Sexual predator to be removed from community after continued concern

Corrections yesterday bowed to public pressure and announced it would move the offender next month but residents at a meeing last night said that decision had not come soon enough.

The man was released from prison in May to a home directly across the street from a school. Following complaints, he was moved to another Mangere house, this time 350m from another school.

Corrections said he was electronically monitored, watched by two staff at all times and had so far complied with his conditions.

Northern Operations Director Lynette Cave said public safety was the primary priority.

“He is living at an address that includes locks, alarms and a two metre high fence. No address would be approved if we considered that it presented an unmanageable risk to the safety of the community.” Read more »

I challenge Restaurant Brands to do this in Mangere

I bet Restaurant Brands doesn’t have the balls to do this in Mangere.

All-you-can-eat KFC is a finger lickin’ good option – if you can make to Japan.

The chicken chain is opening an all-you-can-eat buffet location in Osaka, Japan, reports?RocketNews.

Customers will pay between $US16 ($NZ24) and $US21 ($NZ30) for 90 minutes of access to a buffet filled with fried chicken as well as about 60 other KFC menu items, including biscuits, coleslaw, rotisserie chicken, and salad. Children’s prices will be even lower, and kids under the age of four will eat for free. ? Read more »


People want more houses, but don?t want government to use any land to deliver them

NIMBYism is alive and well in South Auckland….and rank hypocrisy from labour MPs.

It seems that no one actually wants poor houses (affordable houses) near them, lowering their house values.

A bid to stop a high-density housing development in South Auckland is “ill-informed” and will not be considered, Housing Minister Nick Smith says.

A 4000-signature petition was presented to Labour MP Su’a William Sio on Parliament’s steps this afternoon by two members of Save our Unique Land (SOUL).

The group opposed plans for a Special Housing Area (SHA) in Oruarangi Road, Mangere.

There are plans to build 480 houses on the 33-hectare block of farmland, which is next to the Otuataua Stonefields.

Mr Sio said the Government had no right to use the housing crisis as an excuse to destroy a site which had heritage value to mana whenua.

He said the group wanted a housing solution that was affordable and protected the sacred grounds on the neighbouring land.

But Dr Smith said the petitioners’ concerns had already been considered and dismissed in an Environment Court decision.

“There are no grounds of which that Special Housing Area status could lawfully be undone and that is why the petition is ill-informed,” he said.

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Su?a William Sio is a true Labour party MP: a story for every occasion

Here he is, in parliament, raging against charter schools

Talk to Associate Professor Damon Salesa of the University of Auckland, who spent 10 years in the United States and whose children attended some of the local charter schools there. He will tell you that, as far as he is concerned, charter schools are not successful, particularly in reference to minority groups, particularly in reference to low-income groups. They are not successful in the United States. How can we then expect that they are going to be successful here in New Zealand?

And yet, here he is again, at the opening of a South Auckland charter school on Wednesday ? Read more »

Is Labour panicking in Mangere?

This is the third week that Su’a William Sio has pushed himself into the news with either made up or trumped up claims against National or his opponent.

I wonder perhaps if he is feeling a bit nervous about his prospects.

This is probably the first election where he has been pushed by a National party opponent intent on taking the fight tot he streets of South Auckland.

This week though he has raised a spurious allegation with no foundation of facts behind him.

Labour is immensely concerned that members of an Auckland Pacific Pentecostal Church are being signed up as National Party members without their full understanding, Labour?s Pacific Affairs spokesperson Su?a William Sio says.

?Congregation members are being approached by a person claiming to represent National who is convincing them to sign forms they don?t fully comprehend.

?They are then being sent letters addressed to them personally saying they are now members of National and must now vote for them

I doubt that this is even true. Where are the letters? Show us the letters?? Read more »

So why did he run in Mangere and Manukau East?

Jerome Mika attempts to claim the high ground:

mika Read more »

A word from the South, #TeamKey raiding in Labour heartland


Labour appear to be in trouble in South Auckland.

A reader emails:

National’s Mangere candidate Misa Fia Turner has?been working the Mangere markets every week?since she was selected at the end of May. Not sure the Nats have ever had someone like this before in Mangere.

Labour?and Su’a William Sio have never been the whole time we have been there.?A few of them?run a?stall right on the edge of the market?- you are not allowed political stalls inside. Not much good though?as nobody bothers to go outside the market to see them.

