Lucy Lawless

And tomorrow’s protest: on water being wet


How on earth can you protest Climate Change?

People are gathering in towns and cities to join a global event called the People’s Climate March.

The biggest event in New Zealand will start just before llam today in Albert Park in Auckland.

Celebrities expected to attend include Lucy Lawless and Hayley Holt and they will be joined by academics, union organisers and church leaders.

The event kicks off a weekend of marches around the world aiming to put pressure on global leaders gathering in Paris.

Fala Haulangi, a Tuvaluan and union organiser, says climate change is about the survival and “the very existence of my people”.

While Sarah Thomson, a law student at Waikato University, wants urgent and meaningful action on climate change.

“As a young person, I will see the effects of climate change unfold within my lifetime. It is our generation, and our children’s generation, who will pay the true cost of decisions made by generations before us.”

Some people think they can stop change. ? And of those a large amount of people are modern day Luddites. ?I would love someone to come along and explain to me how marching against the climate changing is going to achieve anything. ? Read more »

NZ top of the list for Luxury travel too

You’d think listening to opposition parties and politicians that New Zealand sucked.

The problem with that is visitors love our country.

And now we have been rated top spot to visit by luxury travellers.

New Zealand has topped leading US luxury travel agency Virtuoso?s annual ?Hot List?, winning the honour for the biggest year-on-year growth in luxury travel.

The announcement was made at Virtuoso Travel Week, held in August, in front of 4,420 delegates, attending from 92 countries ? the largest delegate attendance ever.

New Zealand topped the list by a wide margin, with a staggering increase of 196 per cent growth year-on-year. Chile followed in second place, with an increase of 103 per cent, while Indonesia, Hungary and Hong Kong made up the remainder of the top five. ?? Read more »

Memo to Lucy Lawless: NFWAB

Lucy Lawless has been gobbing off about playing Cactus Kate in a movie on Dirty Politics.

Looks like Cactus got in first today while on holiday.


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So Hager lied about not knowing who the hacker was

Nicky Hager’s story about the book keeps on changing.

When he launched the book he denied knowing the hacker, then he said he handed back the data to the hacker he denied knowing.

And now he says they are good friends…and he knows him well.

But it was Hager?s discussion of his new book which captivated the audience.

He described tracking down the hacker who attacked Slater?s IT system and spending weeks convincing him to share his information.

Hager promised he would ensure the information release was ??something more lasting and of bigger value?? than the hacker?s planned Twitter dump.

He said knowing the source of information and their motives for releasing it was essential.

??I know him [the hacker] well now, and I trust him,?? he said. ??His motivation was that Cameron Slater was a bastard and we?ll do him over.??

??The reason he attacked him was he thought he was a p****.??

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Face of the day

Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless

Lawless by name and lawless by nature, Lucy Lawless has given us permission to spy and nark on those linked to the Green and and? Labour party as well as Internet Mana.

She is all for it because apparently it is good for our democracy.

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An interview with an Israeli pro-Palestinian singer

NOA profile

Photo/ Anton Diaz, Our Awesome Planet

Last night prior to standing on an 11th floor balcony in TelAviv for my interview the The Nation I was at a concert and dinner. The performer was?Achinoam Nini.

A pre-concert short interview was arranged and some of the media team I was with were invited in.

I was there, and recorded the audio of the “interview”.

You can judge for yourself from the audio, but my over riding impression was that this was the Israeli singer equivalent of a Robyn Malcolm or Lucy Lawless. A performer in love with the cound and fury of her own voice thinking that she added something intelligent to the debate.

The film crew from Taiwan conducted the interview…such as it was, more of rant than anything else. ?? Read more »

A reader emails

This email was in my inbox when I got home from court yesterday:

Hello Cam and friends,

I thought you would appreciate the email I sent off to the NZ Herald subscription dept today:

“Today I am writing to cancel my subscription to the NZ Herald after a very long association. I have been a daily reader since delivering the paper in my teens in the 1970?s and my father being a delivery agent.

However I have become increasingly disillusioned over the last year with the paper’s view of what constitutes ‘news’, as opposed to sensational and often biased left wing spin. I had not realised the extent of this until becoming a regular reader of ‘Whaleoil’, enlightening me to the often not told other side to many of the items you report on. Views that a balanced newspaper of record should be giving, along with your current left wing spin. The easy ride you give the Labour and Green parties, the lack of obvious questions not asked and so on, the stories not followed up … ? Read more »

Herald too thick to fact check

The Herald are worried about the penguins:

“However, what we’re seeing now is that climate change is resulting in even less ice, and this is now bad for Adelies and chinstraps because they no longer have enough food.”

Apparently the Herald believe “research” that warming and reduced ice in the Antarctic is negatively affecting penguins – except – the southern ice is at a record high – doh!? Read more »

Definitely a Brighter Day, says Whaleoil reader [ UPDATED ]


Via the Tipline

A brighter day maybe, but Herald home deliveries to east Auckland didn?t make it this morning.

Our GM lives in Mission Bay and his paper didn?t arrive at home, nor was it in the shops he passed.

Maybe they all went to South Auckland?

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Well, at least we know her ego is just fine


The NZ Herald are all cock-a-hoop about today’s issue because it has been guest-edited by Green Party cheerleader Lucy Lawless.

It will appeal to some, but for me that just means the Herald will be even less attractive than usual.

I wonder if the Herald will “balance things up” by letting people that represent the other parts of the political spectrum.

Who would you pick to editor the Herald for… Labour and National that aren’t actually directly on the party payrolls?

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