Opposition Leader and Foreign Affairs spokesman not briefed on Israel resolution

After the Christchurch earthquakes, Opposition Leader Phil Goff complained that he hadn’t been briefed about alleged Israeli spies. ?It was subsequently?revealed on this blog that he had been briefed. What it did show though was that on matters affecting foreign policy especially relating to Israel convention dictates that the leader of the opposition should be briefed. When New Zealand took the lead in sponsoring UN resolution 2334 as the chair of the UN Security Council it should have been incumbent of foreign minister Murray McCully or at the very least a senior MFaT official to brief Labour leader Andrew Little and his foreign affairs spokesperson David Parker.

We put these questions to Andrew Little:

  1. Were you were briefed by anyone, including Murray McCully and/or Bill English and/or John Key?
  2. If you were briefed were you given full details of the process and resolution and did the briefing match what happened in reality?
  3. If you weren’t briefed why do you think they didn’t brief you?
  4. When John Kerry visited in November were you briefed on the contents of discussions with Murray McCully?

Andrew Little’s response is below in full and unedited:

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Looks like Malaysia is off limits for me now

Yesterday I received this email from a Malaysian government organisation:

MyCERT – Cyber999 <[email protected]> 16 November 2016 at 15:31
To: camslater

Dear Sir/Madam,

MyCERT received a report from our complainant regarding a website against Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad. It has blasphemous porn cartoons against Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad.

The link is available at:

The above website was created for possible malicious purposes.

As such, we appreciate your cooperation to investigate on this matter and take immediate action to remove the above URLs.

Your cooperation on the matter is highly appreciated. ? Read more »

Malaysia won?t be punished for excluding Israel from sailing event

Windsurfer Noy Drihan. (photo credit:AMIT SHISEL/ISA)

Windsurfer Noy Drihan. (photo credit:AMIT SHISEL/ISA)

What are the point of rules and regulations when people simply ignore them and suffer no sanctions?

That is the position now that World Sailing has refused action against Malaysia for their anti-semitic blocking of Israeli sailors competing.

World Sailing has declined to punish the Malaysian Sailing Federation after two Israeli athletes withdrew from last month?s Youth World Championship due to conditions imposed by government authorities.

World Sailing says an investigation found that requirements by the Malaysian government breached World Sailing?s ?no-discrimination? regulations. ? Read more »

Well done Yachting New Zealand

Windsurfer Noy Drihan. (photo credit:AMIT SHISEL/ISA)

Windsurfer Noy Drihan. (photo credit:AMIT SHISEL/ISA)

Yachting New Zealand can stand tall: they are taking exception at the anti-semitic antics of Malaysia in preventing Israeli athletes at the top of their game from competing in?the?Youth Sailing World Champs.

Shalom Kiwi reports:

As a sporting nation, we recognise the need for a fair go and our sportspeople are some of the most admirable. Performances off the ?pitch? show a true character and provide, often, more inspiration for us less athletically gifted. So when the International Judo Federation and Abu Dabi refused to fly the Israeli flag or play the national anthem for outstanding athletes it was a disgrace to sport and humanity. ? Read more »

The myth of a moderate Muslim nation destroyed by Malaysia

Windsurfer Noy Drihan. (photo credit:AMIT SHISEL/ISA)

Windsurfer Noy Drihan. (photo credit:AMIT SHISEL/ISA)

One of the reasons that is held up for changing the flag in NZ is that our athletes would have a better “brand” to wear. But what if they were refused permission to compete wearing that flag?

People hold up Malaysia as an example of a moderate Muslim nation, but that can no longer be the case after they refused visas for two Israeli windsurfers, refused to let them wear their flag on their clothing and if they won medals no national anthem would be played.

Organizers demanded that the surfers would not compete under the Israel flag and wouldn’t be allowed to use any symbol identifiable with Israel on their clothes or surfboards.

Drihan will not have an opportunity to defend their titles at the Youth Sailing World Championships, which get underway in Langkawi, Malaysia on Sunday, after the Israel Sailing Association (ISA) announced on Wednesday that it will not be sending a delegation due to the demands made by the organizers and the fact the surfers have yet to receive visas. ? Read more »

If any other religion did this there would be rioting in the streets


Muslim flight crew who work for Rayani Air must wear the hijab as part of their uniform

So let me get this straight. You have launched an airline that follows religious law. You have launched an airline that will exclude those who do not follow your religion unless they give up their rights and comply with your religion’s rules. When those who follow your religion are expected to follow the rules on every other aircraft in the world you cry discrimination and racism but you are happily going to tell me, as a woman and a paying customer, that I cannot eat and drink or dress as I want.

