Malcolm Robson

Winston Peters, Maori TV and the stitch up, Ctd


Further to the?post showing a stitch-up involving Winston Peters, Maori TV and Te Roopu Taurima O Manukau Trust, it?s also worth looking at the role of?Richard Wagstaff and the PSA, who has a right bee in his bonnet about the trust?s CEO Malcolm Robson and?has been calling for his head.

Many would wonder what beef the PSA?s national secretary Richard Wagstaff could have with the trust, especially as most of the trust?s 500 staff are actually members of the PSA.

The stitch-up of the trust is more personal.

Information through to the tip-line is saying that Robson has pushed back hard on several wage demands from the PSA.? Read more »

Winston Peters, Maori TV and the stitch up


One thing certain about Winston Raymond Peters is that he never lets facts stand in the way of a?good?story.

Let?s take the recent case of the?allegedly?dodgy Maori trust Te Roopu Taurima O Manukau Trust.

Winston Peters raced out with a story in May, which by sheer coincidence happened to coincide with a?so-called investigative report on Maori TV?s Native Affairs. All of this came about because a couple of fellas recently fired from the trust have decided to ?get back? at the trust.

What better way to ?get back? at the trust than to claim dodgy dealings and paint themselves as honest, caring whistle-blowers, and say that the only reason they were sacked was because when they tried to tell the CEO Malcolm Robson about misspending, Robson wasn?t interested.

As with all employment relations disputes where ex-employees think they?re in for a cash win-fall, the company has to play a straight bat. Robson,?told Native Affairs?in a statement that the employees were dismissed as a result of a pre-existing employment investigation involving ?suspected breaches of employment conditions?? and that ?there will be no comment on specific allegations or the individuals involved while the investigation is active.?

Sounds fair enough when you know someone?s keen on trying to?extort?seek a pay-out. ? Read more »