Luigi Wewege

Palino for Mayor? Yeah… naaaaah

The Herald on Sunday are trying to revive the political corpse that’s John Palino

Last year’s defeated Auckland mayoral candidate is not ruling out another tilt at the mayoral chains.

“I’m keeping that open,” the restaurateur told the?Herald on Sunday?yesterday. “I get people often, pretty much every day, saying: ‘I hope you run again’.”

Palino, speaking at length for the first time since the election, said the decision would be made in about 18 months. “Depending on where I’m at, what I’m doing with my partner, my family and ? hopefully ? having children.”

In comments likely to frustrate his critics, Palino reiterated he’d had no advance or detailed knowledge of mayor Len Brown’s affair with Bevan Chuang, a liaison that sparked the country’s biggest sex scandal in years.

Auckland wants to get rid of Len Brown so badly, it will accept anything that comes along that doesn’t look like it is going to work them over.

Palino isn’t such a man. ?He’s severely tainted and doesn’t deserve to have a second go, no matter how early his image revitalisation run is started with the help of a paper that is looking to work its way into the next mayor’s office. ? Read more »

Makes Luigi’s $13,000 look insignificant

The media were all agog last week, because shock horror someone got paid to work on a campaign.

And the truly horrifying amounts…just $13,000. More fuss was made of that payment to Luigi Wewege than the hundreds of thousands shovelled through Len Brown’s secret trust.

Now look at the US and wonder at the stupidity of our media. A recently settled campaign finance case in California shows you just a snippet of the amount of cash trucking around for political campaigning.

The just-settled California case offers an example of both gambits, along with a textbook case of the new dark-money shuffle. The state?s Fair Political Practices Commission traced $29 million raised to run ads about state ballot measures through a daisy chain of 501(c)4 tax-exempt groups, which are not required to identify donors?hence the ?dark money.? The lynchpin for this maneuver was the Center to Protect Patients Rights (CPPR), run by a former Capitol Hill staffer named Sean Noble. Operating out of a post-office box in Arizona, CPPR?s sole function is to accept grants, then turn around and make grants for a network of conservative nonprofits. ? Read more »

Len Brown from the perspective of the left

I am never going to agree with Danyl McLauchlan on most things political. But you can be assured that if Danyl and Malcolm Harbrow from No Right Turn and I agree on something then it is probably where most people are thinking things are at.

Danyl says:

So the first thing I do is put the whole Bevan Chuang, Cameron Slater, Luigi Wewege, John Palino, John Slater sleazefest to one side for a minute. Then get a bit of perspective by asking myself: Danyl? How would you feel if a right-wing politician secretly took $39,000* from a casino company to cheat on his wife while he was lobbying to have the law changed to benefit that casino company and then lied about it to the public?

Well, my reaction to that would be that the hypothetical right-wing politician was a disgusting, corrupt untrustworthy crook and that he?d disgraced his office and should resign. Which means ? since I think politicians should be held to the same standard irrespective of their political?allegiances -?that I think Len Brown is?disgusting, corrupt etc and should resign. That was pretty easy!? Read more »

$1000 a week is hardly excessive for a 7 day work week

Cherie Howie at the Herald on Sunday would like you to be enraged at Palino campaign staff being paid $13,000 “just three months’ work?”.

Even if people work only a 40 hour week that’s about $200 a day, or $25/hr. ?Before costs. ?Before tax.

But please, be outraged.

Political campaign worker Luigi Wewege pocketed $13,000 for just three months’ work on John Palino’s failed Auckland mayoral bid – a sum that has surprised volunteers on other political campaigns.

Wewege was the man Bevan Chuang says pressured her to blow the whistle on her affair with mayor Len Brown before the election. Chuang and Wewege were in a relationship at the time, she says. He denied her claims, but has left New Zealand for the United States.

His payment is noted in Palino’s election donations and expenses return, which had to be filed by Friday. Palino also paid $13,800 to Textile Associates, a company owned by campaign manager John Slater.

I can assure you that working up to an election, there are no 8 hour days, and there are no 5 day work weeks. ?It’s all on, all the time. ?You’re on call 24/7. ?You need to respond to situations day, night, weekends and even if you’re trying to have some time off. ? Read more »

Bill Ralston is a sensible and wise man

Bill Ralston is a sensible and wise man.

He writes in the Listener:

I have met blogger Cameron Slater several times and I?m making no smart-arse remarks about him because I have no wish to attract his unwanted attention to the messy shambles of my own confused life. Besides, he?s very large and is heavily armed.

People with dodgy and murky pasts would do well to avoid my attention (Not that I am saying that about Bill, on the contrary I quite like Bill)…poking me with a stick is a guarantee for their lives to be unpacked in lurid detail, especially if they have left a trail of destruction behind them.

His comments about Len Brown’s survivability are probably predicated on his lack of knowledge about what else lurks out there for Len Brown. They are still funny though.

The bloggers and Len?s opponents thought he would promptly resign with embarrassment but Len proved tougher and, I believe, less embarrassed than they imagined. They forgot that a part of Len believes he really is a bad-ass black rapper. You may recall the cringe-making ?Da mayor is in da house!? blathering he is prone to indulge in. It finally paid off for him and he fronted up to Whale Oil?s attempted drive-by assassination attempt by letting fire with both barrels of an impressive public relations damage control strategy. ? Read more »

Hosking on the Brown affair

Mike Hosking is scathing on the whole Len Brown affair…and Brown’s refusal to resign.

