Man Ban

Really Vernon? How are they going to do that then?

Vernon Small writes:

It may come as a surprise to some that Labour is still committed to its aim of achieving a a gender-balanced caucus after the next election.

Because in light of recent events ??not least leader Andrew Little’s shoulder-tapping of Willie Jackson, the recruitment of former police union boss Greg O’Connor and Paul ?Eagle’s unopposed selection in Rongotai ??you might be forgiven for thinking it is being honoured and breached at the same time.

In fact, it is also being not-so-subtly redefined. The aim when the policy was announced in 2013 was to target balance at certain key polling points, since anything more nuanced would be impossible without knowing a vast number of variables in advance ?who won what?seats, for instance.

But there is an acknowledgment now that it simply cannot be achieved at 25 per cent (without sacking a whole lot of male MPs), is near impossible at 30 per cent and could be in view at 35 per cent, though by no means assured even?then.

So now, if you ask the party leadership, the stress has gone on to it being do-able at that 35 per cent level ??equivalent?to about 42 seats.

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The Alliance takeover of Labour appears complete

It would appear that with Laila Harre and now Willie Jackson moving to Labour that the hard left former Alliance members are in ascendance inside Labour.

Willie Jackson has dumped the Maori Party and is set to announce he is standing for Labour instead.

The Maori broadcaster and former Alliance MP was considering standing for the Maori Party in the Tamaki Makaurau electorate, but sources said he had since been approached by Labour and now planned to stand on the list for them instead.

It is expected to be announced by Jackson at Waitangi this weekend – where the Maori Party and Mana are also expected to announce the final outcome of their arrangement in the Maori seats.

Jackson is yet to respond to a request for comment.

It is understood Jackson had met with Labour leader Andrew Little and believes he will secure a high list ranking to secure his return to Parliament.

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More on gender quotas in political parties

Danyl McLauchlan at Dimpost discusses Trotter’s post about Labour’s man ban and makes some interesting points.

  • Firstly, did Anderson get selected through a gender quota mechanism, rather than the traditional Labour Party method of being a benefactor of whatever factional in-group happens to temporarily control the leadership?
  • Even if it was about gender quotas, the logic of quotas always seemed pretty water-tight to me. If you don?t have them men almost always predominate lists and contests, regardless of their merit, for historical and social reasons. If you want to have genuine selection based on merit you need to compel parties to select candidates of both genders, instead of a bunch of guys winning out just because they?re men.
  • And I am always suspicious of pundit anecdotes in which decent blunt speaking folk have strong opinions about the arcane inner workings of political parties that happen to align to the pundits? own views.
  • On the other hand, political gender quotas are really not very popular with either men or women. The NZES asked about them after the last election.

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Labour’s man ban exported to UK


NZ Labour and UK Labour share lots of ideas. The pledge card was one. ?Cash for access and honours is another.

Now it appears another idea has been shared…the ill-fated Man Ban.

Men should be banned from running for Parliamentary constituencies on behalf of the Labour Party until there are an?equal number of male and female Labour politicians, a Labour MP has said.

Asserting that female MPs were likely to be the biggest losers from the upcoming boundary review, outspoken socialist MP Jess Phillips has called on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to bar men from standing in elections until gender parity has been reached within the party.

?I think the Labour Party has to make every seat an all women shortlist until we get equality,? she said.

?Currently 44 per cent of Labour seats are held by women. We want 50 per cent equality in this party, and for Jeremy to commit to this on the public record.? ?? Read more »

I guess this is one way around the #manban


Labour has a man ban and their candidate for Whangarei has found an interesting way to get around it.

You have to admire the commitment to being an MP having the meat and two vege trimmed off to get past the man ban.

Waitakere man will surely flock to vote for this bloke chick candidate. Monaro’s were girls cars anyway, no self respecting bloke would drive one of those, so probably best she handed in her man card in such a dramatic fashion.

A fight is brewing in Whangarei which could end in New Zealand having its second ever transgender MP.

Kelly Ellis wants to be Labour’s woman in Whangarei, but she has her work cut out for her. ? Read more »

Man Ban as popular as a pork chop at a bar mitzvah

Labour’s Man ban isn’t popular, nor is it moving the swinging voters.

The NZ Herald continues their series of polls over summer by looking at the Man Ban.

Labour’s target of selecting candidates to ensure women make up at least half of its caucus by 2017 has been given the thumbs down in the latest?Herald-DigiPoll survey – and more than half of the women polled said it was too restrictive.

The survey asked respondents whether they believed Labour’s target of achieving 50 per cent by 2017 was a good idea, or too restrictive.

Overall, 54 per cent said it was too restrictive, while just 38 per cent believed it was a good idea. Among the women respondents, 52 per cent said it was too restrictive while 42 per cent believed it was a good idea.

About 57 per cent of men did not like it, compared with 33 per cent who said it was a good idea.? Read more »

Brian Edwards on the Man Ban and quotas

My good friend (not as good as he used to be) Brian Edwards has some thoughts on Labour’s man ban.

Such a policy is in my view undemocratic and unworkable other than in a party like the Greens which has no electorate MPs and can manipulate its party lists to ensure gender equality.

When Labour reaches its 50:50 gender split, every retiring or defeated MP will, in principle,? have to be replaced by a member of the same sex. This will be highly problematic in electorates where the local party organisation strongly favours a candidate of ?the wrong gender?.? Read more »

The Huddle at 1740


I?am on Larry Williams show, The Huddle, tonight, with Josie Pagani.

Our topics are:

  • The Labour Party conference ? now there?s a new man ban. Can?t see that changing things in the polls in a hurry.
  • Then there?s these horrid little oiks going online boasting about their exploits with underage and drunk girls. The cops say they can?t prosecute them because there?s no evidence other than the online bragging. This is? a difficult one, because the cops need hard evidence ? but surely these kids should have been dealt with as soon as this whole thing started.
  • The government lowering the drink driving limit.

You can listen online or via usual methods.

I will post the audio tomorrow for those who miss it.

Man Ban going down a treat with middle NZ…Not

What is it with Labour…instead of talking about their daft policy ideas this week they are instead fielding questions about their man ban.

How is that going for them?

Not well.

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Bye bye Shane and Andy, Labour’s man ban will axe Cunner’s opponents

Shane Jones stands to lose big time as Labour has voted to introduce their man ban.

Audrey Young writes at the NZ Herald:

Labour leader David Cunliffe says it won’t be very hard for Labour to reach its newly adopted target of at least 45 per cent women MPs after next year’s election and at least 50 per cent women after the 2017 election.

“I don’t think it’s going to be too difficult knowing the calibre of the women candidates and nominees that we have around and the fact that our vote share is likely to be significantly higher this time than it was last time,” he said today.

“There won’t be difficulty at all for us to reach 45 this time and I’m confident we’ll reach 50 next time – I will be personally backing it.”

The constitutional motion adopting the targets was passed in a closed session debate today at the party’s annual conference at Wigram.

It has become the party’s main vehicle for achieving gender equality in representation after a controversial remit allowing some regions to have women-only selections for candidates was withdrawn by the New Zealand Council at the request of former leader David Shearer.

Party president Moira Coatsworth told reporters the way the party would try to achieve the targets was through the list ranking process of the moderating committee, after it had made an assessment of which electorate seats it thought it could win.? Read more »