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Slater speaks out! Well, I never…


Some of what I told TV3 earlier today, for those who need to catch up

Prime Minister John Key has had further contact with Cameron Slater since Monday night’s text message chat about the Security Intelligence Service’s (SIS) release of documents to the blogger in 2011.

Slater has confirmed to 3 News he had to provide Mr Key with the text messages so his office could make them public.

“I provided them to him because he doesn’t keep his texts, and he requested that I provide the texts and I sent them through,” says Slater.

In the exchange, which Mr Key initially told Parliament didn’t take place but later backtracked to confirm it had, Slater claims Phil Goff leaked the report in full, that Labour chief of staff Matt McCarten was behind the hacking of his computer that led to Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics, and that he has evidence his political opponents “tried to kill” him.

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Are Rawshark and The Comedian linked? You decide

Rawshark is?a bastardisation of Rorscharch.


Rorscharch being one of the Marvel?DC Comics masked?villains of course. ?One of the?Watchmen.

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About moderation, ideas and life

By Pete

The Cameron Slater that started blogging 9 years ago was sick, angry and lashing out. ?What he wrote was vile, upsetting and visceral. ?Yet there was a constant kernel of truth and a continuous provision of information and insights into the political process you could never get anywhere else. ?A small audience began to grow.

As was the thing, back in the day, allowing non-moderated comments to appear was part of the deal. ?It was a point of pride.

The theory was that smart readers would realise that the views of commenters were not those of the blog or its operator. ?And Cam personally felt (and still does, if we’re to be honest), that free speech is sacrosanct to the point where he would allow anything to be written.

The problem was that he assumed readers would not connect those comments to him, and instead judge?only the writer of such comments.

It’s no secret that since I’ve gotten involved, I’ve been busy mainstreaming Cameron Slater. ?Knocking the rough edges off. ?Making him sleep on things for another day before putting ‘pen to paper’. ?That certainly improved the general acceptability of the blog, and the audience grew. ?But we seemed to be hitting another barrier.

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Clayton knows what’s coming…

Independent MP Clayton Cosgrove knows that the Dirty Politics story is far from over. ?He’s trying to cauterise some wounds…



Clayton, I think the left blogs?are to do whatever they like. ?They are the left’s best advertisement for everything that puts people off about left politics. ?Leave them be. ?Also: ?what’s with Labour trying to shut people up? ?Stop it already.

I realise there is some bad news heading Labour’s way, and it is better if there is no backsplatter from the the blogs. ?I understand that. ?But it isn’t solved by trying to make them shut down.

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The post from The Standard that Labour doesn’t want you to see

Lyn Prentice from The Standard likes to go on about how independent the authors are, how no one tells them what to do or say, and since the election has been gobbing off repeatedly along those lines.

Then yesterday he wrote a post attacking Clayton Cosgrove.

In the afternoon however the post disappeared, and this message popped up on The Standard.

standard message

So, after telling us how all independent?they are they get a message from Tim Barnett to take the post down, and incredibly they then do so.

I have had, over the years, many requests from the hierarchy of the National party requests to take posts down, or instructions to stop bashing people, like Peter Goodfellow, and all those requests were met with a polite “Get stuffed”. If they pushed the issue then it go a stronger response along the lines of “Go f*ck yourself”.

Yet here we have a supposedly independent blog and author taking orders from the Labour party hierarchy.

Word from my Labour sources, both inside Fraser House and labour’s caucus is that Barnett and Moira Coatsworth are trying to hose down the animosity and open warfare and so are strong arming people to shut up, or remove posts like the one that has disappeared from The Standard.

Unfortunately for the world’s greatest sysop this is the internet…and nothing is gone even when you delete it.

So as a public service and as a matter of public interest in trying to understand why the Labour party is successfully censoring The Standard,?here is the text of the post that the Labour party is trying to quietly bury. ?? Read more »

Dimpost on the left’s slaughter

Danyl McLauchlan writes about the slaying of the?left.