Suddenly Jetstar is looking 5-star in comparison. Suddenly Malaysia, as a tourist destination, has lost its appeal. It is bad enough that Sharia police prowl parts of Malaysia at night harassing couples and women. Now Malaysia has joined Saudi Arabia and Iran by taking away non-Muslims’ and women’s freedom in the skies.

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The real Islamic states get together to combat Islamic terrorism

Window dressing or a genuine attempt at solving the problem?

Given Muslim nations tend to march backwards almost as fast as the French, especially when confronted with the IDF I don’t hold much promise in this.

Saudi Arabia has announced the formation of a 34-state Islamic military coalition to combat terrorism, according to a joint statement published on state news agency SPA.

“The countries here mentioned have decided on the formation of a military alliance led by Saudi Arabia to fight terrorism, with a joint operations centre based in Riyadh to coordinate and support military operations,” the statement said on Tuesday.

A long list of Arab countries such as Egypt, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, together with Islamic countries Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan and Gulf Arab and African states were mentioned. ? Read more »

International events in Muslim countries under a cloud

The women’s world squash championships in Malaysia have been called off, the tour’s governing body said, in another blow for the sport after the men’s team event in Cairo was cancelled for security reasons.

Plans for the women’s tournament had been dogged by confusion after a row erupted between the event’s promoters and Malaysian authorities over claims of funding problems and security threats.

An emailed announcement by the London-based Professional Squash Association (PSA) said the championships, which were set to begin on December 11 in Kuala Lumpur, “will not be staged in 2015 following notification from the tournament promoters”.

The announcement was dated December 5 but did not appear to have been posted on the PSA’s website or social media. Read more »


Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail’s actual actions to be revealed in court

The man that was tried and convicted by Jan Logie and Mediaworks plead guilty to a lesser charge on Monday, but the court is still in the dark as to what happened.

What exactly happened during an indecent assault by a former Malaysian diplomatic staffer on a Wellington woman is set to be decided.

Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, 39, this week pleaded guilty in the High Court at Wellington to assaulting Tania Billingsley in the suburb of Brooklyn last year.

His plea on Monday came on the first day of what was scheduled to be a two-week trial.

Today, a judge will hear accounts of the attack from both Rizalman’s lawyers and the Crown to decide what really happened during the attack.

In an earlier, disputed, version of the facts, Crown prosecutor Grant Burston said Rizalman arrived at the Brooklyn flat, took off his pants and underwear before entering through the unlocked front door while Ms Billingsley was in her bedroom watching a movie on her laptop.

He said Rizalman grabbed her as she began to scream when he entered her room.

But Defence counsel Donald Stevens QC disputed the allegation Rizalman grabbed Ms Billingsley by the throat – saying he had only grabbed Rizalman’s shoulders and arms. [ as published, but probably should be “Billingley’s arms” ]

A judge must now decide what exactly happened at a disputed facts hearing.

Here’s something that we have never seen written in public before:

Charges of intent to commit sexual violation and burglary against Rizalman were dropped after the prosecution offered no evidence.

Keep in mind that all the other interested blogs and media were pitching it as a failed rape for months. ?But now the prosecution isn’t able to even back it up for an intent to commit sexual violation to stand up. ?Worse, emotive “grabbing by the throat” is disputed with “grabbed by shoulders/arms”.

This is the very information I’ve been insisting we would need to wait for before making any kind of decision about this case.

I still believe the two knew each other. ?This wasn’t a random attack. ?He may have been at her place many times before. ?He may in fact have had a relationship of sorts?with her before. ?He may in fact have been in the process of playing a silly prank which would have worked out just fine had the relationship been up to it. ?Instead, it caused a spectacular backfire.? Read more »

Phil Goff caught on the flip flop again

Phil Goff wants to be Mayor of Auckland. He hasn’t said as much but is furiously raising his profile and getting himself in the news.

He is lucky he has his column in the Sunday Star-Times every second week and this week he chose to suddenly show concern for veterans’ families seeking repatriation of remains, in particular from Terendak in Malaysia.

Goff it seems has come to think it is necessary and whilst veterans’ families will be grateful for his support it was Phil Goff who was Minister of Defence in 2007 when this was last looked at and rejected.

As recently as May this year Phil Goff was also opposed to the suggestion of changing the policy and attacked Judith Collins for it.

She points this out in response to his latest column.

Phil, it is great to now have your support on this important issue, which I raised in my column back in May. Back then you accused me of political point-scoring, so I am very pleased to see your attitude has shifted and you’re now giving this issue the respect it deserves. ? Read more »