A solution to the Labour/Greens/NZ First/Mana manufacturing crisis

People often criticise me for criticising and not providing solutions. It doesn’t stop me thinking about solutions and every now and then one comes along that seems to fit the bill.

The Labour/Greens/NZ First/Mana coalition of the damned manufactured a manufacturing crisis. They held an inquiry and then produced a report and delivered that report the same day that news broke that there wasn’t a manufacturing crisis after all.

Still, one can never just wait for solutions to present themselves and so we must constantly strive to improve out lot. Then I read an article that presented the perfect opportunity to solve our manufacturing crisis, develop skills in an industry that is growing, that the products are in constant demand, where technology is developing new and innovative solutions and opens our manufacturing sector up to global demand.

It’s perfect.

“Why don’t firearm manufacturers in the Northeast simply pick up and move considering all the horrible gun laws passed up there recently?” Such is typical of the letters I have received from many NRA members, particularly in light of oppressive laws passed recently in Connecticut and New York. And it’s a good question.

Firearm companies are in business for a reason, and that is to generate profit for their owners or investors. Unlike our government, which endlessly borrows money when it spends more than it takes in, when a business spends more than it earns or has on hand (or what banks will lend in promise of future profits), it closes.   Read more »

The Art of the Precision Rifle

Awesome video from Magpul about The Art of the Precision Rifle. I’ll add this to my Christmas wishlist.

The Art of the Precision Rifle is the 5th release in the acclaimed “Art of” series by Magpul Dynamics. In this 5 disc DVD set, Chris Costa and Travis Haley receive instruction from renowned long range expert, Todd Hodnett (Accuracy 1st) on the fundamentals needed to shoot consistently out to a mile.

A separate disc covers long marksmanship fundamentals by USMC Scout Sniper Instructor (and Director of Training, Precision Rifle Operations for Magpul Dynamics), Caylen Wojcik.

This DVD set covers over 10 hours of on location, live shooting instruction and is set to be released in the Fall/Winter 2011.


A flashlight that is truly useful

Magpul are clever folks. This is a flashlight that really offers protection.