Malcolm Tucker

UK Labour channelling Malcolm Tucker

It appears that Labour MPs have been watching too much Malcolm Tucker.

A stoush has erupted in Labour after Jeremy Corbyn didn’t select any women on his front bench.

A Labour MP told one of Jeremy Corbyn?s closest allies and shadow minister to ?fuck off? during a row over the lack of women in important positions in his front bench team.

Jess Phillps, the newly-elected MP for Birmingham Yardley, clashed with shadow international development secretary Diane Abbott at the first meeting of Labour MPs since Mr Corbyn won the leadership last Saturday. ? Read more »

Harden up, it’s politics, not tiddlywinks

Some weak panty waists in the UK are having a sook about some sweary behaviour.

The glamorous aide behind George Osborne?s trendy new image has been accused of bullying in a real-life The Thick Of It-style Whitehall row.

The Chancellor?s adviser, former BBC producer Thea Rogers, has been branded a ?pitbull? by Treasury officials, who claim she shouts and swears like TV spin doctor Malcolm Tucker, played by Peter Capaldi.

They say she hurls four-letter insults and has ?tantrums, rants and hissy fits? when she is unhappy with their work, leaving colleagues in tears.

Well-placed sources say the Treasury?s Permanent Secretary, Sir Nicholas Macpherson, has spoken to officials ?bruised? by Ms Rogers?s behaviour.

Ms Rogers, a former producer to BBC political editor Nick Robinson, has been credited with transforming the Chancellor?s public image since he hired her two years ago.

Mr Osborne?s dramatically reduced waistline, Caesar-style, close-cropped haircut and his high-profile tours of factory floors across the country have all been overseen by the aide.

But a Treasury insider who claims to have witnessed ?Thea the pitbull? treating staff badly said last night: ?She is confrontational and humiliates people who displease her ? often in the middle of meetings.

‘She has tantrums, rants, hissy fits and screams at people whose work she finds unacceptable. Some people were reduced to tears.?

The Mail on Sunday has been told Ms Rogers was accused of ?astonishing rudeness? in the run-up to a major speech by the Chancellor earlier this year in Tilbury, Essex, when Treasury aides struggled to find local bosses to join the audience.

A female civil servant involved in arranging the Chancellor?s visits reportedly ?reached the end of her tether? with Ms Rogers.

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Protecting Brand Lewis, the spinner spins

David Lewis has suffered an interview with Michelle Hewitson…probably because his boss is still huddled under his desk afraid of his own shadow.

In his interview he continues to lay down the smears…but this time it is recorded and in a paper. He has lied, he knows he has lied and it will haunt him now because the words are his.

He knows, if not where the bodies are buried, what the bodies have been up to, and with whom. A senior political journalist said that he is the closest we have to a Malcolm Tucker, the sweary and powerful spin doctor from?The Thick of It. “Except without the swearing and the power.” I told him this and he said: “It’s a good programme.” Does he take that as a compliment? “Ha, ha, It’s a very good programme.”

He sent a very sweary text message to RadioLive’s Duncan Garner: “Fckn hell Duncan. You’re feeding utter fckn bullshit.”

Garner, of course, put this on the station’s website. I was amazed he’d sent it. He appeared to have lost his cool, which is considerable and considered. He said: “We’ve sent blokey texts to each other for years … So I thought that I could send a text like that to Duncy and he’d understand.”? Read more »

This is the new Doctor [NSFW]

Peter Capaldi has been selected as the new Doctor Who.

Let’s hope he unleashes this sort of shock and awe onto the Daleks and Cybermen.

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Why no one gives a sh*t about press gallery journalists phone records except them


Pages and pages of outrage have been written because some muppet in parliamentary services gave a few pages of phone numbers, dates and times to David Henry inadvertently.

The Press Galley is outraged and claiming that press freedoms have been stifled. And yet they can still write what ever they want, the radio stations, television stations and newspapers are all still operating. There are no government goons stationed in editors offices.

In fact the world goes on as nothing ever happened…that is perhaps because nothing has happened, really, except some precious self important wankers in Wellington have their nose out of joint.

