PM says Key weakest link

Helen Clark is the weakest linkPM says Key weakest linkPrime Minister Helen Clark says Don Brash had presence and authority. She also speaks warmly of former National leaders Bill English (“never take him lightly, he’s a clever man”), Jenny Shipley and Jim Bolger.
When it comes to…
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Helen Clark continues her attacks on John Key lending increasing creedence to the claim by some that the election is imminent.

My hope is that Helen Clark continues these smears and attacks as it is not helping her. Her focus groups seem to be out of whack right now. From the outside it appears that it is Clark and not Key that is using Crosby Textor scripts.

She even lies again about the Truckies protest spinning yet again that they are subsidised. Not even Annette “Full Moon” King is running that line anymore. Further the truckies weren’t complaining about having to pay it they were complaining about the lies of Annette “Full Moon” King in telling them they would get advance warning.

I still say the election is imminent and the more Clark steps up her attacks the more inclined I am to believe it.Zemanta Pixie

Why is that Michael?

Cullen is the weakest linkKey’s promise to ‘out tax’ Labour reckless – CullenNational leader John Key was being reckless because he did not know whether his promise of tax cuts “north of $50” were affordable, Finance Minister Michael Cullen said today.
Mr Key has told The Dominion Post that National intended…
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Michael Cullen reckons that National’s tax plans are reckless. Why is that?

The only reason you could say that they were reckless is if you knew that the books were cooked and that you cooked them. Not only that you know already how badly you have tanked the economy and the real price you have paid for a broken down trainset.

Michael Cullen you are the weakest link, Goodbye!