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Dusting off his megaphone, Hone Harawira echoed what has become commonplace for Maori MPs speaking of “Our People” as in, “the rights of Our People are important” and “We must always be guided by [creating a strong, Maori sovereign point of view within Parliament] because that’s what Our People want.”

When referring only to themselves, MPs employ the singular and speak of “My People”.

For example, when in hot water, Harawira declared, “I answer to My People, not to them or to anybody else.”

Bill English would be toast if he deployed the same affectation and spoke of “My People”. The reaction would be short and sharp. We would not tolerate it.

His colleagues would assume he had lost the plot and dump him.

English is prime minister, not some ancient king with royal rights over us.

And nor is Harawira. “His People” don’t belong to him.

Indeed, “His People” voted him out. And when he was an MP, the voters weren’t “His People” but rather he was privileged to be their representative. He was their servant, not the other way around.

Be that as it may, his people weren’t happy he had shacked up with a mischievous rich German who was trying to pretend he’d hang out with your average Maori from up north, because he understood their struggles against the government. ?Hone’s mistake was that he laid bare his naked self-interest and it had nothing to do with “His people”. ? Read more »

The state of the electoral nation, according to ACT

From ACT’s?Free Press

Elsewhere Up and Down the Country
We have said that this year?s election will be the most strategic ever, and ACT?s strategic importance keeps increasing. No party can govern alone and it is impossible to avoid a left wing, regressive government without ACT. This week?Free Press?tours the machinations up and down the country.

Peter Dunne?s position in has been made challenging by the entry of Greg O?Connor to the race and the withdrawal of the Greens? candidate. Dunne?s majority is 710, and there are 2700 Green votes up for grabs. At first blush Dunne is 2000 votes under water. We wouldn?t write Dunne off but it?s a big hill to climb.

It’s not what you can see that’s going to be the problem. ?It will be the things that become apparent along the way. ?As I like to say: ?it’s never the original sin that gets you, it’s the covering up.

The Mana-Maori Deal
[Yesterday]?the Mana and Maori Parties announced that Mana will not stand in the six Maori electorates other than Te Tai Tokerau, where the Maori party will give Hone Harawira a clear run in return. It looks likely that Harawira will win Te Tai Tokerau back off Labour, and the Maori Party will win Tamaki Makaurau and Ikaroa-Rawhiti off Labour in addition to Wairiki, which they already hold. ? Read more »

This comment is not satire but it should be


John Minto

Below is a comment from John Minto, which would be satire at its finest, if it wasn’t for the fact that he actually means every word.

From the outset Mana realised there were big risks in the arrangement because of the massive wealth and polarising character of Kim Dotcom but it was a risk we were prepared to take. I?m proud of the fact we risked our parliamentary representation for something much bigger ? challenging corporate wealth and power which is expressed politically through the Labour and National Parties.
-The DB



Kim Dotcom’s massive wealth was a risk John Minto was willing to take. -photo

Forgive me for my contempt, but isn’t using Kims ‘ massive wealth ‘ to challenge ‘ corporate wealth’ like, screwing for virginity?

So, all that was needed was a reach around?

This has to be headline of the year.


So what is Laila Harre trying to say…that all that was needed was a hand-job for Kim Dotcom?

Internet Pary leader Laila Harre believes the right’s vilification of Kim Dotcom, and the left’s failure to counter it, cost David Cunliffe the election.

She also said the party should have recognised the effectiveness of the right’s portrayal of Mr Dotcom as electoral poison, and pulled him from the campaign’s frontline.

Last night’s election result delivered to Internet-Mana a lowly 1.26 per cent of the party vote – but it has failed to gain a foothold in Parliament because Mana leader Hone Harawira lost his grip on Te Tai Tokerau.

The result puts the future of the internet Party – and its alliance with Mana – in doubt. ? Read more »

Politicians who resort to using courts to bully broadcasters deserve what they get

Colin Craig is a bully.

He uses the law to try to silence critics, and now he has gone to court to bully TV3, a private company, to force them to have him on their minor party debate show.

