Malcolm David Mason

Two down, four remain at large


Another of the tight six has been convicted. I reported details of this complex corruption and fraud issue at ACC.

A second player in an ACC property fraud has pleaded guilty.

Gregory Alexander Hutt (54) today admitted in the Wellington High Court to a Crimes Act bribery charge brought by the Serious Fraud Office.

He was a co-offender with Malcolm David Mason (51), who was sentenced last year to 11 months’ home detention and ordered to pay the courts $160,000 he had corruptly received.

Mason?s role was to procure premises for ACC, tendering for their development and negotiating lease terms.

Hutt was involved in property development.

When the story broke in 2010, the blog site, Whale Oil, made allegations naming a well-known, close-knit group of property players in Wellington.

The charges arose after ACC reviewed the lease of 47 Collingwood St, Nelson, for $346,320 per annum.

This review culminated in the dismissal of Mason after the deal prompted complaints to ACC minister Nick Smith about rentals other tenants felt were too high for the area.

?Nick Smith kicked it all off and what was uncovered was a complex fraud and long term rort by the tight six. So far two have gone down, the other sit tight hoping no one squeals.

Taking Two for the Team

Well now, seems that another of the tight six has, or is currently taking one for the team. Greg Hutt has lost his bid for continued name suppression. NBR and Jock Anderson has the story behind the paywall.

Name suppression has been lifted on businessman Greg Alexander Hutt, a second accused in a Serious Fraud Office probe into Accident Compensation Corporation property corruption.

Mr Hutt, owner of Wellington-based Hi-Tech Commercial Interiors, which did fitouts for ACC offices, lost a Wellington High Court appeal for continued suppression of his name.

Earlier this month ACC national property manager Malcolm David Mason (50), who worked for ACC for 32 years, admitted two Crimes Act and one Secret Commissions Act charges, relating to an ACC office building in Nelson.

Mr Hutt faces three charges alleging corrupt secret commissions arising from a payment allegedly made by him to co-defendant Mason ? an allegation of corruption of a public official.

The allegations relating to Mr Hutt arise from property rentals by ACC.

Rejecting Mr Hutt?s contention that publication of his name would have serious effects on Hi-Tech?s business, Justice Ron Young said whenever a businessman was charged with some form of dishonesty, publication of his name was likely to affect their business.

?There is no principle that exempts those alleged to have committed white collar crime from the established approach to suppression of name accepting that each case must be assessed on its own facts,? Justice Young said.

In a judgment released to National Business Review today, Justice Young said: ?There is nothing about Mr Hutt?s circumstances that, in my view, can be assessed as exceptional given the context of the crime he faces.?

The judge sums up nicely at the end:

After developing the companies over 20 years, Mr Hutt recently resigned as manager and director of Hi-Tech Commercial Interiors Wellington and Hi-Tech Commercial Interiors Auckland.

Justice Young said the public and especially government departments and other commercial enterprises Mr Hutt dealt with were entitled to know about the charges he faced.

Commenters on the NBR site made the follwoing comments:

Awesome result. Those who can do. Those who cannot cheat.
PT | Monday, February 28, 2011 – 4:30pm

Harpooned by a Whale.
Kaikoura Kid | Monday, February 28, 2011 – 4:47pm

Very apt comments those.




Two ACC rorters arrested

This blog has reported before about the interesting goings on at ACC and now it has been reported on Stuff that two of the tight group of mates have been arrested.

The Serious Fraud Office has laid eight charges against Malcolm David Mason and another individual (whose name is suppressed), relating to a series of allegedly corrupt property transaction involving the Accident Compensation Corporation.

SFO chief executive, Adam Feeley, said that the charges, under the Crimes Act and Secret Commissions Act, were the end result of an exhaustive inquiry into numerous property development and leasing arrangements involving the ACC over a two and a half year period.

“This has been the one of the most serious investigations into allegations of bribery and corruption cases in New Zealand in many years. It is a timely reminder that despite a global reputation for being the least corrupt country in the world, there are constant and very real threats to that reputation.”

So Malcolm mason and one of his pals are under arrest. it can only be one of the six I have previously reported on. Seems one is a coward afraid of his own name. It will only be a matter of time before Malcolm Mason starts squealing on the rest of the sorry bunch. It’s just a shame one of the group is a coward and is now casting aspersion on his mates and other businesses.