Maggie Barry

Will it be Barry that burns the Bridges

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Was it a smart move on the part of Bennett and Bridges to leap to Barry’s defence before they were in possession of all the facts? Just because Barry joined the Bridges and Bennett blagging of Jami-Lee, it does not prove that all her actions were lily-white.

There is such a thing as the long-game and it is certainly not to be confused with the knee-jerk. One would really expect politicians a little past their first term in the Beehive would understand this. Quote.

The Auditor-General has recommended an investigation into Maggie Barry’s alleged use of parliamentary staff for party purposes.

In December 2018 an official complaint was laid over allegations that the North Shore MP instructed a staff member to carry out National Party work during work hours.

A spokesperson for Ms Barry said on Thursday she “denies any breaches occurred and welcomes the opportunity to talk with Parliamentary Services about any concerns”.

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Why is Maggie Barry trying to take 22ha from protected conservation land?

Who would ever have thought that a conservation minister would be going to the Supreme Court in order to remove 22ha of protected forest in order to build a dam and flood the park.

An environmental organisation is seeking support ahead of a Supreme Court hearing on the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme.

Today environmental organisation Forest & Bird released a video showing “some of the public conservation land which will be destroyed if a land swap allowing New Zealand’s largest irrigation dam goes ahead”.

The land in question is 22ha of the Ruahine Forest Park, which has been subject to a legal battle over a proposed land swap.

In September the Court of Appeal upheld a Forest and Bird appeal which argued the land swap of the 22 hectares of the Ruahine Forest Park, for 170ha of land the Hawke’s Bay Regional Investment Company (HBRIC) would potentially buy from Smedley Station, was unlawful. ? Read more »

Are Auckland Future handing a North Shore Seat to Grant Gillon?

New Zealand?s favourite grandmother, Maggie Barry, has had a go at long standing right wing council stalwart George Wood, who the halfwitted Auckland Future have decided to run two candidates against.

You may fault George for being a bit boring, but he votes the right way and is a sure vote for the right, so why is Auckland Future and Maggie Barry trying to shaft him?

“I don’t want to be restricted from giving citizens of North Shore the focused attention they deserve and need. Also, I am concerned that we must first review the range and standards of service council is providing for our citizens,” Mr Wood said.

On Monday, Auckland Future announced it had selected former Takapuna community board member Fay Freeman and Kaipatiki Local Board member Danielle Grant to contest the two North Shore ward seats.

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National Ministers channel their inner-Clark as nanny-statism takes hold

Who would ever have thought that National ministers would develop nanny-statism.

There is a danger this article will give Wicked Campers the very publicity it seemingly seeks out through the brash slogans on the back of its vans.

And yet, it was a risk three government ministers were willing to take when deciding to tell the Herald on Sunday of their determination to squish from the company the behaviour for which it has become notorious.

The idiot reporter is for once speaking the truth..he is giving free (earned) publicity to a private business…aided and abetted by three government ministers.

Wicked Campers is the brainchild of Australian John Webb.

He has ignored repeated requests to be interviewed for this story. To be fair, he (and Wicked Campers) ignore pretty much everyone. They don’t respond to the ASA, didn’t respond to NZ Transport Agency concerns, ignored government ministers who wrote and didn’t take calls from the Director General of Conservation this week.

His only interview appears to have been with an Australian marketing website about seven years ago. Of the business, he said: “It’s more about a reflection of myself in some ways … just having fun. It comes from … looking for reaction. We think we can’t do that then all of a sudden, we’re ‘stuff it, let’s do it’.”

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Paddy Gower and the Media Party in the newsmaking business

It was a nothing thing: New Zealand?s favourite grandmother, Maggie Barry, got together with like-minded flag-change supporting National MPs and Paddy called it a ?crisis meeting?. ?

Next thing you know, everyone?s running around quoting Newshub about ?leaked? emails and ?crisis meetings?. ?

Other hacks play follow-the-useful-idiot and go up to Key who?s totally befuddled because the flag referendum is a conscience vote and there is no collective responsibility anyway. ??Caucus divided? indeed. ?

Claims that the national flag referendum is dividing the National caucus are “nonsense”, Prime Minister John Key says.

An email from National MP Maggie Barry, which has been leaked to media, showed that MPs attended a meeting hosted by pro-change campaigner Lewis Holden this week.

Newshub reported it was a “crisis meeting” and that only half of National’s caucus attended.

Mr Key said this afternoon that his caucus was free to vote for whichever flag it liked.

