a person had lost their family member to the quake he really is now asking us to believe?the?unbelievable.

He not only suggested that looter be court-martialed and shot but also that perhaps some could be “shackled to shovels” and put to work. That is quite different from suggesting as he claims that they “should be part of?the effort to clean up and help others as a form of restorative justice”

Now bear in mind that it is Labour through Grant Robertson that have attacked Judith Collins for suggesting that criminals should go to court then be locked up for a very longtime with a cellmate. Phil Goff went further, he says he joked, about a situation where a family member has lost a family member and that looters should be court martialed and then shot but at the very least they should be shackled to a shovel. What Goff has suggested is of a magnitude far exceeding anything other than rabid bloggers like myself have suggested. For him to essentially deny that he said it by saying he was only joking just makes matters worse.

This is a law and order policy that only the Sensible Sentencing Trust could wish for in their wildest dreams.

Just so we can be aware of the context, I have now obtained the full audio and also details of the short part that Phil says he was joking about. It is clear in the entire interview that there is no joking about this serious situation.

Phil Goff Interview BFM

[http://www.95bfm.com/assets/sm/198778/3/PhilGoff28Feb2011 [dot] mp3]

It is clear that he isn’t joking. And even if he was he shouldn’t have been. Here is the short version…it certainly doesn’t sound like he is joking.

Phil Goff wants to shoot looters by whaleoil

Nope still can’t see it as joking. Grant Robertson and Phil Goff have some explaining to do.

A suggestion for a looter

via the tipline

There isn’t really anything nice anyone can say about looters. One of the tough guys who nicked the generators has some tough stickers.

A reader has sent in a suggest change for the looter for his tattoos.?Nice?t-shirt suggestion too.

Looter - Jed Wilson-Calver

Looter - Jed Wilson-Calver


Know your looters

The names of two men who have been charged with looting generators?have?been released.

Two men arrested for allegedly stealing emergency power generators in earthquake-struck Christchurch have appeared in court.

The two men – 23-year-old Owen Anthony Jackson, a fisherman and Jed Wilson-Calver, 22, unemployed – were last night arrested after allegedly stealing three $6000 emergency power generators.

The generators, donated by TelstraClear, were being used to power roadside cabinets fed up to 500 landline and broadband customers.

Both were denied bail and remanded in custody to reappear on March 28.

They have probably been remanded in custody to protect them from being tarred and feathered then stoned to death. Instead of?custody?couldn’t some stocks be made from some recycled timber that is lying around all over the place.

The two skin-headed men waved offensive hand gestures at photographers and court staff and media present in a makeshift courtroom at the Christchurch Police Station.

Actually the stocks IS too good for them…back to gut-shooting I think.

Police spokeswoman Noreen Hegarty said they would rather be focusing on finding the missing and supporting the injured and homeless but police will take a hard line against thefts, looting and profiteering.

Not as hard line as Genghis Khan would take, which given the circumstances would be acceptable.



More Scum

I have been alerted to more stories of scum who should be gut shot.

TelstraClear says thieves have stolen three back-up generators that it had been using to power roadside cabinets in Christchurch, meaning those cabinets were now running on battery power, threatening fixed-line services for up to 1500 homes and businesses.


The home of TV producer Donna Manning, missing in the Canterbury TV building, has been burgled overnight.

A solo mum, her children were yesterday keeping a vigil outside the building when the house was robbed, her brother Maurice Gardiner told TV1.

Mr Gardiner said the actions of “some uncouths” had increased the suffering of Manning’s family.

“Bad things happen. We are all suffering bad things as a result of this earthquake that we can’t help.”

While people across the city were suffering, he said many were in the position that their valuables had been left in the open.

He pleaded for respect from the “criminal element”.

“Just respect, if you know what that means.”

They are uncouth, they are scum who should be gut-shot and left to die. They have no respect they are opportunists and did I mention scum.

I think the Police need a SOS policy – Shoot on Sight – for looter and thieves.

Meanwhile a different kind of scum are also operating out there. These are religious bigot type scum who are blaming the earthquake on child prostitution, a gay festival and general depravity in Christchurch. I’m not kidding.

Christchurch was founded by a group of devout church going Anglicans, who built a new city with a Cathedral at its centre. They wanted to build a city where God was at the centre of their lives, physically and spiritually. Even the name of the city reflects their intention.

Five generations later, the city chose to tolerate 12 year old girls working as prostitutes on its streets — the result of legislation imposed on NZ by Helen Clark’s government. From the moment that happened, (this is in a city with the spiritual heritage of Christchurch!!), it was only a matter of time before there was a warning from on high.

The warning finally came in September 2010, before dawn broke on what was planned as a week long festival of deliberate and calculated insults to God — L&P week, ie Lesbians and Poofter Week. The high point (low point) of the week was a gender-bending public display of perversion on the Biblical New Year holiday (Rosh Hashanah).

The fact that they have used a domain name to focus ont eh Christchurch earthquake shows that they are clearly linking all this to “god’s wrath”.

There is something that readers can do. They can copy and paste this email to the site’s web hosts Bluehost.

Report abuse

email: [email protected]
Subject: Website complaint

I wish to file a complaint against the following website christchurchquake.net. This website is in violation of your Terms of Service, Section 9, part 14.

Section 9, part 14 states:
Obscene, Defamatory, Abusive or Threatening Language. Use of the Services to store, post, transmit, display or otherwise make available obscene, defamatory, harassing, abusive or threatening language is prohibited.

We ask that in memory of the 75 people that lost their lives, that you close the site to stop causing offense to the victims.


It sickens me as a christian that there are people out there like this. They certainly don’t know the caring forgiving god that I know. If readers can let me know via the tipline of other outrages against?the?people of Christchurch at this time then please let me know.

Can Mappy please ask the army to use live rounds on these bastards

Six people have been arrested for looting in Christchurch, as police set up a curfew in the devastated central city.

Superintendent Dave Cliff said there would be a 6.30pm curfew inside the central business district, allowing access only to those involved in the rescue effort, NZPA reported.

“That’s also about keeping out the criminal element, who we know will try and take advantage,” he said.

“We have made about six arrests today for theft and burglary around the central city.”

Australian police officers will be on hand to help stop looters.

I reckon the anser is to gut shoot them, let them bleed out and put it on Youtube. It will only take one or two and there will be no looters left in Christchurch.


Interesting Names – Looters

A hanging judge is what is needed in Christchurch, looks like they might have found one in Judge Michael Crosbie.

Anyone caught looting in the wake of Christchurch’s devastating earthquake on Saturday would be harshly treated by the courts, a judge warned today.

“The court will be taking a close look at people who offended during this disaster,” Judge Michael Crosbie said.

They would be presented to the courts as being people who were capable of anything.

He made his comment in Christchurch District Court while dealing with series of remands of people alleged to have taken advantage of the disaster.

Justice Crosbie slapped remands in custody or strict curfews on those charged in cases where police alleged the offending was earthquake related.

In line with my policy on open justice residents of Christchurch take note that these people are not your friends:

  • Jack Duckmanton (20) – unemployed
  • Shannon William Johnson (19) – mechanic
  • Daniel Ezekiel Peneha (28) – unemployed
  • Deon Mathew Rich (17) – unemployed
  • Kimiona Ngatamariki (21) – chef

Name an shame people, name and shame. There is no name suppression for looters, how about we apply that to pedophiles too?

Looters will be shot