Anyway, the PM visited Mangere?on Tuesday?and met with 500 pacific leaders and church leaders.?On Friday?the following txt is sent to Labour candidates and activists:

“Good morning candidates and activist, we are gathering as many people to surround David Cunliffe at the markets?tomorrow?morning. we need to gather a ‘sea of red’ from?8am?at the Otara market and?10am?at Mangere. Spread the word”

Now it rained a lot this morning and DC was a no show to both while the Nats were out in force handing out flyers and balloons. Check out Fia’s Facebook page for some pics:

The Nats got absolutely soaked walking around the market and there is even a video of them dancing to keep warm.? In contrast a few of the candidates and activists that bothered to show for Labour were seen huddled around their stall. And as the Nats walked past Labour yelled out “Go Get Wet!”

Not sure why DC was a no show but I understand it was similar at Otara markets.

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This is what happens when you take voters for granted

Labour has traditionally owned the Pasifika vote, especially in South Auckland, which has been a fortress for Labour.

It saved them in 2005 when the infamous KFC remark was made by Mike Williams about how he turned out South Auckland to save Helen Clark’s government.

But Labour are a party of condescension and voter exploitation.

For so long they have taken those votes for granted that they never actually delivered anything other than continued poverty and welfare traps for voters. After nine years of a Labour government these people were still living in the same crappy neighbourhood, with the same crappy neighbours, their kids going to the same crappy schools. Nothing had changed despite generations supporting Labour.

Labour for their part selected corrupt or dodgy representatives, ranked them low on the list, created a ghettoisation of politics especially for Pasifika and rocked up and recited all the greetings like they meant something other than votes to them.

Now though, after 6 years of a National government with ministers and representatives like Peseta Sam Lotu-iiga and Alfred Ngaro they are seeing that a focus on education and respect of ability rather than race or tokenism pays off.

They have seen 300 more police in their neighbourhoods and the incidence of crime dropping and they are seeing a focus on schooling and training for their people as a way out of poverty. Their eyes are open to alternate realities outside of poverty and welfare.

Have a drive through Otara, I do every day, and witness the changes from just 10 years ago. Maori have largely moved further south, to places like Clendon Park, and Pasifika have moved in and taken over. Former state houses are now kept in immaculate condition, lawns are mowed, and a quiet respect has developed.

Little wonder then that Pasifika are gravitating to a party that gives hope and rewards hard work and enterprise.

The Pacific vote is traditionally Labour’s, but socially liberal policies like same-sex marriage, driven by Labour, have created a drift.

The Prime Minister is pouncing and believes National is set to secure more Pacific and south Auckland votes in this election than in the past.

Many turned out to see John Key in Mangere, offering hugs, kisses and photos. They even managed to roll out a gold carpet, but there was no red there.

“I can’t think of a time where I have been a leader of the National Party where we would have so many people in Mangere turn up for a National Party meeting,” says Mr Key. “If you close your eyes you’d be forgiven for thinking you were at a Labour Party meeting, over 500 people in there.” ? ? Read more »

Pimping the Poor

Photo / Dean Purcell - via NZ Herald

Photo / Dean Purcell – via NZ Herald

Yet?more from Simon Collins,?Poor Pimper extraordinaire

“This is our living space at the moment,” says new dad Tali Harrington, indicating the small bedroom he lives in with his wife Joan and their 4-month-old baby Leila.

They share a six-bedroom Mangere state house with Harrington’s mum, his two brothers and sister and their spouses and children and four other nephews and a niece – 17 people in all.

“It’s quite stressful for us,” says Niue-born Harrington. “I need a healthy environment for my daughter, because a lot of them are smokers.” ? Read more »

Has Peter Goodfellow sat down with David Tua?

I doubt it, he is more intent on running around threatening people with travel bans and non-association orders and telling people who they can and can’t have as friends.

Meanwhile people who have professed a desire for political office outside of the party are ignored.

The Maori Party is seeking talks with retired boxer David Tua to discuss the possibility of his standing for the party at the next election.

But it had better get a hurry on. While Tua told the Herald he was more than happy to have talks with the Maori Party, he was also happy to sit down with Mana and the Conservatives.

“I’ll sit down with anyone. Anyone and everyone … I’m not going to close the door on anyone.” ? Read more »