  • The National Party is an incredibly well resourced, well managed, professional political party and it turns out that these things counted for a?lot?last night.
  • The phone was not off the hook for Labour. Twelve months ago, just after Cunliffe won the leadership of his party Labour?were on 37% with the Greens on 12%. There?s a cliche that oppositions don?t win elections, government?s lose them, but Labour lost this election. Cunliffe is probably the worst campaigner in New Zealand political history.
  • Based on the preliminary figures I think turnout will end up being slightly higher than last time but still very low. I was a strong advocate for a strategy of?having left-wing parties try and improve their vote by targeting and mobilising younger voters, but it turns that that strategy is?electoral suicide!?Sorry guys!
  • So the lesson from last night?s right-wing landslide seems to be that older New Zealanders are very engaged with the political process and younger New Zealanders are not. That?s a shame but it?s a message politicians cannot ignore. No one?s going to waste time and energy chasing ?the youth vote? again for a very long time.

Youth don’t vote, ever. A few Nat MPs I know don’t bother chasing this vote, the effort required for the payoff means you are better off working elsewhere.

  • I think that the best way forward for Labour is for Cunliffe and ?the old guard? ? Goff, Mallard and King ? to resign. They?ve been at war for six years now and they?re tearing their party apart. I doubt this will happen though. The civil war will drag on for another parliamentary term. That party is dying.

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Trial by video could endanger prisoners' rights, say lawyers

Trial by video could endanger prisoners’ rights, say lawyersPrisoners could miss out on important rights to consult a lawyer and cross-examine witnesses if proposed cost-cutting video links are taken too far, say lawyers. Justice Minister Simon Power is considering the use of video links… [NZ Herald Politics]

Oh cry me a river of tears. Prisoners rights my arse.

If you want rights don’t go to jail. End of story.

Bloody Civil Liberties lawyers, put them all in the slammer and thro away the key.

Whispers around Wellington

Yesterday Clare Curran twittered that she was looking forward to grilling Simon Power at the select committee. The word has it that the grilling was hardly more than a warming in front of a one bar heater and easily batted away. The feeling is that Clare Curran was using the select committee to astound everyone with the depth of her knowledge on the subject at hand and Simon Power obligingly de-powered her grilling by blowing smoke up her ass.

Also in the select committee rooms Lianne Dalziel denied two things. First that she does not read, yes she mentioned it in the select committee and second that she “won’t be standing for the Christchurch mayoralty…..this term”. It seems the other MP’s do though because they were good naturedly teasing Lianne about her pending non-announcement.

More stories from the depths of Wellington will be posted as they come to hand via the Tipline.

Power plugs public defenders office

Taurus Judge: Public Defender

Power plugs public defenders officeThe Government may establish a Crown-run public defenders office to represent defendants who cannot afford a lawyer. [Stuff Politics]

I think the government is barking up the wrong tree on this sort of Public Defender system. I have a much better suggestion that was revealed to me by a quick goolge search for Public Defender.

Meet the Taurus Judge: Public Defender. Chambering the same .45 Colt and .410 shotshells as the other handguns in the Judge line, the Public Defender is built on a smaller frame (the 85 series frame), and is clearly designed for concealed carry.  The Public Defender still chambers five rounds, yet is smaller and lighter, weighing only 28.2 ounces for the stainless or blued versions, and 26 ounces for the blued steel/titanium cylinder model.

The is definately the kind of public defender that would sort out most of our criminal justice problems. The Taurus Judge series is named thus because of the number of judges who carry it into the courtroom for their protection. As Taurus say the “Taurus Judge” is one decision-maker that lays down the law.



OJ kicked to touch

OJ Simpson has finally been put away and it could be for the rest of his natural life.

He is 61 and must spend a minimum of nine years in the slammer for an armed robbery in a hotel room. the total sentence though is 33 years, so if he fails to make parole the first time it may well be the last time as well.

Justice has finally caught up with the lying bastard.

Judith Collins and Simon Power should take note of the length of sentencing in the US for crimes such as armed robbery.