They have decided that they are bigger than everything else, they are more important than everyone else and their rights are far more important than anyone elses. Worse they think they should be the story instead of reporting the stories. ? Read more »

Sounds familiar?

Watching Labour completely stuff up the snap debate yesterday I was reminded of a scene from “In the Thick of It”….where Malcolm Tucker is facing an inquiry about leaks…

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Is this John Key’s Political Philosophy?

I’m not sure Bill English, or even John Key will be pleased with this Facebook effort from new minister Michael Woodhouse:



There is a massive difference between being a Chief Whip and a Minister. Read more »

Does Queen Hekia care about white kids too?

Does she? John Key says she cares more than anyone else about Maori kids:

Mr Key also defended his Education Minister, Hekia Parata, saying there had been calls to sack her.

“Over the last two months I’ve had plenty of people telling me I should sack Hekia Parata. I challenge you, name one person who cares more about Maori kids doing well in education in New Zealand that beats Hekia Parata. You won’t name anyone, because she cares almost more than any of us that those young Maori kids succeed and she is succeeding.”

What about asian kids, or is it just Maori kids?? Read more »

Focusing on the things that Matter, Bridges hands out another ban card

In perhaps his last act as Consumer Affairs Minister my mate Simon?Bridges?really dropped the ball today and focusing on things that matter.?His latest announcement is about banning small magnets.


Consumer Affairs Minister Simon Bridges has announced a ban on the sale of sets of small high powered magnets that have caused serious injuries in New Zealand and at least one reported death in Australia.

The magnets are sold in New Zealand under a variety of brands in stores and over the internet. These magnets ? known as ?rare earth magnets? ? are up to 50 times stronger than conventional ferrous magnets of a similar size.

?These magnets are harmless to play with but if swallowed can cause serious internal damage that can require major surgery,? says Mr Bridges.

Surely the answer should be not a ban but strong words like “Don’t swallow them, stupid”

You would have thought that if a press sec had come up to the Minister and said ?Here Minister, let?s run with this issue and go on the radio? a short answer of fuck off would have sufficed.? Read more »

Whale Week What Was

682zoomWe started our Saturday by paying our respects to?Norman Schwarzkopf Jr., the hard-charging US Army general whose forces smashed the Iraqi army in the 1991 Gulf War. ?He died aged 78. ?At The Standard 2012 Worst Political Blog Mike Smith is told some home truths about long term grass-roots Labour families heading for the Greens. ?A quick vid on how to put out a boat fire the Kiwi way is next, followed by a vote for Best Minister. ?The winner, at 52%, is Judith Collins. ?The Whale Week That Was summarised all the stories this blog covered in the previous seven days. ?A quite active Saturday Debate (for the time of year especially) led a post calling for nominations for Best Political Blog. ?Those who see WOBH as any sort of threat to them (and those that don’t too), should take heed of this Malcolm Tucker quote: “marshal all the media forces of Darkness to hound them to an assisted suicide”.? A CNN piece showing Teachers in Utah taking a class on gun use shows some common sense around the gun debate. ?A reader has taken yesterday’s US Fiscal Cliff graphic and created one for New Zealand – great work. ?As Cameron Slater predicted from the outset, the Aussie Hoax DJs will not face charges. ?The NZ Herald continues to amuse – this time a car crashed into a poll. ?The blog then introduces us to two sexy taxidermists showing you don’t have to look like a front row forward to deal with dead animals. ?And you’d think we’re picking on an incompetent NZ Herald, and you would be right. ?This time they have Jesse Ryder beating himself at Eden Park in Wellington. ?Then a hilarious story about a Queensland woman who fell into the longdrop and was there for two hours before being discovered by her husband. ? Turns out that during the Falklands War the French tried to send missiles to Argentinia behind Margaret Thatcher‘s back. ?Commerce first eh? ?The last post of the day highlights a report of a man holding up a Countdown Supermarket with a hammer. ?Our readers get fired up about the idea of hammer banning.

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