Male oral contraceptive

The Male Pill

I just do not think this is going to catch on somehow.

A version of ”the pill” for men is a step closer thanks to new research.

A compound called JQ1, which was originally developed as a cancer therapy, can also cause reversible infertility in male mice without apparent side effects for the rodents or their offspring, researchers have found.

While admirable for effort, can you imagine the feral breeders of South Auckland politely and voluntarily popping a male contraceptive pill each day before spraying their seed over the neighbourhood for more children they can never afford?

Imagine it, in the alley behind the pub…up against the dumpster.

“Bro, are you on da pill”


“Choooice, juss chuck it in bro

These ferals can hardly remember to pay make their payments on HP, their car, the rent even…much less remember to take a small insignificant pill every morning without ever forgetting.