“I don’t know what all this nonsense is about. MPs meet all the time about issues,” he said.

“We don’t have a caucus position because it’s essentially a conscience view. Some MPs have said they support change, some don’t.”

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Raising money for what exactly?

According to?the?Herald there was a fundraiser held to build support for the flag change in business.

Excuse me? What?

Auckland business leaders rubbed shoulders with Cabinet ministers at a flag-change fundraiser that looked to build the sector’s support for a new national banner.

About $10,000 was raised from the 40 or 50 who gathered at the event in Auckland’s Parnell late last month, where Kyle Lockwood’s silver fern flag and bottles of whisky signed by Prime Minister John Key were auctioned off to the highest bidders.

Briscoe Group chairwoman Dame Rosanne Meo and McConnell Group boss David McConnell were among those in attendance, as was Key, ACC Minister Nikki Kaye and Conservation Minister Maggie Barry.

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New Zealand?s favourite grandmother really thinks parliament is just another gardening show

- NewstalkZB

– NewstalkZB

How hard can it be? Why is the minister directly involving herself in contracts?

New Zealand’s favourite grandmother, Maggie Barry, is certainly shaping up as a “hands-on” minister, especially when it comes to gardens.

The designers who built the jungle of King Kong’s Skull Island are now turning their skills to a Wellington war memorial garden.

Garden designers DawnFinder is favourite of?Minister for Culture and Heritage – and former gardening show host – Maggie Barry, who decided to drop the original contractor for part of garden at Pukeahu?National?War Memorial?Park.

DawnFinder directors Tina Hart and Kim Jarrett have previously worked under Sir Peter Jackson to design the jungle and coastlines of Skull Island, the fictional prehistoric home of giant gorilla King Kong in the director’s 2005 film. ?? Read more »


New Zealand?s favourite Grandmother thinks parliament is some kind of gardening show

- NewstalkZB

– NewstalkZB

New Zealand’s favourite grandmother, Maggie Barry is getting her hands dirty gardening again, meddling in operational departmental issues.

The story from Fairfax is a little bit he said, she said…but from a political perspective explaining is losing.

Gardening-guru turned government minister Maggie Barry has dug her spade into a Wellington landscaping contract.

Despite being the brains behind the Pukeahu War Memorial Park, landscape designer company Wraight Athfield?Landscape + Architecture?has been overlooked for the latest section of the park’s garden in favour of another design company.

Wraight Athfield, an amalgamation of landscape designer Megan Wraight and Athfield Architects, won a competition held by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage to design the War Memorial Park seven years ago.

The award-winning company was also the architect of Waitangi Park. ? Read more »

Let?s be brutal: it?s probably the 1080 that?s killing 2% of Kiwis every year

There is a fair to even chance that 1080, is killing Kiwi, it sure as hell kills other bird life.

The Conservation Minister says three kiwi projects will receive new funding.

$226,000 will be spent on the projects aimed at helping Kiwi thrive in the wild, Maggie Barry said.

The money from the Community Conservation Partnerships Fund would go to projects in the West Coast, Northland and the Coromandel Peninsula.

“Our national bird is declining in the wild by 2 per cent a year, with only around 70,000 birds left in isolated, fragmented populations,” Ms Barry said. ? Read more »


Is Maggie Barry suffering from the afflictions of the aged?

- NewstalkZB

– NewstalkZB

New Zealand’s favourite grandmother, Maggie Barry, must be seriously suffering from the afflictions of the aged with her latest appointment.

Te Papa Atawhai – The Department of Conservation (DOC) – has appointed New Zealand’s first threatened species ambassador.

DOC threatened species ambassador Nicola Toki.

Nicola Toki, who has worked in wildlife conservation for more than a decade, has been appointed to the high-profile job working with DOC to help protect the country’s threatened species.

She will be building partnerships and encouraging New Zealanders to become involved in conservation efforts.

Ms Toki said as far as her engagement with iwi goes, t?ngata whenua already have a good grasp of the importance of her mahi [work] in their role as protectors of the environment.

“Iwi already understand the importance of a Threatened Species Ambassador because it’s embedded in the principles of katiakitanga (guardianship),” Ms Toki said.

“Iwi as kaitiaki understand that these birds and reptiles and plants and bugs they’re not just things apart from us they’re intrinsic part of our being.

“I’m really looking forward to working with iwi right across the country on those things that are special to them.”

Ms Toki said the new role sent a signal to the rest of the world about how much Aotearoa values conservation.

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