Conservatives leader Colin Craig has won an eleventh-hour High Court scrap over his exclusion from a televised political debate.

TV3’s political show?The Nation?did not invite Mr Craig to a minor parties debate tomorrow morning, which will include the Green Party, New Zealand First, the Maori Party, Act, Mana and United Future.

Mr Craig filed urgent legal proceedings with the High Court at Auckland today and his application for an interim injunction to restrict the screening of the debate without him was heard this afternoon.

Justice Murray Gilbert sided with the Conservative Party leader saying any inconvenience to MediaWorks was outweighed by the public interest in having Mr Craig at the debate.

The debate cannot legally go ahead without his inclusion.

MediaWorks confirmed that rather than scrap tomorrow’s debate, they would include Mr Craig.

“We’ll have to somehow squeeze him in,” said director of news Mark Jennings.

But?The Nation’s?Tim Watkin said the production values of the show would suffer as a result.

Each political leader will get less than five minutes to speak because of the late inclusion, he said.

Read more »

Mana’s Menu is Pie in the Sky

Mana News

Mana News

I found this image on Mana’s Facebook page

It was fascinating to get some insights into both Mana and the people who vote for it. Based on that News page alone I have come to the following conclusions:

Mana is all about giving low income people rental housing at a ridiculously low rent.

Mana is about feeding ALL children, not just the ones that actually need it.

Mana is not about personal responsibility but about Aunty Government taking care of your responsibilities ie feeding your children.

Mana is not about addressing the core problems by giving a person a fishing rod but is about giving a person a fish, day after day after day that they took off those who made the effort to go fishing.

Mana is not concerned with responsible government such as balancing the books. They want to spend with out considering at all whether

a) It is an asset

b) It is is a liability.

Lets start with their housing policy. ‘Homes for every Kiwi family ‘ such a lovely feel good policy but one that has to be paid for. I have been a Landlord and I can tell you now that 25% of a beneficiaries ‘ income ‘ is not going to cover the mortgage let alone make me any profit. Wait you say, this is about socially responsible housing for the poor. Profit is evil. The government should provide safe and affordable housing. Okay, lets forget about the profit then. I still have to pay rates and insurance and a minimum of 6% of the rent to a Property Manager if the property is to be managed properly and the law followed for both the Landlord and the tenant. Again, 25% of the beneficiaries income is not going to cut it. I seriously doubt that any Property Manager will want 6% of 25% of a beneficiaries income so that will have to be subsidised as well. Another liability. Then there is still that mortgage to service.

Private Landlords already do a good job providing housing. It makes more sense financially, to let them do it and have laws to ensure that the homes meet basic health and safety requirements.If Mana are determined to throw tax payers money at the problem then it would be cheaper to subsidise rents rather than provide the housing themselves.

If the government is to be a landlord renting at such ridiculously low rentals then they are going to get further and further into debt. The debt will grow, it will never be paid off. This is what is called a liability. To make matters worse the cost of a state house in Auckland is going to be 5 or 6 times the cost of one in Opotiki yet the rent will be based on income not area.

Now lets talk about motivation and incentive. Currently if I am on a low income my incentive to improve my situation is that I need more money in order to live in a bigger home in a better suburb. If as my income grows I now pay more for the exact same home in the exact same suburb that already meets my needs am I going to be enthusiastic about increasing my income? Wouldn’t I be silly if I already have a nice warm, dry, new state house ( in a great suburb that others need two jobs to afford the rent in) to increase my income in order to have to pay more?

These policies have not been thought out. Why should beneficiaries ( and lets not kid our selves that this policy is for working people) get a home for life for 25% of their benefit when others have to scrimp and save and work to achieve the same.

What about feeding the kids? No one wants to see children go hungry yet some do. The government has already provided money to pay for their food but if their parents/ caregivers choose to neglect them and spend the money on alcohol, cigarettes and weed then they do go to school hungry.

