How long before the public health busybodies demand this here?


Political correctness has gone seriously wrong and now David Cameron’s government has shows just how stupid they can sometimes be.

They have just authorised teachers to become food stasi, with the right to inspect kids lunch boxes, and confiscate food they deem unhealthy.

This totally overrides parental responsibility, I can’t imagine what they will try next?

Teachers can lawfully “confiscate, keep or destroy” unhealthy snacks in children’s school lunch boxes, a Government minister has said.

Lord Nash, an education minister, said that the child in question and a second member of staff should be present during the search. Parents must also be warned that the searches might take place.

The peer was answering question in the House of Lords about the powers that “teachers in the state sector have to inspect children’s lunch boxes and to confiscate items that they deem unsuitable”.

Lord Nash said it was up to school governors “whether to ban certain products to promote healthy eating.  Read more »


Dunedin is out to lunch: Prefers John Minto and Hone Harawira

I don’t know what they’ve got in the water in Dunedin, but this is just sick

The Otago Daily Times reports:

Want to do lunch? Well, who would you most like to have it with?

Politicians featured as the most undesirable lunch companions. Mr Key, Deputy Prime Minister Bill English, Justice Minister Judith Collins and Social Development Minister Paula Bennett all got the cold shoulder in Dunedin.

That’s not completely surprising I guess.  However:   Read more »

Need Marmite, problem solved

Last week I received and email from Habitual Fix:


The fresh food chain, have successfully imported a small amount of British Marmite via Columbia to spread amongst their nutrition-hungry customers. British Marmiteis the original Marmite, which is ‘the original yeast spread’.


For more information or interviews please contact:

Kate McGahan
[email protected]

Coincidentally I heard Leighton Smith raving about a package he had delivered and he was impressed that they had caught him and so pumped their little marketing ploy.

He at least had received a package…I hadn’t, so I replied:

You sent a box of stuff to Leighton Smith and a press release to me?

Obviously you value my audience at zero.

Much and all as I like Marmite I just can’t see a value proposition in this for me.

My personal policy for pimping product is “nothing for nothing”, which is what you will get.

Kate replied to me:

Hi Cam,

Yes we did send a box of sammies to Leighton Smith this morning – and I understand your position on nothing for nothing – fair enough!

The goal of this mornings package drop was to target radio stations in the central city (so the food stayed fresh) with more activity around other media rolled out throughout the week – I do apologise that you were not involved in the first round of activity.

Nothing to do with how we value your audience but I do see your point!

We don’t expect you to cover the news or Habitual Fix at all now, but in the spirit of smoothing things over and because I know the Habitual Fix team are bloody good buggers at heart,  given the nature of your email I would love to organise a delivery to you for this afternoon – you may as well try the sandwich now right?


Kate McGahan

40 minutes later this turned up:

Inside the two bags was several wrapped sandwiches plus two fruit smoothies:

And inside each package were sandwiches like this:

The sandwiches were fresh and delicious and included some of their supplied black gold. The sandwiches were outstanding and the smoothies, not something I normally drink were super tasty and refreshing too. Thanks Habitual Fix, from the bottom of my stomach!

Habitual Fix didn’t even have to reply to my surly message but they did and really outdid themselves. Since they met my posting policy requirements for product placement this post is to tell readers that if you need some British Marmite then the place to get it is from Habitual Fix.

They deserve your patronage simply for their ability to respond (many wouldn’t have!) So order online (the deliver) or find a store close to you to get your fix.