In this week?s developments (and it?s only Tuesday) we have Ms Bevan Chuang talking to TVNZ in what could really only be described as a very light, go nowhere sort of piece with the exception of the fact she confirmed her and Mr Brown were at it when he gave her a reference for a job at the art gallery. Now this is the bit I am interested in because it goes to rule breaking, not mere titillation. But back to that in a moment.

Hosking is right…this is inappropriate use of power and a breach of the council’s own code of conduct for elected members. I must point out though that Len Brown says that the Council’s Code of Conduct for Elected Members doesn’t apply to him. No media have thought to ask the mayor why that is…as it clearly states it does apply to him. It even specifically mentions the Mayor and roles and responsibilities. For Len Brown to claim this Code of Conduct doesn’t apply to him is outrageous. But then again the media are protecting Mayor Brown not holding him to account.? Read more »

When idiots try to sound clever

One certain idiot is trying desperately to sound clever…while spinning up a non-existent conspiracy.

Luigi Wewege comes across like one of those cretinous social climbing fuctards that pollute the Young Nat landscape like masticating cancer tumors in a smoker?s lungs.

Hmm…where to start with that statement…ok let’s start with the insult…it is fucktard not fuctard.


A contraction of “fucking retard”.

fucking + retard = fucktard

That prick who demanded his girlfriend have an abortion is such a fucktard.

Only fucktards are deadbeat dads.

As for “masticating” tumours? I mean WTF? ? Read more »

Two more stories and both confirm what I have said all along

Despite the best efforts of shadow-dweller Hamish Price to beat up a conspiracy not a single shred of “evidence” has been produced to counter what I have said all along.

It is claimed that Stephen Cook and I, along with my father and John Palino MUST HAVE KNOWN about the affair of Len Brown and Bevan Chuang…and yet not a single piece of evidence has been produced.

In another manufactured Hamish Price story…in todays Herald on Sunday he shamelessly pushes Bevan Chuang further into the spotlight by now making claims of exoneration from blackmail…a story manufactured by him all along. The evidence the HoS cites shows no such intimation of any affair, only discussions of texts and rather tame ones at that. Inf act very piece of evidence splashed by the Herald has proved what I have said all along.

If someone came to me with texts with that content in them and tried to suggest I stand down I would laugh in their face.

Luigi Wewege has also broken his silence and confirmed what has been said my myself, my father and John Palino…again there is no contradictory evidence. Just a personal vilification by the Herald against opponents of Len Brown…with no corroborating evidence…they must be running very close to a defamation action or at the very least accusations of harassment.

The fact remains…unchallenged by any evidence that Bevan Chuang never revealed details of her affair with Len Brown to me or anyone else until Monday the day before I broke the story. ? Read more »

How the media manipulate, the Drinnan case study


John Drinnan

John Drinnan asked me for an interview…since he and David Fisher seem to think trolling on Twitter is what decent journalists, trained and skilled should spend all day doing you can imagine I was reticent.

He sent through his questions and I and answered them…Here is my reply in full….once you have read that you can go see what John Drinnan did with it…you will note I warned him…publish it all or not at all, and that I would publish it anyway. Apparently there isn’t enough space online to have published in full…seriously that was his answer!

Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 9:07 PM

From: Cam Slater

To: John Drinnan

I won’t post these questions to my blog until you’ve published them. I’ve taken the liberty of providing substantial as opposed to yes/no answers. Wouldn’t be much of an interview without it I guess. I would prefer them to be published in total or not at all. Thanks.

1. Regarding the Len Brown/Bevan Chuang story – do you have more evidence against Brown to hand.

At the time I’m responding to your interview, yes. Not sure what the situation will be by the time your readers read my answers. More information keeps coming to me. The timeline spans from before his first marriage, his current one, at work, and various extra marital events in addition to Bevan Chuang. It is still my position he is not fit to be Mayor of Auckland. I knew of Bevan Chuang for a good two months, and even the day before I published I didn’t think it was a story worth publishing. Only when we had the undisputed and now verified affidavit did we make it public. This is why everything I know won’t all come out. Some of it is simply not relevant, because it is indeed just personal. But some of it may become pertinent to the public discussion surrounding Len Brown’s Mayoralty. They say that timing is everything, so one of my options is to see where Brown takes this, and just as it all looks like he’s safe and ready to start kissing babies again, I’ll publish the next story. ? Read more »

The Whaleoil Quiz about the Len Brown Scandal


How well do you think you know the Len Brown Sex Scandal?

Take the test to find out:

What gifts does Bevan claim to have received from Mayor Len Brown?

A: Lingerie
C: A ?Pearl?Necklace?
D: All of the above

Where did Len Brown purchase the cheap lingerie gifted to Bevan?

A: The Warehouse
B: A Salvation Army Opshop
C: Trade Me
D:Bras and Things

What items do ratepayers think are likely to be thrown out in next months Inorganic collection by the Auckland City Council?

A: The table from the Ngati Whatua room in the Town Hall
B: The couch in the Mayors office
C: Len Brown
D: All of the above. ? Read more »