Yes, this needs to be addressed but do we need to feed all school children in order to help these neglected children? No of course not. This policy is like saying some children need glasses and cannot afford them so the state will provide glasses for all children regardless of whether or not they have poor vision because something must be done! It would be a huge liability and it would take away the responsibility of caregivers to look after their children.

The money is already there for food in most cases. The problem is how the money is spent. Food stamps is one solution but they can be sold for cash and the food still may not make it to those who need it. How about schools identifying children who are arriving without lunch and the government then intervening in a number of ways.

1. Take the money for school provided lunches BEFORE the benefit hits their account unless they mend their ways. Then provide the food to those children. If the caregivers are working then forcibly deduct it from their wages. Bottom line is, feed your children or we will feed them for you with your money.

2. The government simply feeds the children but the family are given a warning. If after a certain amount of warnings and possibly after they have been given budget help they still do not feed their children they are prosecuted or the children are taken off them.This may seem harsh but before benefits poor people did feed their children. My Father didn’t have shoes but his Mum made him lard sandwiches for school. They weren’t Jam like the rich kids had but he did not go hungry. Everyone can afford to make a sandwich for their children even if it is just a butter or a marmite or peanut butter sandwich.

There is no excuse for neglecting your children.

A simple lunch

A simple lunch

Guest post – Reclaiming the Left – 2014 election

A lefty frustrated at not being able to make this point on left wing blogs without being blocked out, or having comments removed by moderators has politely asked if I will post it.

I have no problem with posting dissenting views or alternate viewpoints, therefore I am happy to post it.


Who Do We Want To Win This Year?

This year?s election is being promoted by some of my colleagues on the left as a battle between good and evil.

Usually I?d agree with them; left-wing politics is the politics of community and altruism, right-wing politics is about selfishness.

But not this time. Because some on the left have allied themselves with a fat-cat capitalist fraud.

The ?alliance? of Mana and Dotcom?s Internet Party is the greatest treason to the left in New Zealand since Roger Douglas and co. sold Labour down the river in the 1980s.

Dotcom is not a socialist. He didn?t grow up poor. He made millions by sloshing money from one pocket to the other, never created an ounce of real value, and stole from other workers in doing so. Hundreds if not thousands of film workers here and overseas lost their jobs because of Dotcom and his ilk. And not content with just stealing, he also committed insider trading.? Read more »

The Cauldron at 1600


Listen in to Larry Williams Drive show this afternoon at 1600 for the Cauldron.

On air will be Josie Pagani, Barry Soper, Pan Corkery and me, along with our host Larry Williams.

Our topics are likely to include:

-?Wash up of budget
– Migrants -Labour and NZ First intention to cap numbers
– Dotcom split – future, Internet Party, Mana
– Stuff poll on Key and Cunliffe
– Problem Gambling Foundation taking Ministry Health to court
– Catholic Church and gays !

You can tune in using normal methods or listen online via iHeart Radio.



Crown to appeal Dotcom court ruling

via AAP

via AAP

Word around the Mansion is that things aren’t going very well for Kim. ?Lots of shouting and begging being heard.

Odd how the pressure comes on when the money runs out.

So the decision by the Crown to deny Kim Dotcom more of his assets for the time being will?be hurting Kim badly. ?Many of his plans fall apart unless they have a steady flow of cash to fund them ? Read more »

Why? – I just do not get it. – Observation by the Owl

Ms Turei insisted the Greens “want to change the government”, and suggested they would offer Labour confidence and supply even without a coalition deal.

I just do not get it! Why are Labour and Greens etc so obsessed with changing the government?

I have read, re-read and followed all the politics going on and the only policy I see that Mana, Greens, NZ First and Labour has and at least Ms Turei has said it out loud – “want to change the government”.

People will only change the government if the following happens.

  • Interest rates hit 10%
  • Law and order collapses
  • We stop paying our bills
  • Blues win a game away – (then we know something is wrong).

Please would someone from the Mana, NZ First or their sidekicks the Green and Labour party give me a policy which I can say – YES, you are on the right track.

The PEOPLE of NZ do not give a dam about Kim Dot Com and silly policies around caravan and truck speed.? Read more »