Fourth is third loser, you muppets

The Herald really are mentally challenged. On the front page of their site yesterday they were claiming one of their staff members was a “champ”.

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The bigotry of low expectations hurts all of us

A propaganda video is being shown inside American high schools. It is an ?animated white privilege video. Its purpose is to ?encourage ?racial discourse? ?but it has led to a backlash from ?people who ?do not like the references to so-called white privilege.

?They are sitting there watching a video that is dividing them up from a racial standpoint. It?s a White guilt kind of video,? Don Blake, whose granddaughter attended the assembly where the video was shown, told told WWBT. ?I think somebody should be held accountable for this.?

The key premise of the video is cringeworthy. ?It portrays white people, specifically white men as the winner of all things while showing black people to be losers and unable to overcome any obstacles in their way. I don’t understand why the people who created this video can’t see how incredibly racist, belittling and patronising it is. ?The video uses the analogy of a running race which is quite ironic considering that when it comes to real running races black people usually dominate.

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Idiots of the Week

These idiots used the courier bags in the same place they stole them from.

A couple who stole courier packs and stamps from a post shop returned an hour later to post one of the packs.

Phillip James Morley, 33, unemployed and Kelly Smith, 17, were expecting a baby and had ordered baby clothes online.

After the clothes arrived they needed to return some but they had no money to send them back, their lawyer George Linder, said.

The couple appeared in Westport District Court last week and pleaded guilty to shoplifting charges.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Michelle Payne said that on May 4 the pair went to the Westport PostShop and uplifted courier packs and stamps to the value of $105 without paying for them. ? Read more »

Big Money Doesn’t Win Campaigns



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If you listen to the Greens you would think that Big Money was the most evil thing in politics, and that the wealthy could buy their way to power.

This election has proven this to be bullshit.

Colin Craig and Kim Dotcom have pissed away over $4m each on losing causes.

They spent far more than Labour or the Greens or Winston and still lost.

Money doesn?t buy elections. You need competent people, not egomaniacs. Money helps but if you don?t spend it wisely you end up with the results Kim and Colin got.? Read more »

Pimping the poor and the stupid again from the Herald

The NZ Herald has a sob story about a mother and her ‘family’ having to live in a tent. Here is their headline.


It could just as easily been:

Have too many kids, move town with no planning, demand a free house from the government, then go to the papers when you don’t get one

That headline would be much more accurate when you read the actual story.

Housing New Zealand has apologised to a family of seven who lived in a tent for five weeks as they waited for a house to become available in Tauranga.

The family, including five children aged from 2 to 11, have been living in a two-bedroom tent next to the Wairoa River, just outside Bethlehem, since December 13. They have had to use the public toilets across the bridge and bathe in the river.? Read more »

Does the Herald have to use the same poor losers for every story about poverty?

The NZ Herald has another woe is me I’m a poor drop-kick story today…and they’ve pimped out the same useless drop-kicks they have used for years.

Craig and Carla Bradley, the parents of three boys, were forced to move out of their Auckland home because they couldn’t pay the rent and their car was repossessed.

Craig’s job as a van driver and maintenance man at a Takanini kindergarten earns him $16 an hour.

Carla, 31, took a job as a teacher’s aid for six months but found all her wages were being spent on childcare.

“I was getting $100 a fortnight, and it didn’t really go anywhere,” she said.

She said the couple sometimes skip dinner to feed their sons and they are living with friends in Papakura while awaiting the fate of a Housing New Zealand application.

Can’t the NZ Herald find any other poor people? Here is what a google search reveals about the relationship between the hard done by but clearly stupid Bradley family and them. ? Read more »

How about getting HER fixed?

Stuff has a nice fluff story about the coppers helping fix up a poor person’s house.

Police have helped a South Auckland family of 13 avoid eviction by transforming their Housing New Zealand home, bringing it up to proper living standards.

The Flat Bush Neighbourhood Policing Team gained the support of the local community and businesses to upgrade the home, which was in such a poor state of repair the family was on its last chance with HNZ.

