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Buffalo Bill in tent. Photo courtesy of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

Buffalo Bill in tent. Photo courtesy of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

The Pony Express

Buffalo Bill Cody, who later became famous for his Wild West Show, was a rider for the Pony Express and wrote of his experiences. We join Bill’s story as he is hired – at the age of 15 – to ride a section of the trail that lies in modern-day Wyoming:

. . .The next day he [Mr Slade, the manger of Cody’s Pony Express station] assigned me to duty on the road from Red Buttes on the North Platte, to the Three Crossings of the Sweetwater – a distance of seventy-six miles – and I began riding at once.

One day when I galloped into Three Crossings, my home station, I found that the rider who was expected to take the trip out on my arrival had got into a drunken row the night before and had been killed; and that there was no one to fill his place. I did not hesitate for a moment to undertake an extra ride of eighty-five miles to Rocky Ridge, and I arrived at the latter place on time. I then turned back and rode to Red Buttes, my starting place, accomplishing on the round trip a distance of 322 miles.

Slade heard of this feat of mine, and one day as he was passing on a coach he sang out to me, ‘My boy, you’re a brick, and no mistake. That was a good run you made when you rode your own and Miller’s routes, and I’ll see that you get extra pay for it.’

Slade, although rough at times and always a dangerous character – having killed many a man – was always kind to me. During the two years that I worked for him as pony-express-rider and stage-driver, he never spoke an angry word to me.

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Keeping our mail safe?

via the tipline

This taken last evening, around?7:45pm?outside the Beach Haven post office … One presumes this is the day mail ready to be collected…



Imagine the treasures to be found in there….letters, bill payments, courier packages, Trademe deliveries…

Posties and the EPMU

Posties could be saved if the EPMU spends less at Palmers Garden World.

The incoherence award for confusing media releases goes to the EPMU after NZ Post faced up to reality and Minister Amy Adams grew a pair after vacillating for far too long on a modern postal service. ?Not that this has pleased the comrades at the EPMU.

In a superbly worded media release it managed to argue for and against itself.?Galileo must have been wrong given the EPMU spinning these pearls of wisdom:

“Moving to a three day mail delivery service is not sustainable or justified by current mail volumes, says the union for postal workers, the EPMU.”

Yet, forgetting what they wrote only two sentences beforehand,?EPMU postal industry organiser George Collins adds this wonderful insight:? Read more »

How much is Cullen ripping us off?

Michael Cullen doesn’t have much expertise in anything other than spending other people’s money and exporting billions to Australian private enterprise.

A reader has sent in this image of a letter that arrived from Singapore in the mail this morning and writes:

This arrived this morning. NZD is about 1-1 against Singaporean dollar so their international mail rates are about a third of our domestic rates. Anyone posting mail should consider moving their operations to Singapore and saving themselves 45c per envelope!

I like their catch phase too. Heh