Constable Karen Ancell said 11 children lived at the house with their 32-year-old mother who was pregnant.

“We have stepped in to get the house up to scratch so the family can make a fresh start,” Ancell said.

“They are struggling, to say the least, and some of the children are starting to come to police attention.”

More than 40 volunteers helped with the make over while businesses donated materials and services.

The volunteers fumigated the house, repaired damaged walls and painted the interior. Outside they tidied the grounds, erected raised garden beds and planted vegetables.

Police, Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity representatives also donated furnishings to completely refurnish the house.

The community’s input for a family they had never met was huge, Ancell added.

“It’s about giving a family a fresh start. They are in a good place to change now, whereas in the past that hasn’t been the case.”

But giving them a home they can be proud of is just the first step. The police are also working to give the family the tools to become good members of society.

Where do I start with this;

  • It isn’t their home that just got fixed up…it is ours, that they destroyed in the first?place.
  • 32 years old and 11 Kids and number 12 on the way…WTF! Does she flip it for anyone who wants to run one up her?
  • Where is/are the fathers?
  • If they are struggling it is their own bloody fault…contraception is far cheaper than 12 bloody kids…she has chosen poverty because she chose to flip it up.
  • How much welfare is poured into that household?
  • What on earth is going to make this indigent family change their ways? THey have learned a valuable lesson though…if you live like a pig then someone will come along and make it all right again.

FFS…there is no way that 12 kids is a mistake…unless you are the stupidest person in the world.

Arise Sir David Cunliffe?


Before he bends over and takes it too firmly up the chook from an Invisible Man and colleagues who have run to Duncan Garner to tell tales, David Cunliffe should take some heart from an observation.

The last Labour MP who plotted an unsuccessful coup against the ?(much stronger) Leader not only ended up Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister but was given a Knighthood by a National government.

Why Labour MPs don’t quit

In the DomPost today there is a compelling article that explains why Labour MPs don’t?generally?quit until they have a nice comfy state funded job to go to. Simply put they are inept, useless and unemployable outside of the state sector.

Georgina Beyer has her annual ‘woe is me‘ whinge:

Former Labour MP Georgina Beyer says she is broke and living off the unemployment benefit in a one-bedroom granny flat.

Ms Beyer, 54, now lives in Johnsonville with no money and no job, having sold her house and everything she owned in an attempt to stay financially afloat.

“I’m just the great unwashed now,” she said, adding that Work and Income seemed geared toward helping young people. It devoted little attention to older age groups, she suggested.

It is a stunning fall by a politician who made history when, in 1995, she became the world’s first openly transsexual mayor after winning the Carterton mayoralty.

She served as mayor till 1999, after which she represented the Labour Party in Parliament, first as MP for Wairarapa and then, from 2005, as a list MP.

She said she had sent “God knows how many job applications”, but has had no luck.

“I’m thinking I’ve got all of this skill and experience … I must be able to fit in somewhere.”

No you don’t darling, you are a waste of space and the market has spoken about your worth. Other Labour MPs will be reading this article hoping and praying that David Shearer’s rejuvenation plans don;t feature them.

Broke or Ignored?

Labour aren’t having a campaign launch:

The Labour Party has broken from tradition by deciding not to have an official campaign launch this year.

It will instead mark the start of its campaign in a low-key way – with a policy announcement on savings to media tomorrow in its own caucus room.

The decision not to have a launch event is unusual – the events are considered to provide valuable media and television coverage of a leader speaking to an audience of supporters in the lead up to the election.

Is Labour trying to hide their inept and ineffectual leader? For a man who would pretend he wants to be Prime Minister it’s amazing he won;t even have a campaign launch. So on a day when Labour should have been focussing on the economy instead the media are talking about how tits they are at not having a campaign launch.

But no matter the spin is:

Labour is running a campaign based on policy and the team and not trying to create some sort of personality cult.

How refreshing.

Oh my, she has been gone a scant three years and already they have forgotten the Dear Leader.